Last Quarter Moon In Gemini


Aries, you could feel in the mood to connect to those in close knit circles, with folk you encounter all the time, or to your environment and places you frequent regularly. There may seem to be a way to bring closure to an issue with siblings, or reason to tend to your communication skills, a news item or writing project.

Yet the Last Quarter Moon is square to the Sun and Mercury Retrograde, together in your useful house of work, health and wellbeing.

A streamlined focus on employment, routines, your productivity, habits and systems may be more consuming, with a great prominence around the job that you do, the way you fulfil your tasks, your role and maintaining your position.

Find yourself at ease with immediate ties and relationships, yet engaged with the tasks at hand. With so many planets now retrograde, be willing to strategise your plans, finances and your approach to daily life.


You may reach the closing chapter in a money story or perhaps a matter in your role or financial position seems to have progressed now, Taurus.

The Moon moves through your house of earnings, rewards, self-worth and assets, and at its Last Quarter phase suggests a breakthrough in the material realms.

Yet, you may be preoccupied with your creative talents, kids, your love life, an artistic or sporting feat, or even a party, vacation, or opportunity for fun and self-expression! Having a good time may be on your mind, pregnancy, your sexuality or passions…

Find the balance between work and play – what’s lucrative, holds value and is yours to contribute, and importantly ways to come back to love, experiencing all life has to offer.


The Last Quarter Moon appears in your sign, Gemini which could find you extra sensitive or keen to focus on yourself!

Yet there’s a competition in the way of family life, home, your land or where you’re from, or a current focus on domesticity, household matters or some hidden affair. This could include agendas around parenting or tending to your property and safety.

Find the balance, tending to your own needs, doing a body scan, a physical or checking in with a personal goal, as well as finding interest in your roots, foundations, security and stability. There may be a plan that’s completely private, which most people aren’t aware of that now warrants your time and attention, that’s well worth sticking to no matter how long the road may seem.


The sensitive Moon moves through your hidden house of fantasies and the unknown, leading you to grapple with a mystery, hunch, or to gain closure around a social issue that’s private. Sense how you’ve overcome unconscious tendencies, with a space within you for patience and peace.

Yet the Last Quarter Moon is square to the Sun and Mercury Retrograde, together in your third house of communication skills. You may now be occupied ‘connecting the dots’, relating and expressing yourself in local areas, with a way to relate and participate.

Reaching out, navigating your rapport and conversing may be pertinent, so that you’re keen to speak up! Find yourself at ease with acceptance around an unquantifiable matter, an issue that can’t be solved. Verbalize what’s on your mind aside from all that remains sacred and secret.


You could feel connected to community now Leo, or find yourself gaining a foothold with friends in your circle or network. The Last Quarter Moon sets you among peers, with social and group endeavors potentially touching you!

Yet the Sun guides your attention to the practical, material realms of earth and your own assets or earning potential.

Allow your capacity to be self-sufficient to claim your focus, as your financial affairs or money matters play on your mind.

There may be a matter of resources, gains and rewards to tend to, that are in line with your goals, ambitions or long-term plans, and how you wish to be seen or perceived – perhaps as a leader, authority or in some way important and visible.

Shine a light on what you have, and what you’re keen to build and develop, as well as being a team player among your allies.


The Sun tours your own sign with a conjunction to Mercury Retrograde called a ‘Cazimi’, so expect extra focus to be on you today!

The Moon moves through your sector of reputation, public image, notoriety and ‘fame’ – the sector of success and praise in a professional sense. Therefore, you’re getting double the looks, not only for your identity, character and authentic sense of self, but also for your outer life and who you appear to be.

You may have reached a career goal, but be aware it could be impossible to really direct people to what you’ve achieved or accomplished, as who you are physically could be distracting or of greater interest…

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With the Moon arriving at its Last Quarter phase, you could be experiencing heightened cultural awareness, a breakthrough around your beliefs, long-distance travel, a matter of knowledge or outlook.

However, the Sun now resides in your twelfth house of dreams, sleep, surrender and gestation, urging you to pause for thought. It’s a time to take leave, to accept the things outside of your control, and to escape your usual workflow or agenda. Trust issues may be a big deal, or plans that involve other parties could be unfolding, step-by-step.

Be OK tending to others in a charitable fashion, or let others nurse you!

Relationships with those further afield may call, a broadly published opinion, global project or adventure you’re seeing through. Note how far you’ve come, in comprehending another perspective but don’t be surprised if you’re healing or tending your private life and unconscious hurts, too…


The Moon is aglow at its Last Quarter phase in your eighth house of bonds, commitments, mergers and sacred agreements, so emotions may be stirred.

There could be a sense of accomplishment in facing your fears and financial investments, or in managing a private pledge of time, money or attention.

Yet it’s a strong time for community and connection, too. Virgo Season spotlights groups or teamwork, so that you might be called to show up among peers, a friendship circle or fellowship.

A time to be socially active, you might now be a member of a committee, among crewmates, making it more challenging to acknowledge where you might share the load and trust others to show up for you in a private matter.

Find general allies and acquaintances lead you to acknowledge key people that stand out, who you can help, and that can offer something in return.


The Moon moves through your opposite sign and house of partnerships, Sagittarius, elevating human relations and perhaps even revealing something about one-to-ones. Ideally you can sense progress made in your unions.

However, the Sun encourages you to focus on your long-term goals, aspirations and ambitions, on the job you do and your upkeep, as you work towards a reputation or career that matters to you.

Find you’re occupied with advancing in the direction of your accomplishments, or on making an impression in the public eye. Think about what success means to you, and strategize how you might step up in your outwards facing role.

A loved one or key individual might warrant your attention, yet it’s your outer profile, reputation, recognition and a title that likely captivates you most!


The spotlight lands on your zone of growth, and a personal quest of seeking, thanks to the Sun’s tour of your educational sector of long-distance travel, philosophy, publishing and perspective.

Engage those that help you see the world – or life differently. Think about projects and conversations that broaden your outlook!

Meanwhile, the Moon reaches its Last Quarter phase in your busy zone of employment, health and habits. Your day-to-day rhythm and duties may reach a moment of success, work and systems may find their footing. A ritual, practice or your wellbeing may be in hand!

Yet it’s your adventurous nature that matters most, as you set your sights on beliefs and getting to the truth of a matter…


Let your own pleasures, hobbies, creativity or heart call you, as the Moon appears in your fun fifth house of conception, children, joy, entertainment and love!

Make space for a breakthrough or to see progress around a fertility, dating, sexual or personal issue that connects you to your passionate side. Identify your own happiness and the people, places and things that move you to smile or feel satisfied.

Yet don’t be surprised if you’re caught up facing your fears, too. Mercury is now retrograde with the Sun in your eighth house of mortality and legacies, prompting you to unpick the details of contracts, agreements, pledges and loans. Virgo Season prompts you to examine how you rely on others, and work with outside parties to build, profit or gain. It’s a big year to reckon with your home foundations or stability, and you might now recognise the person in your midst who promises to unify in a way that’s practical…


The Moon moves through your house of foundations, family and feelings, bringing emphasis to your domestic life, home, safety and security, or the more emotional realms of your inner world.

However, it’s Virgo Season, so the Sun tours your opposite sign and sector of one-to-one encounters.

Intimate partnerships, a personal connection or negotiation, unions and togetherness may be key, with such emphasis on relational house of your chart.

There could be reason to work on intimate collaborations, as well as experiencing a breakthrough in the hidden realms of nesting, nourishment and nurture. Make space for your roots, property, homeland or dwellings, even issues relating to parenting or a figure from the past.

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