July 10: Last Quarter Moon In Aries…

Harness an independence of spirit and be prepared to go rogue one!

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The Moon in your sign can rouse you into action, Aries. Look towards your own needs with enthusiasm!

Desire planet Venus and lusty Mars are presently in your house of personal gratification, so you’d do well to listen to your own heart beat and passions.

You could be leaning into artistic expression, conceptualisation and fun. Note a playful mood and show the world how you feel!


The Moon in your twelfth house can impress a need for acceptance, closure and rest.

With Mars and your ruling planet Venus in your domestic fourth house, you could be decidedly ‘hidden’ from view. Note where you’re happy to yield and tackle private issues from your bed, home or a special sanctuary! Be at ease with family and in the realms of comfort. Indulge inwardly and sense your emotions away from others, working behind the scenes to get what you want… Be willing to nest or settle down, showing up for your brood.

Light up your roots, base and foundations while going about secret or illicit dealings. You could even be in a position of selflessness, giving your time up for others or working on behalf of the sick and needy!


With the Moon in your eleventh house draw ou toward community, peers and your wider network, Gemini. With Mars and Venus in your sector of contact and connection you could be driven, compelled and drawn to engage with those in your local area, eager to show your face and be a part of the conversation.

Align with friends, industry peers, and members of your community…

It’s a fun, flirty time with a strong sociable buzz – be chatty, enthusiastic company, entertaining and charismatic among your inner circle, keen to talk over neighborly concerns.

Feel at home within your broader network, and take a zealous approach around siblings, neighbours and kindred spirits.


The Moon in your tenth house can point to acclaim, recognition, and resonates with your public image, Cancer. With Mars & Venus in your money zone you’ve the drive and inclination to step into confidence and your spirit of self-worth.

Show enthusiasm and claim your value. Look to what you have or want. Forge ways of sustaining yourself and earning!

Money and finances may be a hot topic or your role could be prominent. The Moon invites you to be noticed, or affirm a career move made. Show bravery, daring and independence! Step out as an entrepreneur and daredevil, tackling life’s challenges head on… Be ambitious about your public image, vocation, and outer goals, sensitive both to while also being grateful you have ways to make a living.


The Moon in your ninth house can set your sights further afield, so that you’re looking to be adventurous, Leo.

With Mars and Venus in your own sign there’s motivation to show vitality, strength and a self-automated energy. Affability, charm and grace is teamed with your enthusiasm. Enjoy turning heads!

Open up to broader horizons and claim your part in the story. You could have a spirited get-up-and-go, with knowledge, education and experience to lean into.


The Moon in your eighth house can rouse intimacy issues and stir progress made around commitments or your loyalty. With Mars and Venus in your private, low-key sector of isolation you may be happy to pause, leaning into anticipation and the unknown, surrendering and getting out of yourself to tend to others and their interests…

There may be issues touched upon that are intense and remind you of your vulnerabilities, ways you can sustain a commitment or make a pact or promise. Note where you’ve built trust and unity, with situations that are uncomfortable or secret.

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It’s a day for relationships, as the Moon in your seventh house brings you into contact with a partner or issues in one-to-ones, Libra. Look to a breakthrough moment with others, as you find the individuals and significant relationships prominent.

With Mars and Venus in your community sector there may be the inclination to get involved with a group and friends! Find a belonging in a crowd or society, and allow a partner to help you assimilate a crowd or audience.

Head into a social environment with enthusiastic folk by your side, among peers, cheerleaders or your allies (including online!)


The Moon in your sixth house can lead you to look at maintaining your health and position. Know keeping on top of health and your wellbeing is vital, that keeping your habits, lifestyle (and domestic life) in check is key!

With Venus and Mars in your tenth house of praise and notoriety, it could seem compelling rising to the top of the ladder. Your goals, ambitions and sense of authority or leadership may be something worth fighting for, and there may be enthusiasm for career or getting ahead.

Stay busy, emboldened, brave and confident, aware of wellbeing and sickness, while grappling with outward aspirations, visibility and your goals for success!


The Moon in your fifth house can highlight romance, creativity and your need to express yourself and have fun, Sagittarius. Use enthusiasm, passion, and follow through with matters of love, lust or joy!

Fertility, children, your passions, inspiration, and sense of fun are touched upon. With Mars and Venus in your adventurous ninth house getting outside yourself (and into the unfamiliar) will positively stoke your passions… Broaden your horizons! Connect to foreigners or travel!

Indulge your personal growth and lust for life. Come back to your heart, and all that makes you happy.


The Moon in your fourth house touches domestic environments, home and family life, your land, property, lineage, and roots. Take a moment to recalibrate hidden from view, feeding and refuelling – or look to emotional matters and how far you’ve come feeling settled.

With Mars and Venus in your house of trust, bonds and mergers it may be clear to see the commitments you’re keen to make or have made. Note ways you might pledge yourself coming together to rely on what others might give you or share.

Commit to those you’re involved with at work or in your personal life, securing yourself potentially mindful of your property or those under your roof.


The Moon in your third house can touch your inner circle, sibling types you find yourself among, and the ways you warmly communicate. Look towards conversations held, ways you’ve developed a boldness of spirit with those you find around you.

Sweet, affectionate Venus and lusty Mars now appear in your house of one-to-ones, so togetherness and awareness of a partner also factors.

You could be encountering intimate relationships in a way that’s dynamic, with a keenness to get along but also certain individuals that have you hot under the collar. Talk it over, bridging the gap through a lively debate or advice from a close friend.

Get in touch with your mindset, your voice and opinion, connected with rapport, engagement and skills or social relations key.


The Moon in your second house can encourage self-worth, your role and position to feature. Now in your money zone, put emphasis on your income, the material realms of salary, saving and sustenance.

Venus and motivated Mars move through your useful sector of organization, diligence, work and wellbeing, energizing your day-to-day actions and lifestyle choices.

Therefore look to busy efficiencies you can make, healthy and constant in your efforts. You could be raring to go in your position, productive and keen to see rewards for work or the tasks at hand.

Take a minute to look at what you have and what you’re owed, what proves lucrative and makes sense in practical terms.

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