June 10th: Last Quarter Moon In Pisces

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Gemini Season leads you to focus on your inner circle: neighbours, siblings, local environments and connections. Be aware of those in close quarters!

Yet note the enigmatic Pisces Moon appears in your elusive, quiet, solitary twelfth house of private, clandestine affairs, rousing a potential need to go deep – into surrender, acceptance or to zone out.

You may be grappling with mysterious matter today, or scandals and intangible processes – healing, escaping, and drawing inwards.

Note a way to relate and get involved while still experiencing a lull…

You’ll likely want respite from others, and with Sun and Moon boasting different agendas, you might not be able to fully acknowledge kindred spirits,
lost in your imagination, or leaning into your dreams…

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces present a mood well suited to empathy, healing and respite, sensitivity and the sacrifices you make could be apparent! You’ve a window to feel your feelings, reflect and go with the flow; pursue activities that are non-descript and meandering, escape, drift and relinquish control.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on sustenance, your salary, spending and saving – what you earn, outgoings and how you gain an income…

Yet note the illustrious Pisces Moon appears in your sociable eleventh house of teamwork, group alliances and common causes or interests among friends, rousing a potential need to come together with a crew, or your circle.

You may be grappling with projects that involve your social scene, team mates or a company network, finding you’re involved with an audience.

Note a way to count cash and coin while still processing experiences with your fellow man!

You’ll likely want to align with allies, your social scene or gravitate towards community, yet not at too great an expense (you are a materially minded Taurus, after all!) There’s attention on tangible, material possessions, what you have, what you can make, and the confidence you have in your own capabilities.

However, peers, your crew or what brings you together matters too.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on you!

Yet note the illustrious Pisces Moon appears in your outwards facing tenth house of prominence, career, public role and notoriety, rousing a potential need to be visible, seen for your reputation, status or image in the world.

You may be grappling with your authority or coming across as a person of note but also welcoming attention on your presence, physicality, body and who you are (IRL).

Show up, however notice when professional life draws you in, or where your reputation and image is to be upheld.

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces present a mood well suited to your ambitions, so you might be stepping up into your public role, advancing your standing, even checking in with your CV, status or a mention in press or online ¬– perhaps you’re Googling yourself!

Just note you own identity, who you really are and what you stand for may be a pressing issue now, as you embrace your body and gain awareness of your authentic self.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on your private life, hidden agendas, and your capacity to rest, escape, deal and heal with life and all its ambiguities.

Yet note the visionary Pisces Moon appears in your broadminded ninth house of beliefs, philosophies, truth-seeking and travel, rousing the potential need to set your sights further, or to touch base with your dreams!

Notice when you’re drawn toward higher education, travel and adventure, and the people who encourage your development or facilitate a vision quest.

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces present a mood well suited to wanderlust, education and teaching – you may have wisdom to broadcast, a paper to publish, or something you’re keen to teach, learn, or know. Remind yourself what you’ve experienced…

Yet there’s a useful pause to practice, a way to zone out, switch off, pull back and surrender, relinquishing control to focus on others and their wellbeing.

A position of tireless sacrifice may be before you, tools to help you cope (or collude) with the mysteries of life behind closed doors…


Gemini Season leads you to focus on what’s broached at a group level – friends, teamwork, community and your social scene, those in wider circles.

Yet note the Pisces Moon percolates and blurs the edges in your elusive eighth house of private affairs, bonds and obligations, rousing a potential need to go deep into agreements, commitments, and anxieties…

You may be grappling with where you’re tied in, or expected to do something, with an emotional attachment keeping you loyal…

Note a way to be with loose alliances, peers, industry fellows (or a fellowship of folk), while still showing up where needed…

You’ll likely want to keep a promise to a partner, drawn into personal entanglements and agreements, one-on-one.

Notice when you’re at ease with the prospect of sharing, comfortable with a loan – borrowing or lending, when trust comes naturally and a collaboration flows easily. There may be reason to remind yourself of where you’re investing your time, energy, money, or resources with others.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on ‘recognition’, success, accomplishments, your career and public image, enhancing awareness of your goals.

Yet note the Pisces Moon appears in your seventh house of partnership, rousing a potential need to team up and collaborate, or to set your sights on another.

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You could feel at ease in a pair, addressing a relationship, or simply find yourself in the company of a significant other with empathy. Note who you’re drawn towards…

Moon and Neptune present a mood well suited to divine matrimony, or even showing love and kindness for someone that means a lot, even your arch rival or competitor. Make the effort with other people – a spouse, best friend, family member – even your worst enemy, but note you could be occupied with your status and professional side.

There’s attention around the direction you’re headed and the impact you make as a leader, authority or visible entity (mom or business woman), as the Sun spotlights a rise to prominence.

Others may distract you from succeeding in your aspirations, a partner’s feelings could overwhelm!


Gemini Season leads you to focus on the wider world and its beliefs and cultures – educational paths or a course to know more! Look to blue-sky thinking, foreigners and unfamiliar concepts or truths published!

