See Pisces Rising Celebrities And Dress For Your Rising Sign…

Discover the style of the stars with a Pisces Ascendant, and learn more about their dreamy aesthetic.

Pisces rising people are gentle and empathetic with a soft aura about them.

These people go with the flow and can be particularly creative, artistic and appear dreamy. They could have gorgeous dreamy eyes or even seem half asleep!

Romantic, mystical and sometimes unreliable, those with Pisces on the ascendant are ruled by watery planet Neptune, giving them an added dose of imagination, intuition and perhaps even psychic prowess.


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They can have great vision but don’t always live in the ‘real world’, making it difficult to turn dreams into reality – they could be absentminded or even careless.

As one of the most sensitive signs, those with Pisces on the ascendant should take care to surround themselves with positivity and light. The energies of others and the world in general often seep through their delicate layers.

They’ll want to maintain some sort of spirituality and cheerful people around them will keep them in good health and good spirits.

They should take care to avoid drugs and alcohol.

Some Pisces Rising folk are sensitive to addiction – Demi Moore and Whitney Houston are two such people. Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow is renowned for her intake of pure foods…

As well-meaning idealists, those with Pisces rising like to be of service to their fellow man. However, because of their changeable nature, they can sometimes over-promise and never deliver.

Neptune Is Your Ruler…

With planet Neptune your modern ruler, you may understand cultural trends, the arts and movements more than most.

Look to this planet in your personal birth chart. Use the birth chart calculator to discover more about the position of this planet in your horoscope.

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Pisces Rising Appearance…


Rosemary Clooney, Madeline Kahn, Clara Bow, Whitney Houston, Bettie Page, Allison Janney, Jenna Elfman, Ellen Pompeo, Gwyneth Paltrow…

The Pisces person often has beautiful, soulful eyes framed with a curved shaped eyebrow. They have wide mouths and bright smiles.

Their feet are often a noticeable feature…

They can appear fleshy about the face or have a softness to their appearance.


As an absorbent water sign, Pisces rising can take on their surroundings and easily adopt styles that reflect their environment.

Pisces Rising? Discover The Houses According to your Ascendant, here!

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They may seem a little vulnerable, with a dreamy innocence to them.

Quite the chameleon they have a talent for imitation and can slip into different fashions with flair!

Do watch Pisces Rising singer Billie Eilish sing ‘Ocean Eyes’…

Pisces Rising Celebrities…


☆ Allison Janney ☆ Amanda Bynes ☆ Ashlee Simpson ☆ Taurus Bettie Page ☆ Billie Eilish ☆ Brandy Norwood ☆ Cathy Downs ☆ Clara Bow ☆ Scorpio Demi Moore ☆ Dorothy Hamill ☆ Ellen Pompeo ☆ Libra Gwyneth Paltrow ☆ Carol Burnett ☆ Jenna Elfman ☆ Zayn Malik ☆ Libra Barbara Palvin ☆ Ryan Gosling ☆ Kourtney Kardashian ☆ Aquarius Laura Dern ☆ Lourdes Leon ☆ Izabel Goulart ☆ Madeline Kahn Shirley Jones ☆ Aquarius Mena Suvari ☆ Libra Madeline Kahn ☆ Mary Tyler Moore ☆ Gemini Phylicia Rashad ☆ Gemini Rosemary ClooneyLeo Whitney Houston

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