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Being the astro-obsessed / hawk-eyed / beauty-lovin’ lady that I am I’m always on the scout for celestially inspired goodies…

I’ve wanted to create this list for a while as there are SO many fabulous goddess beauty products for your boudoir or simply for your viewing pleasure! Have a look at the stellar selection below and be sure to email me, if you’ve found a Venusian product worthy of the hot list!

About Venus, Goddess Of Beauty

Also known as Aphrodite by the Greeks, Venus in astrology is the powerful feminine force governing fashion and the way we dress up to attract friends and lovers, art and aesthetics (including architecture), fancy foods, sweets, honey, money and finances (read more here). Remember when Venus went Retrograde last year? She messed with all these things and more…

Honouring the Venusian side of life puts us in tune with a languid, sensory energy – perhaps these products will align us with the properties of the planets… And discover your Venus sign, here!

Goddess Beauty – The Best Discoveries…

Venus Makeup Palette, Lime Crime


That Russian beauty Doe Deere has used ancient mythology as her muse yet again with the launch of ‘Venus, The Grunge Palette‘ and ‘Venus II‘.


You can read more about her Zodiac Glitter pots here from cult brand Lime Crime – would love to try this makeup! Buy the bundle, here.

Shiva Rose, Venus Body Oil

Venus Body Oil

Love the look of this luxe Venus Body Oil from chic brand Shiva Rose.

Venus Spa Hair Fragrance


Popular in my home base of Asia, I first spotted this brand in Tokyo, where it’s available everywhere. I see it a lot in Hong Kong too…

Gillette Venus


Takin’ it back to the old school, who didn’t want to upgrade from the crap razors to Gillette’s swanky, premium packs? The Venus range was cool and covetable to my 12 year old self – now I’m an advocate of slowing regrowth with Waxing Hair with the Lunar Phases…

Divine Aphrodite


For the Venus enthusiast look no further than Chic Greek Gifts and the fabulous Divine Aphrodite gift pack, stuffed full of goodies!

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For €117 Euros you get a sea sponge, olive oil with lemon, a scarf, Venus soap and Greek eye bracelet – plus my personal favourite, a miniature statue of Aphrodite…

Venus, MAC


Launched in 2012 as part of the Heavenly Creatures Collection, Venus is a semi-opaque subtly yellow-toned medium pink with subtle golden shimmer – no longer available I’m afraid Stargazers! Images via

Aphrodites Heaven, Margarita Bloom

Aphrodite Beauty Products

This retro retailer boats a host of Venusian products in ‘Aphrodites Heaven‘ a section of the shop dedicated to goddess beauty.

Lulu Organics


Not dubbed with a deity title but omitting a goddess-like vibe, I wanted to include this super cool brand in my lust-list.

Organic, paraben free and with beauteaous packaging, these magical handmade products are also Vegan and gluten free!

Artemisia, Penhaligon’s


Described as a beautifully silky fragrance, Artemisa is inspired by the first ancient goddess I knew and loved in Greek Mythology – Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt.

She reminded me, even in the early years of childhood, of Aries (my zodiac sign), which is perhaps why I liked her, and her feisty attitude! I think because of the spelling of the name…

£108 from my favourite, Penhaligon’s.

Sothys Paris

institute sothys paris

Taking inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology, Sothys Paris uses the goddess ‘Sopdet’, honoured from the star Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

Sopdet means she who is sharp in Egyptian. In art she is depicted as a woman with a five-pointed star upon her head.

You won’t find this brand in stores however, it’s only used in spas and institutes! Spotted in Hong Kong…

Juno, Sunday Riley


Did you know Juno is the name of an astrological asteroid?

A goddess that was wife of Zeus in myth and legend, Juno can be looked at in the chart of individuals as an indicator of marriage…

I adore Sunday Riley’s product monikers – Blue Moon, and Luna. This one’s $90 USD, check it out here.

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