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Libra Monica…

Share the personal horoscope of lovely Libra star, Monica Bellucci…

Monica Bellucci astrology September 30 1964 2.30pm

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci was born on the 30th September, 1964 in the Italian village of Città di Castello, Umbria.

She originally followed her Libra sun, pursuing a career in the legal profession, modelling on the side (another Librian occupation), which led to acting – honouring the Leo moon, Mars in Leo and Venus in Leo.

As a Capricorn Rising star, Monica’s chart ruler is Saturn, sitting at a power degree of the zodiac wheel – 29 of Aquarius.

This planet forms a Grand Fixed cross involving an opposition to beauty planet Venus (24 of Leo), lucky Jupiter (25 of Taurus) and Neptune Midheaven conjunction, at a wider orb of 16 degrees of Scorpio.

This speaks to me of a public role that’s very glamorous and sexy, beautifully dramatic and lucrative but that has had to be worked for. Perhaps there’s been some sacrifice along the way…

I also think it’s super how Monica is a currently being heralded as a beauty icon and sex symbol over 50 – mature Saturn is still working in her favour!

Monica Bellucci astrology

Born 30th September 1964 At 2.30pm.

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