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Lets Get Physical With The Cosmos… 


Meet astrologer and author Rebecca Gordon

astrologer-rebecca-gordonThe resident astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar, Rebecca Gordon has masses of experience combining astrology and many exciting areas – including fashion and beauty!

She’s written for ELLE, Epicurious, Well & Good and a number of different magazines, and has worked with the likes of Laura Mercier, Benefit Cosmetics, Sonia Rykiel, Tag Heuer and Catherine Malandrino (hence my abundant admiration!)

Her new book ‘Your Body and the Stars‘ is a holistic wellness guide that explores the cosmic forces at play in our physical bodies, with stellar tips from this conscientious Virgo (a triple Virgo no less!!) Rebecca was born when the sun, Venus and Mercury were passing through this astute constellation, so you know you’re in safe hands!

If you’re into keeping your body at its optimum and like me you have a bookshelf bursting with beloved astrology books then this is definitely one to ‘add to cart‘.

I was privileged enough to connect with Rebecca personally, and get the low down on her wisdom….

SSS: Rebecca, firstly thanks for taking the time to speak with me! You’ve recently launched the book Your Body and the Stars, which I love, exploring the connection between human health and the bigger cycles of astrology – linking our physical existence and the metaphysical. What compelled you to produce the work and bring it into into existence?

your-body-astrologyWhat else is more interesting?

Since discovering astrology first at age 14, I was immediately drawn to anatomical correlations and more medical aspects of astrology – perhaps my Virgo stellium. So I pursued it with the help of my step-mother (astrologer) and other mentors there-after like Susan Miller.

I devoured texts on astrology and medical astrology growing up – simply could not get enough. Though after getting through some of the early astrological texts, I realized (as many astrologers do) that the ancient astrology was much more naturally intertwined with health and medicine.

It is only recently, in the last couple centuries where astrology has taken on more of the psychological, soul-centered or pop persona.

I was fascinated by the very real tangible aspect of astrology that could be seen (like the weather or our bodies). Astrology was medical innately because we had not yet invented things like the x-ray and so astrology served as a fine-tuned lens to peer inside the body.


The connection between the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual was endlessly fascinating to me so I have as well done extensive research in health and our bodies’ ability to metabolize of life experiences.

I met Stephanie Marango, a New York City MD and holistic health practitioner in 2012, and we began to speak on the overlapping that was present in our work. Although this was not a new concept, as all as doctors in the ancient world were also astrologers, we both felt a strong passion and need to revitalize it and as well, modernize it for the world we live in today.

We met whenever possible to chat on the parallels of our work and the cosmic nature of our bodies, and a book quickly emerged from our conversations.

I always recognized there was a need to bring the body connection back into the language of astrology for everyone – not just in advanced medical astrology circles. So really, we aimed to provide a guide where anyone including non-astrological health practitioners and counselors of sorts could use the cosmic wisdom and benefit.

The main goal was to inspire people with the miraculous wonder of our bodies while also providing an actionable guide to healing. We included meditations, exercises, daily practices and all sorts of things that speak to each kind of ailment and the causal agent and basic wellness practices to ‘tonify’ the energy of each sign in your body.

SSS: When did you start getting into astrology? What first drew you to the subject and when did you start taking it more seriously?

I learned from my stepmother growing up – age 14 was when she agreed to mentor me after I had already been ceaselessly consuming her books. I studied with her weekly and read astrology books without a break through all of high school. I was doing charts constantly for all my friends and family, then throughout college.

Still I had no idea that this could or would ever be a career. It was not till I was in my early 20’s and had a string of life experiences that caused me to look much deeper into astrology and recognize the healing properties that it also retained. I began to see astrology as a practice that could truly heal, providing greater perspective to the current moment as well as the past.

I do feel that our lens on the past very much casts a light forward into our future and that is one of the reasons it can be so helpful to put the past in a different light.

I have been running a full time practice for 12 years now and teaching for 10 – running the My Path Astrology School. Teaching is incredible because every year I get to fall in love with astrology all over with a new group of beginner students.


SSS: You’re the resident astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar! That’s amazing. It sounds like you’ve had a journey full of fabulous moments! With clients from the world of fashion and beauty – wow!! Was it always your goal to be a columnist at a fashion magazine? How has your path led you here?

Well, I love to write. When I was in my early 20’s I attended my first conference and took the ISAR program. The encouragement was amazing there, and it was the first time I was experiencing astrology outside of books and learning at home.

