Leo Dua Lipa Astrology And Birth Chart…

A star is born! Love Leo Lipa? Check out what makes her super-special with a peek at her birth chart and personal astrology....

Dua Lipa was born under the zodiac sign Leo, with the Sun and Venus together in the dazzling lion’s sign, at 29º degrees – a power degree!

Scroll down to see her birth chart.

Dua Lipa Astrology Signatures:

In an online interview in 2020 she stated:

“I’m a Libra rising and Cancer moon, so I’m severely emotional and all over the place. Then my sun sign is Leo. I’m a big mess”

Then in another interview in 2022:

“I’m a Leo, but Libra rising and Cancer moon, so I’m a nice mix of all kinds of things. I’m tough when it comes to the Leo thing, especially in my work, but then I’ll cry, because I’m Cancer, so I’m also very sensitive”

Hotter Than Hell – Sun in Leo squares Pluto in Scorpio…

The north node of destiny is with Mars in beautylicious Libra, in harmonious ties with asteroid lilith on the ascendant – fabulous! This chart speaks of a fiercely intelligent and socially aware individual. The position of Venus means Dua might not be aware of just how much magnetism she possesses.

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Her Aquarius Midheaven makes her a perfect change maker and activist, with a big voice to boot. Lucky Jupiter aligns with her Midheaven from it’s favourite place, Sagittarius. Dua will be having an epic year from November when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and the singer has a Jupiter return. Could be good for relationships too.

My favourite part of Lipa’s chart is the moon in Cancer, a true soft spot, showing the star has a sensitive side. This also gives an underlying purpose that speaks to Lipa’s ability to care for others, particularly family, siblings and those friends that feel like family. It’s part of what brings her confidence and a sense of security.

My fave song of Lipa’s is New Rules, where she schools her friends on self-care:

“One, don’t pick up the phone
You know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone
Two, don’t let him in
You’ll have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him
You ain’t getting over him”

The video features a gang of girls and the song seems to perfectly reflect the Saturn-Mercury opposition across the Pisces / Virgo axis, Saturn being the rule implementer, Virgo’s firm, resolute nature; moon in Cancer putting feelings first.

The sun in Leo is the perfect zodiac sign for a performer, I love that Dua released “Be The One”, as Leo loves to be the centre of the universe, yet the opening lyrics “I see the moon… Oh and you’re looking at the sun.” stands out.

With Dua’s ruling planet Mercury in Virgo at 21º sextile to the moon in Cancer at 22º, it’s this yin dynamic that’s perhaps the primary driver in her psyche.

Though she’s a big star, I love her luna side…

Dua Lipa’s Astrology Birth Chart 

Dua Lipa Born 22nd August 1995 At 11.45 am In London, UK…

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