Libra’s Perfect Dimple – It’s The Angel’s Kiss…


Libra Beauty – Dimpled Angels!

What defines Libra beauty? Well, Libra is beauty personified!

This Venus-ruled sign oversees aesthetics and all things that are lovely and beautiful. Good looks emanate from even those not blessed with good genes.


Hilary Duff, Sun In Libra…

As Libra is the sign of balance, people born under the sign of the Scales are typically balanced with symmetrical faces. And the way to spot a true Libra? By their dimple, also known as ‘The Angel’s Kiss’.

Kelly Ripa


American Beauty Kelly Maria Ripa Has Sun And Moon In Libra – And Balanced Beauty In Spades! A Real-life Disney Princess With A Perfectly Placed Dimple… 

Naomi Watts


Gorgeous Actress Naomi Watts May Have Venus In Sexy Scorpio But Her Dimple Still Says Balanced Libra…

Nicky Hilton

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Dannii Minogue


Dannii Minogue Is A Classic Libra Beauty – Diplomatic And Dimpled! 

Neve Campbell


She May Be The Queen Of Horror Movies But She’s Still A Libra Lovely, Neve Campbell…

Sui He


Hugely Popular Chinese Model Sui He Is Of Course A Beautiful Libra – What Else?!

Inger Stevens


Hollywood Beauty Inger Stevens, Sun And Venus In Libra…

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