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That is where I also met Susan Miller of astrologyzone – an incredible mentor who always pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and I loved that. She is the one who actually made me realize this could be a career and I left my other work at around age 25 to solely pursue astrology.

My early clients were from the fashion and art world because I had worked at a gallery and as a stylist prior and that is where I knew people. Though of course, I was really doing everyone’s chart behind closed doors for those years!

SSS: I’m a big believer that how we look (and dress) is linked to astrology, what are your thoughts?


I was a stylist for some time and would only work with someone after I had been able to work with their chart and find their style signature. It is amazing how clearly our physical features often resemble our Sun or rising sign and often the planet on the ascendant.

I think we all shine most when our outer appearance is a pure representation of what is in the inside (our cosmic make-up).

SSS: Yes! Me too – any hot tips from an expert at finding your Star Sign Style?

Yeah! I feel the Sun sign is your canvas and it’s best to begin with that place of style comfort. Hair and accessories can be best expressed by the rising sign and I feel your Venus sign is key as well in creating a sense of magnetism and allure if you are a woman. For men, it is Sun, Ascendant Mars, though of course we can play with the Mars-Venus mash-up here.

In fact, in 2007 I created a series of events called ‘Find Your Star Sign Style’ and I did those at various fashion houses and helped style models for these events up to 2012.

The thing is, when we are clearly externally representing ourselves as who we are inside, the personality can best shine through the outer layer.

And then we tend to meet people and attract opportunities that are more of a vibrational match this way.

SSS: I love that. As astrology teacher and writer you must be super, super busy What’s your advice for managing a workable schedule? Do you also use the stars in your everyday / weekly planning?

I do run my life on a cosmic calendar, of course syncing up to the power of New Moons and Full Moons every month is a big part of my life. This gives each month a thematic feel and more of a direction to point my energies.

I consider the Moon signs of each day and arrange daily activities to align with the sign of that day. This simply brings a lot more ease and alignment in life versus struggle or pushing against the current.


For example, I try to work-out and run when the Moon is in Aries or Sagittarius. I only shop if the Moon in in Leo or Taurus – never Capricorn. Maybe Virgo for bargains. I tend to handle more of the managerial side of the business when the Moon in in Virgo or Capricorn and write ‘stream of consciousness’ when the Moon is in Gemini, though edit when the Moon is in Virgo.

It’s actually so efficient and time saving this way. Though with a full editorial calendar, sometimes I am having to write around the clock. One thing I realize, is that the writing will always be imbued with an imprint of the sign which the Moon is in. And if there are challenging alignments to retrogrades, I simply leave a lot more breathing room in the schedule.

Ready To Speak The Language Of Astrology?

Rebecca is running a 12 week astrology course for beginners! But you don’t have to be based in NYC to start learning…

This 12 week course enjoys facetime with Rebecca at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York (October 2nd and December 18th) but otherwise is held over webinar – perfect! Just put lessons in your diary and study from anywhere in the world!

Lucky for you if you can make it to NY for those dates but otherwise don’t worry! You’re included, your learning will totally be nurtured, with all classes available to download, even as a video. AND you’ll be part of an active alumni group that discusses and connects with each other.

Perfect if you want to take your interest in the zodiac a step further with one of the world’s favourite astrologers!

Rebecca has kindly offered Star Sign Style readers a special promotion – 20% off her Beginners Astrology course (use the code: ECLIPSE over at You will only pay $293 per month for 12 weeks of study that guides you understand your birth chart and offers you the skills to interpret the charts of others as well as reading the daily cosmic weather.

Perhaps this is the first step in becoming an astrologer yourself!

SSS: Rebecca, another question I like to ask all astrologers, what has working with astrology bought you personally?

Greater compassion and empathy – no doubt about it.

I feel this may be one of the lesser talked of, gifts of astrology. Having so many planets in Virgo, I tried hard to accept the seemingly imperfect world we live in, though it was challenging and self-criticism and criticism of others was definitely my cross to bear.

Astrology was so instrumental in helping me to accept people as they were and also foster an acceptance of myself. I feel there is great healing powers of astrology – its ability to show us acceptance and compassion. Another gift of astrology that I love, is the concept of possibility. It has a way of providing a zoom lens that extends out from whatever the situation may be and showing what else may be possible. I mean, Astrology is the poetic language of energy.

You can catch monthly horoscopes from Rebecca free online, or check out the syllabus and have your own adventure into astrology kicking off October 2nd!


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