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This is Too Exciting

For Christmas 2015 the team at Selfridges department store in the UK have a ‘Journey to the Stars’ theme. The shop’s Ultralounge will be converted into the Astrolounge, feature all kinds of cosmic collections selling astrology-themed products.

Will they be transforming the window displays into the signs of the zodiac?

Due to run from October 22 until Christmas Eve, the concept space will stock a range of items from Etsy sellers, giving the online retailers a physical platform to showcase their goods, and the shop owners will even be hosting hands-on crafting sessions – amazing!


Cosmic Beauty At Selfriges…

The lovely Ruby Warrington of The Numinous has been on hand to help curate the product offer – you can expect mystical goods like dream catchers, astrological prints and pin cushions designed to look like moons and planets.

Sneak Peek…

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My Top Tip for Stargazers!

Take a turn near the beauty department and see the twelve astrological signs depicted around the lift on the ground floor!

You don’t have to be in the UK to enjoy the festivities – you can Shop by Star Sign on

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