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The Top Leo Fashion Designers


Proud Cat Coco…


Leo fashion designers posses a natural creativity and flair because this, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is akin to creative urges, recreation and fun!

What better than this philosophy as starting point for the field of design!


Leo The Lion – A Fashion Feature At Chanel…

We know that Leo people are proud, typically the Lion will strive for greatness in their chosen field.

It’s no surprise that the top Leo fashion designers have created strong brands that have stood the test of time, with many become household names and institutions! Chanel, Louis Vuitton and YSL to name a few… If Coco were still here no doubt she’s be beaming with pride at just how far Chanel has come…

Golden Wonders

As their lucky cosmic colour, Leo works well with gold.

Notice how the Luis Vuitton monogram is gold? YSL uses it with silver and Michael Kors in particular can’t seem to drag himself away!

Leo fashion designers have the Midas touch… They also work well with baroque and animal print.


Don’t Forget It’s Leo’s Time When The Sun’s Shining!

What A Beautiful Barnet!


Yves Saint-Laurent,  Christopher Kane, Coco Chanel And Michael Kors

Check out the crowning glory on this lot!

That’s right, you can tell a luscious Leo by their mane of hair, which is oh so leonine.

Even Michael Kors’ sheared blonde barnet is lion-like and a little majestic.

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Leo Jeremy Scott

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Luscious Leo Fashion Designers…


☆ Nicole Farhi 25th July 1946 ☆ Christopher Kane 26th July 1982 ☆ Yves Saint-Laurent 1st August 1936 ☆ Louis Vuitton 4th August 1821 ☆ Anna Sui 4th August 1964 ☆ Jeremy Scott 8th August 1975 ☆ Michael Kors 9th August 1959 ☆ Domenico Dolce 13th August 1958 ☆ Coco Chanel 19th August 1883 ☆

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