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Oct 6th: Stay Balanced – Your New Moon In Libra Horoscope Is Here…

Look for a way to work around this lunation!

New Moon In Libra 2021, 13º24’

  • Weekday: Tuesday – Mars Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus in Scorpio.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Tuesday October 6th, 2021 7.04 pm HKT
  • London: Wednesday October 6th, 2021 12.04 am GMT
  • New York: Wednesday October 6th, 2021 7.04 am EDT.

About The Libra New Moon…

The Moon appears in Libra, so that the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury Retrograde create a strong line-up and emphasis on this zodiac sign.

And yet these four celestial bodies all answer to Venus, gliding ahead in Scorpio…

While our minds might be occupied with congenial relations and the need to get along, a sultry, brooding undertone may prove powerful, too. What comes after the wedding vows – in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer; these are what true bonds are made of.

Your New Moon in Libra Horoscope…


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your seventh house of partners today, Aries, so that it’s an opportunity to reset the dial across one-to-one dealings, going deeper into the way you connect and communicate with diplomacy, fairness and sweet congeniality – knowing others have their part to play.

Venus in Scorpio – and your house of commitments, consummation and consolidation – suggests that surface or superficial niceties are in fact something more.

You may be caught up in partnership (wondering how to progress, thanks to the pesky retrograde), yet also absorbed in what could be next – with a seductive desire to go the distance.

Relationships… With today’s Libra New Moon in your house of intimate relationships, you can consider all kinds of encounters, unions and opportunities to partner, both romantic, platonic, familial or yet to be known.

With your ruler Mars in your opposite sign, there’s much outwardly to command your attention; it’s not only about what you can build, develop and make happen together (benefitting or gaining from a merger), it’s about the being engaged in a mirroring exercise – call and repeat – with someone else to guide you and lead the way – pay attention to your dance partner!!

Career… Today’s New Moon is a new beginning for your approach to unions, and it’s really worth deep diving into thoughtful consideration around what a sense of pairing or matrimony can mean, what it might secure for you or deliver.

Venus now tours your intimate house of commitments, bonds, and close personal relationships. Your private life could now draw you to be vulnerable, allowing space to really give up control of what you do solo in service of a joint effort and togetherness… Anticipate what’s next and plan, while not setting anything ‘on paper’, yet.

Blend your capacity to dig deep and play nice, willing to co-operate.


Sun & Moon now meet in Libra and your efficient, diligent sixth house of work, toil and wellbeing, delivering a healthy, moderate, balanced fresh start to harness across your routine, rituals, and usual schedule (as well as those you manage or employ) – to maintain a sense of equilibrium.

Your ruling planet (and the ruler of this Libra New Moon) is Venus, now moving through Scorpio, and your seventh house of partners and one-to-ones; this is a time when coupling up or working with a friend one-on-one could greatly appeal, and somehow impact or touch your jobs, tasks, chores or working environment.

You may be reflecting on ways to improve your management skills, your role or the way you live well, and one person in particular might have ways to enhance your intentions…

Relationships… Venus, now in your opposite sign, urges you to consider people on your horizon line that call your attention – friends or personal relationships, even an individual that challenges you or forces you to go a little deeper into awareness and your psyche.

With Mars – and the Libra New Moon – in your sixth house, you may be busy and occupied, embracing the areas of life that help you stay on top of things, as well as the people who keep you fit as a fiddle, body, mind, spirit and soul.

Allow others to show up for you, or take on board what unions prompt you to look at, for your own purpose and sense of wellbeing.

Career… Note that it might now be easy to drive ahead a focus on your work projects or passions, with a great level of stamina and attention on bringing order to your day-to-day. What habits pay off?

Ascertain where you might be usefully employed, recognize practices that fulfill you and bring balance – delegate, tick off tasks, or make a record of what needs to be addressed (the little things). Acknowledge partners’ suggestions, too! Or allow others to step in to effectively support you.


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your fifth house of creativity, conception and artistic expression, so that you can embrace a fresh start for your passions and greatest loves, Gemini.

Focus on personal gratification and pleasing yourself – an astrological hack as the stars usher in experiences that bring it back to you (and your presence, persona, autonomy and interests).

Venus in Scorpio – and your house of work, toil, and organization shows a desire to bring consistency to your plans, streamlined, fit and healthy.

Relationships… With the New Moon in your fertile fifth house it’s a moment to consider your passionate side, all you love and are willing to put your heart into.

It’s a poignant time to focus on you and your passions, creativity, desires and love life, yet take on board an undertone that asks you to bring order to lusty amorous sentiments; you may want to your love be somehow in line with your own routines, regimes, health and work life centers on your needs, and where a lover should be aware of your ideal lifestyle and schedule…

Career… Take a fresh look at the way you pursue solo interests and what your heart wants, Gemini. How do you meet and satisfy your own needs?

Consider (or reconsider) dating, your sexuality, and love life, personal projects, hobbies, crafts, sports and entertainment, or even your sense of style and self-expression – how you make yourself happy, make a baby or make love and joy from situations!

