Taurus Model Jessica Stam In Vogue


Taurus Loves To Lounge, And That Sofa Looks Like The Perfect Place!


At home with Jessica Stam?

Yes please! I love curtain twitching as much as a Double Gemini! If you too like to nosey into other people’s houses read on….

At Home With Taurus Jessica Stam…

For over 10 years Jessica’s worked as one of the world’s top models so it was such a treat to come across her NYC apartment in Vogue. No doubt most people in the aesthetic industries will develop pretty well defined tastes and Jessica is no exception.

So, What’s Her Home StarSignStyle!?

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In true Taurus style the apartment is painted in a pastel palette (very Venusian.) It’s even less surprising that these shades are seen when you know that Jessica’s Moon is in Libra and I believe her Venus is in Taurus too… Libra and Taurus are the two signs ruled by Venus, who’s preference is pastels. So thrice times the power of pastel! Read Taurus – Pretty In Pink OR Libra – Baby It’s Blue!

Incredibly sensual, Taurean people usually have a heightened sense of touch, smell and fancy for the finer things. They love luxury and the feel of materials like satin and velvet (note the gorgeous, dreamy sage sofa).

They’re also fond of surrounding themselves with florals, no doubt fresh flowers are a permanent fixture when Jessica’s not jet-setting! Apparantly, those Venus in Taurus are a dab hand at flower arranging too!


The Moroccan sliding doors are the previous owner’s handiwork but Stam installed the wall of mirrors and found the 1960s cabinet, which again is adorned with fresh foliage. Read Taurus – Fancy Florals

jessica-stam-bathroom-cabinetFor those of you that can’t resist a look in her bathroom cabinet, check out this wall of beauty goods!

Although she gets sent heaps of products and buys plenty too, Jessica uses her boyfriends Old Spice deodorant and has been known to highly rate Herbal Essences! Check out her top picks and more of a look inside her beauty box…


Fact! Jessica Stam shares her birthday, 23rd April, with Shirley Temple – born 1928. Check out Taurus Models, see more Taurus Celebrities or read more on Taurus Style.

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