Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

Neptune In Gemini…

Share the trends of the era and this astrology analysis – the signature style of Neptune in Gemini…


26 May 1888 – 27 Dec 1888

☆ Sleeves ☆ Suits ☆ Breezy Bikes & Tennis Matches ☆

Planet Neptune really tunes into the fashion style of the moment, as it’s all about the glamour, the art, the style of the time.

Neptune in Gemini – A Mercury Ruled Sign…

With Neptune in a Mercury-ruled sign, Gemini, the areas governed by Gemini can be glamorised, idealised, or dissolved and diluted…

What’s more, the tone of Mercury itself will resonate…

Mercury oversees movement, connection, communication, trade, magic and transactions…

Moving Pictures & The Kinetoscope…

On Wednesday May 20th 1981, Mars, Pluto, Neptune and the North Node were all together in Gemini for the first public demonstration of Thomas Edison’s prototype kinetoscope.

Approximately 150 members of the National Federation of Women’s Clubs gathered, and The New York Sun described what they saw in the “small pine box” encountered:

In the top of the box was a hole perhaps an inch in diameter. As they looked through the hole they saw the picture of a man. It was a most marvelous picture. It bowed and smiled and waved its hands and took off its hat with the most perfect naturalness and grace. Every motion was perfect….

The man was Dickson; the little movie, approximately three seconds long, is now referred to as Dickson Greeting, which I think is a very Gemini thing! Not to mention one of the next moving pictures, Butterfly Dance (1894–95), featuring Annabelle Whitford Moore. This was format that would become standard for both still and motion picture photography around the world…

The Popular Local Journey – Bicycle

Jun 27 American Annie Londonderry [Annie Kopchovsky] sets out to become first woman to bicycle around the world (completes her journey September 1895)

Tower Bridge…

On June 30th, London’s Tower Bridge opens – a symbol of the Twins, with its two impressive great … towers!

20 Aug 1893 Jupiter joins Neptune in Gemini

The Iron Lung…


Born With Neptune In Gemini…

There are two ways we can observe Neptune in Gemini.

One is through the influence this transit had on people, and the art, music and fashions that became popular during this time frame.

The other is to examine those with the transit or planet prominent – and indeed the zodiac sign.

The Queen Mother Elizabeth

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon was born August 4th 1900, with a Gemini Ascendant at 22º47′, and Neptune at 28º19′; a Leo Sun-Mercury IC, she married into the monarchy, and was a consistently popular member of the Royal family, even when other members were suffering from low levels of public approval.

A fortune teller told Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon when she was a little girl that one day she would be Queen, she was known as ‘Merry Mischief’.

Although she had a bob Elizabeth was not a ‘fast’ girl. She didn’t smoke or flirt; her appeal lay in her quiet assurance, belied by a wicked twinkle and that streak of steel which had shown itself even when she was very young. Nor was she a beauty, though she was enormously attractive, with what Evelyn Waugh described as ‘creamy English charm’ – milky skin, sparkling blue eyes, gentle curves – and what one of her biographers calls an ‘innocent sensuality’.

She loved the privilege and luxury her status allowed her to enjoy – the horses, the extravagant clothes, the rich food and fine wines, her keenness for helicopter travel and weakness for jewels and objets d’arts .

She was grand – she could never pretend to be anything but that, with her lineage, background and tastes – but she had the gift of ‘glorious unpretentiousness’. That’s why cabbies, those great arbiters of the collective British consciousness, have always adored the Queen Mum. ‘I love life, that’s my secret,’ she said. The icing on her 100th birthday cake contained a splash of gin; even marking her century she retained that delightfully naughty, self-indulgence which never failed to charm. Prince Charles, whom she looked on as the son she never had, called it her ‘ability to enhance life for others through her own effervescent enthusiasm’.

Mae West

Another dame with a twinkle in her eye…

Fred Astaire

Widely considered the greatest dancer in film history, Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz on May 10, 1899) was multitalented; a dancer, actor, singer, choreographer and television presenter, he boasts a Gemini Moon, as well as the generational hallmarks of Pluto and Neptune in Gemini (sextile Mercury in Aries in the fifth house, 23º12′ * 24º9′).

A Sagittarius Rising, his birth chart is a AA Rodden Rating, here.

With his wiry build, his outstanding traits were an uncanny sense of rhythm, perfectionism, and innovation, he was often seen with a partner – as a duo!

C. S. Lewis

Novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster and lecturer, Lewis was born November 29th 1898, with the Moon conjunct Neptune in Gemini (see his birth chart here), with Mercury opposite this pairing in Sagittarius. His work The Chronicles of Narnia have been popularised on stage, TV, radio, and cinema.

J.R.R. Tolkien

A writer, poet, philologist and academic, Tolkien was born January 3rd 1892 under an exact conjunction of Neptune and Pluto, trine Venus in Aquarius, and Saturn (0º7′) Libra.

Best known for his fantasy works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, we must also acknowledge his Pisces Moon-Jupiter.

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