Take time for your own inspiration and desires, considering the way sheer fun might transform into something more – a regular job, something that keeps you happy as a daily practice! Venus appears in Scorpio and your efficient sector of, health & maintenance, your house of habits, work and employment. Set your sights (and heart) on plans that are also productive!


Sun & Moon meet in your hidden house of land and lineage, family and feelings, household matters, so that you can retreat to take a fresh look at domestic life, ways you tend to nurture, and your surroundings, but also the underlying issues of security, place, roots and parenting (and your relationship to those subjects, and your lineage…)

Venus in Scorpio – and your house of hobbies, interests, joyful pursuits and fertility – suggests that where you live, where you’re from, and where you intend to settle are touched by a desire to enjoy, create or love. Note where inspiration draws you deeper, seduced by your own plans and intent…

Relationships… While the Libra Sun and Moon meet in your sensitive inner sector of the past and present dwellings (the lowest corner of your chart, with Mars and Mercury, too), Venus appears in Scorpio and your amorous zone of romance, fun, (sexual expression,) parties & personal gratification!

It’s a time to bring focus to your familial or domestic setting, to family patterns, with much activity & concentration to direct underfoot – or to parenting, a house move or emotional breakthrough!

However, Venus desires fun, closeness, entertainment & passion, so intentions you set around your space (or coming together on home turf) will want to hit a sweet spot in matters of the heart (making a baby), too, or your creative prowess! [Move house to accommodate children or playful pleasures!]

Career… Home life (and plans to take action around emotional stability) give you reason to step back and ground yourself in pleasing settings, to focus on what’s comforting and secure.

Dream of your ideal home and décor, and the creative ways you could add an artistic, playful touch to spaces (art studio or kids room), or the way you feed, nourish and nurture! Your private life might be beckoning with a new beginning – or chapter – to settle into…


Sun & Moon meet and greet in the civilized zodiac sign Libra and your third house of communication skills, spelling the potential for new friends, congenial contact & connection, or a new local interest or hangout! You can take a fresh look at your approach to those closest, from neighbors & siblings, to co-workers, best friends, & old school pals… Who are your brothers?

Venus in Scorpio – and your zone of home life, land, nesting and nourishment – suggests that improving your relations and being in touch has undertones that connect to where you live. Enjoy the sensation of security and place, with a vow to engage with a sense of fairness, or be articulate, while also recalibrating into safety, held emotionally, too.

Relationships… With the New Moon comes the chance to address ties to your inner circle, Leo, your amicability and capacity for pleasantry among local friends and your immediate surroundings.

Discover who you are to those in close quarters, note who you get along well with, the language, navigational skills that could be improved or developed!

Career… It’s a poignant time to come together on the common causes you care about, to rethink or re-strategize a way forward among kindred spirits (i.e. being socially active and dynamic among siblings, work colleagues or neighbors, driving forth conversations and discourse).

From local interactions – and refining your message – to enhancing rapport and speaking or verbalizing with learning in mind, find a close-knit crowd or audience that appreciates what you have to say and pushes you to evolve!

Although you’re circulating and mingling, and making your way in your environment you could also be honoring a desire to find comfort and security; know that being a part of something exciting (a conversation or cause) can ultimately lead to you feeling settled in your surroundings…

Find avenues that lead you home, to you…


Sun & Moon meet in your second house of sustenance, salary, savings and personal gain – your sector of material assets, belongings and income. It’s a time to take a fresh look at the valuable traits you possess, or turn over a new leaf in your role. Show confidence in ways you might make a living, valued.

Venus in Scorpio – and your sector of communication skills suggests that the desire to engage or express yourself might be key to helping you feel worthy.

Ask a close friend to recommend you for a raise or reward, or seek compensation with a message to kindred spirits – ask what your input means to the group! Note the contribution you make solo among close connections.

Relationships… Take the day to affirm your own efforts and position, and how you might sustain yourself single handedly – with the New Moon comes a new beginning, and it’s also worth noting that Mars now appears in your second house of self-sufficiency, too.

Where you would typically look to others you may now be self-reliant; where you would normally be inclined to collaborate or come together you may now find motivation to go it alone…

Career… Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury – now retrograde – lend focus to vocational matters: your work, income, earnings and all you do to successfully sustain yourself, bringing in a pay-cheque, or finding ways to show you’ve purpose and a sense of self-worth.

Hone in on your resourceful side, rethinking purchases, or investment strategies if necessary, and what you’re keen to gain or attain. With your ruling planet roving in reverse you may be questioning and doubting your direction or the right cost of what you have or do – the salary you can command or pocket.

Allow emphasis and attention to be directed toward material goals, knowing you have the connections, close ties & communication skills to get all you want and desire.


Sun & Moon meet in your sign today, Libra, for a New Moon moment that you can consider your personal New Year! A new beginning and fresh start…

You’ve a fairly rare opportunity to reset the dial across your look, persona & personal life, the way you find happiness, meaning and fulfil your greatest potential, solo.