Yet note the free-flowing Pisces Moon appears in your efficient, productive sixth house of work, routines, health, constitution and maintenance, rousing a potential need to look to your own wellness, to be useful, to tend to your body and wellbeing, and serve others.

You may be grappling with your job or the trivialities of daily life (lifestyle choices, getting well, avoiding sickness).

With Sun and Moon holding very different agendas, you might not be able to fully acknowledge or focus on reaching towards your vision, global issues or people from outside your usual environment, finding you’re dealing with errands.

Note progress around ‘the daily grind’ – admin, dietary choices or moving and exercise and when you’re caught up with your duties,. But know big ideas are beckoning!


Gemini Season leads you to focus on your commitments, consolidation, joint interests, and trust, enhancing your ability to show you’re willing to invest, lend, loan or share what you have.

Yet note the romantic Pisces Moon appears in the fertile waters of your fun fifth house – the zone of children, inspiration and play. This may rouse a potential need to let loose and indulge your kids, or yourself in recreation, with moments of pleasure…

Note a way to work with others to get what you want – with mutually beneficial arrangements, so that you and another party both sense you’re winning, while still enjoying life, expressing yourself…

It’s possible you’ll have to balance two different agendas.

On the one hand there’s attention on intimacy and private issues, contracts or ways you come together with something to gain … On the other your own interests and passions could be overwhelming. Acknowledge solo feats, projects, plans, even your sexuality, personal gratification and what you find most satisfying or rewarding.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on others – personal relationships, one-to-one encounters, and your own engagements. There’s attention around your partnerships with the Sun’s tour of your seventh house drawing on romantic, platonic, familiar or fresh and new, and everything in-between.

Yet note the gentle Pisces Moon beds down in the lowest corner of your horoscope, the roots, base and bottom of your chart, rousing a potential need to go deep into the past.

Sink back into your special sanctuary. Be at ease within your property!

You may be grappling with ancient history, domestic spaces, or family environments – touching base with where you live and settle. Take time to recalibrate or recharge in your space or among family. Notice when you’re inclined to stabilize or relate to where you come from.

Note a way to relate and develop intimacy with one person while still experiencing important sentiments at home… Find comfort within your four walls, or nurture self and others.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on health and wellbeing, daily chores and maintenance, employment, and your ability to show up with consistency, in your ideal routine.

Yet note the imaginative Pisces Moon appears in your house of kindred spirits, siblings, and communication skills, so you might be at ease with conversations, light chatter and friends in your environment.

You may be grappling with language, social media, news and coming to terms with concerns worth voicing. Check in with close friends or siblings… The Moon and Neptune in Pisces present a mood well suited to social matters, with a sentiment or message to share with a sisterhood. Something pertinent may have transpired in your inner circle, neighbourhood, or close-knit team that needs to be seen through…

There may be attention on daily tasks elevating healthy living and all you do to draw on healthy habits, routines and regimes. Note a way to get on with admin and the most important tasks while still experiencing a positive affiliation with those around you… It’s a day to research, listen, read, write and explore your options a little, to circulate freely and tune in to the chatter all around you – ambient noise may hold fragments of inspiration or an intuitive thought might prompt you to make a call that lasts hours!


Gemini Season leads you to focus on your passions, hobbies, children, creativity and conception, with awareness on the things you cherish and adore, people, places and things that are inspiring. The Sun tours your fun fifth house of personal interests and personal gratification!

Yet note the illustrious Pisces Moon appears in your second house of material assets, personal attributes and income, rousing a potential need to take stock.

Count your blessings, or deal with what you have, what you feel you want to own or possess, or check in with your outgoings, spending and savings.

Yet note you might find work or money issues interrupt your potential for a good time. Don’t be surprised if you’ve to choose between pleasure and the need to be secure. You may have found you’ve good intuition around investments. Just be mindful that creative pastimes might not be lucrative!

Love, sex, dating and generally following the call towards all you’re interested in that makes you happy might not bring comfort or financial security.


Gemini Season leads you to focus on home, domesticity, family life, parenting issues and the past – your roots or role as a caretaker, where you originated from, and how you learnt about self-care, how to settle or feed and nurture.

Yet note with the Moon in your own sign there’s emphasis and potentially a sense of ease around your body, personal identity, character and persona. Fill your own cup, drawing in to yourself to replenish and refuel with whatever you need!

You may be grappling with personal issues, needing to anchor and come back to who you are in truth, escaping the noise…

Note a way to nest and find comfort, still allowing you to be you!

The Moon and Neptune in your first house bring a reminder to prioritise number one. Be at ease with your experience of ‘self’ and all you’ve come through. But focus on family, stability at home, or find you’re addressing domestic environments, too, with members of your household (or life within your four walls) pertinent.

Go your own way, steer your own ship according to your own inner navigation system and intuition while connecting to important themes on the household agenda…

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