Cosmic Inspiration – Beauty Gifts For Taurus…

Check out the best buys in beauty for those stars born under the zodiac sign of the bull...

Check out the best buys in beauty I’ve found for those born under the sign of the Bull – it’s hot beauty gifts for Taurus!

Taurus At Wet N Wild

Zodiac Nail Polish For Taurus From Julep

$14.00 USD.

The Taurus Blend By Ines heals

A blend of Flower Essences from, that brings focus and clarity to Taurus, $25.00.

This product is designed for cloudiness of mind, fearfulness, forgetfulness, lack of confidence and failure to learn from one’s mistakes.

The Water Palette By MySign Makeup

and glosses…

And mini palettes for your sign! Only £5.00 GBP – shop it here

Visit here.

Crystal Infused Zodiac Polish From Love By Luna

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Love these magical polishes, $18.00 USD


Shop Taurus at!

The Afrees Hand Cream

Fresh Virgo Soap

Shop all the zodiac soaps at, find Virgo here for $14.00 USD.

Virgo Fragrance From Intuitive Essence

Zodica Fragrances


Visit here and discover the scents.

Spectrum Collections Zodiac Brushes – Earth

The Spectrum Collections ‘Water’ pouch is perfect for Cancer, though pricey at £49.99 GBP! Buy it here.

Spotted something for Virgo? Email me at

Spotted something for Taurus? Email me at

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