Full Moon – What To Do? Beauty Rituals To Harness The Lunar Cycle…

Did you know you can follow the moons phases to optimise the effectiveness of your beauty rituals? Take advantage of the momentum of the moon and it’s supportive phase for growth – the run up to the Full Moon and ‘waxing’ phase…


You know that the Full Moon is a magical and mysterious time of the month but what are the best rituals during this phase as far as your beauty regime goes?

Star Sign Style is here to help – discover the best activities for the full moon, and waxing moon that precedes it.

Remember, the full moon is a time of heightened feeling – this could be happy OR sad.

A time of ‘ecstasy’ and fruition, we can give thanks; celebrating the fulfilment – and manifestation – of seeds planets at new moon. Acknowledge abundance at this time of the lunar cycle.

The full moon shines light into the darkness and reveals things – it spotlights and unearths information. It could even make us a little loony!

Here are my top 5 tips…

1. EMOTIONS Are Heightened so Draw A Relaxing Bath

Indoors or out, there’s no better way to celebrate the culmination of a magical full moon than with a beautiful bath.

Consider this: it’s not only sunbathing that’s good for the soul! If you can step outside on a full moon you’ll feel the benefits of the light of the silvery moon! Expose your skin under moonbeams if you can…

Light a candle and use the scents of the zodiac signs to guide your choice of bath oil (see below).

The Japanese have it down with their onsens (温泉), hot springs with bathing facilities that often have wide windows to gaze up at the stars.

2. Skin Is More ABSORBENT, so USE Moon Oil

The waxing phase supports growth as the moon gets bigger in the sky. Full Moon is an optimum time to rejuvenate and repair the skin, both skin and hair are more absorbent during this time.

Replenish during the waxing phase, support your health and happiness by ingesting all the good stuff through your skin and body. That means anointing gorgeous vitamin enriched moisturisers, serums and oils. And why not one with a lovely lunar name?


My Faves – Kiss The MoonMoonlight CatalystLUNA, Vanilla Moon And MUN…

Try: Beautiful bath oils from Kiss The Moon, an after dark treat. Moonlight Catalyst from Kypris, retexturises and exfoliates the skin – apply only after sunset. LUNA from Sunday RileyVanilla Moon from Camp or MUN Aknari Brightening Youth Serum from Mun Skin.

Don’t forget that your nails and hair are growing thick and fast too. Support the scalp with nutritious hair oil and don’t forget cuticle oil.

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3. It’s Time To Be SEEN – Adorn Yourself Beautifully

The full moon phase is the best time to go out to be seen, as luna shines her light at her brightest into the night sky.

Don’t forget, Ingest The Good Stuff From Moon Juice…

Mark the evening of the full moon, and marry the night with the ritual of makeup!

4. It’s Time To CELEBRATE so Delight In A Lunar Massage

The full moon phase can be a happy culmination of efforts, a time of fruition. In its purest meaning it’s time to celebrate! And what better way to mark the moment than with a divine massage?

Read more about special Lunar Massage treatments, here.


You can try Aquarian Soul + Earth Oils Moon Balm, an all over body balm, handmade with natural organic and vegan ingredients. Check out Moon Valley Organic products, too, so many gorgeous ones to choose from!

5. Amp Up Your Mood With Heavenly Scents

Heighten your awareness more fully on the full moon with the use of your favourite scents and smells.

Use aromatherapy oils or a splash of perfume to enhance the mood, and use the flowers and fragrances of the zodiac to match the moon!

Waxing Moon And Full Moon Beauty Summary

DO REPLENISH – Following the new moon la lune is in a growing phase, making its way to becoming full. Skin and hair are most absorbent so moisturise, repair any skin issues and get lots of vitamins into your body.

DO CUT – During the waxing phase, when the Moon is growing in the sky, the rate of hair growth is rapid.

A hair cut in this phase won’t hinder your locks from flowing freely, it’s likely to encourage healthy growth instead during this phase. The Full Moon itself is prime for cutting your hair so it grows thicker, faster and longer, a manicure or file down will result in nails that are strong and grow quickly too. This is the case right up until the Full Moon hour, when la lune is at its most powerful. I think it’s the very best time for a haircut.

Don’t Wax, Pluck or Remove Hair You Want To Disappear – it will grow back thicker, faster, longer and stronger.

Waxing could be more painful now, too.

Read New Moon Rituals For Health And Beauty, here  and your full Guide To Lunar Beauty Rituals and Lunar Hair Care, here.

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