AstroCartoGraphy – Neptune Imum Coeli Line Line Stories….

My Neptune IC Line – Heimahe Township…

The image of a young monk I met beside the Qinghai Lake best sums up my Neptunian adventure to the Tibetan plateau.

A chance trip presented itself in the most uncanny way.

I was sitting with my partner when he mentioned that a friend had posted about a trip she had won on Facebook – she couldn’t make it and was looking for someone to take her place. I had holiday available to take off work and jumped at the chance to explore unchartered territory – group excursions are the best way to travel in China, as language can be a real sticking point. However organised tours can be pricey and difficult to research, so it was wonderful that the opportunity fell into my lap.

When I looked at the map to see where I was heading (and of course to see whether I was nearby my lines) I was astounded to see that the trip would take me directly to my Neptune IC line.

My Neptune IC Line…

I flew via Beijing to Xining airport, but then headed west into the heart of the Qinghai Province.

How uncanny that I ended up driving for miles and miles to the exact spot of my Neptune IC line, to stay in a tent with the nomadic people of this desolate place?

To put it into perspective, the Qinghai Lake is in quite a random part of China!

And staying in the Heimahe Township I was literally a stones throw from my line. Mind Blown.

Naturally I watched for signs that were Neptunian in their nature – themes of spirituality, charity, healing and of water, of overwhelming emotion.

True to form these elements appeared on my journey. In the picture above we went down to the lake at sunrise. The nomadic tribes people go on a spiritual pilgrimage to different places around the Tibetan Plateau on rotation, and this year was the lake, and so I saw a family with their little boy, in his monastery outfit, taking pictures of their journey – and they gave me hugs and let me take pictures of their hair and jewelry, which was impressive!

I visited the Kumbum Monastery, the Tibetan Medicine Museum, stayed beside the beautiful lake. I also visited local NGO’s and charitable initiatives and had peaceful time to reflect on family matters…

Remember, the Imum Coeli line is the point on the axis connected to home and where we lay our heads. I found myself sleeping (in a tent) by a lake!

Neptune IC Line – Chiang Rai

Another series of strange and mysterious events had me travelling close, so close to my Neptune line for a second time.

While staying in Chiang Mai I reached out to a local astrologer, keen to connect with likeminded folk on my journey. I make a habit of this everywhere I go, mostly with fabulous results.

I’m now good friends with several new acquaintances in this way and love connecting with fellow astrologers, not all of whom are in my Facebook circles.

I had made my way from Bangkok up to northern Thailand with the capital city (Chiang Mai) as my landing spot.

Chiang Mai sits in the mountains and has yoga, an abundance of delicious food, massage and more, a perfect place to kick back for a few weeks.

Again, Couchsurfing helped me where accommodation was concerned.

Staying under the IC line – the Imum Coeli line, which is linked to home and ancestry, it’s always particularly interesting to me where I end up ‘living’.

This time I was hosted by my wonderful friend, a yoga teacher who’d recently completed a stint (as many Thai men do) as a monk. He was more than happy to tell me and my fellow Couchsurfers about his meditation practice, and we spent our days doing yoga, visiting the elephants that were parked on the roadside, and ate plenty longan, as we were surrounded by an abundance of fruit trees.


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So I came across the German fellow, an empath and astrologer who had spent many a year living in a monastery in the forests of Thailand. He wondered if I might like to connect with another astrologer, based on a retreat in Chiang Rai, which happened to be even closer to my Neptune line.

Of course I said yes!

And so I took a bus to the neighbouring city.

I stayed with my new friend in one of her cottages beside a lake, and slept on a water bed!

My Water Bed, Resting Under My Neptune IC Line!

We swam in her lake morning and evening, talked about her interest in astrology and ate super healthy food.

It really couldn’t have have been more Neptunian!

Neptune IC Line – Ko Pha-ngan

Did I mention being on your Neptune line can help you channel Mermaid vibes?

Promise it’s true!

My first foray into AstroCartography was back in February 2014 – still in my 20s!

OK, I didn’t actually stay at Neptune’s Villa – BUT this was opposite the backpackers I was in! So it almost counts!

My Neptune Line Running Through Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

I went to the island of Ko Pha-ngan to the full moon party, to celebrate Luna in style.

I got horrendous diarrhea but things swiftly improved once I left the ‘party zone’.

I headed north and ended up staying with a gorgeous friend from Israel, a pharmacist that let me sleep in beside her for ages! We swam and sunbathed and trotted along the beach to yoga and it was just divine.

I had healing with a lady called Nipa, and went up to a sweat lodge in the mountains, so many adventures – all very NEPTUNIAN!

I even met a fellow astrologer there who gave me my first Vedic reading!

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