Your ruling planet (and the ruler of this Libra New Moon) is Venus, now in your resourceful second house of personal gain, value and self-confidence, leading you to manifest with purpose and tune in to a desire to prove yourself, solo. Money and your material possessions, or a deep allure to be valued and appreciated may be key to your individual motivation, now.

Relationships… With the Libra New Moon, you may want to carve out time to focus on you, attempting to get clear on your personal priorities. However, be mindful that with Mercury Retrograde you could be in a tailspin as to what you really think, mean or are guided towards – your own interests could be in flux!

Don’t allow a partner to push you before you’re ready to make an announcement. An outside voice or teacher may give you the wisdom or knowledge you’re personally seeking – reach out…

Career… Libra Season lends focus and the spotlight your way, and yet this year there are so many conflicting agendas that getting some headspace to consider you and your own priorities may seem a baffling notion.

You’re known as the peacekeeping zodiac sign of balance, marriage, equality and equilibrium, notorious for finding harmony in all areas. Yet even you likely can’t maintain a veneer that’s polished and composed, with the stars throwing you perhaps too much attention!

Your finances or a desire to make money (even be breadwinner) could be the thing that’s turning heads. Recognize what’s ‘on you’ and don’t take on more than you can comfortable handle, today.


Sun & Moon meet in your twelfth house of gestation & solitude, your house of prep, release, surrender and spiritual serenity, giving you space for a fresh start that could be vague, elusive or deeply connected to your own healing.

Venus is now moving through your sign and your house of ‘self’, lending you a looking glass (and some gracious tools) to enhance your appearance, improve your character or sense of self and autonomy, the way you come across to others and put your best foot forwards.

Allow room for great, powerful shifts in your private, inner world and notice what could be a helpful remedy or relationship to soothe all woes…

Relationships… The New Moon in your twelfth house takes you offline and into a mood that’s reflective, Scorpio. Yet that’s not to say you can’t rely on a trusted friend (or friends) to talk through issues or subjects now waiting to be released.

In fact, it’s is a great time to welcome experiences that teach you who can be vulnerable with, and show your truth, revealing the hidden parts of yourself and all you like to keep secret. Today, allow yourself to stand down and find deeper meaning with those you trust and are willing to open up to.

Career… There’s a reason for every season, Scorpio, and the Sun’s tour of Libra is one to sit out, to contemplate, anticipate, and gestate in relative isolation – healing, recharging or even sacrificing yourself for another in charity or simply working on a project or plan that brings you little in return.

Now, with your ruler Mars and Mercury retrograde in this transitionary house, it’s one of those times to let go and find peace in whatever way you can… It might be nice to disappear into a space where you can switch off and detach from the demands of your day-to-day, to dream of something a little more intangible, and totally unproductive! Give yourself a long leash…

Your capacity to come across well may have a wonderfully unexpected effect on your day, so show up friendly and amicable to those you meet…


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your sociable eleventh house of groups and community, friends, hopes and dreams for your people, so you could be turning over a new leaf for associations and affiliations, or the company you keep, Sagittarius.

Venus is now moving through your silent, stealthy twelfth house of closure, catharsis, dreams and intuition, so that enjoying time out or a secret side to your social scene or interactions could be guided by the desire to go deeper…

Relationships… Notice what you’re keen to do among allies with the spotlight landing on collaborative efforts and team spirit, and earmark those unions that are poignant and motivate you to play nice with peers.

Develop your place at the heart of a movement, human cause, or collective interest, turning over a new leaf and ruminating on social engagement or fellowship. Community runs with much more potential than superficial appearances – you might be transitioning, on the precipice of awakening your true desires! Embrace being a part of and energize your network…

Career… Social engagement may be strong yet complicated, as Mercury backtracks through your eleventh house of community and team work, with endeavors that affect the company you keep or the way you relate to society and your fellows, city or industry.

With the New Moon – and a new beginning – in this house of convivial friendship circles and humanitarianism, be drawn to participate (crowd sourcing or using your talents to conceive great ideas, inspiration for the greater good!) Get involved, participate.

You might find it’s necessary to dip out of sight, operating on the sidelines, as you dream of a way to acquaint yourself with the masses, and communicate.


Sun & Moon come together in the highest house of your horoscope, with a New Moon in your prolific tenth house of notoriety, outward reputation, career goals, and worldly persona. Claim a fresh start and look with even greater scrutiny at how you come across, the direction you’re headed in – and your image in the public eye.

Venus is now moving through your friendly eleventh house, so that an appealing team of co-workers or mates may guide your aspirations…

Relationships… With the New Moon your sector of visibility, draw toward those that bring you even greater awareness of public perception, and offer insight into how you’ll make it – seen as a success!

It’s a time to force relationships with higher ups, and those superiors that can offer you a hand to climb higher on the ladder… What’s more, with Venus in your community sector you may desire a group of friends who are capable of helping you ascend, too. A draw to be popular in the eyes of the masses may also affect the professional guise you uphold, so turn to teammates and be a part of social endeavors – your audience may be ‘voting you in’ to your title!

Career… With great emphasis directed towards your professional life or outer goals and vocation you might be inclined to notice paths to validation, feeling accomplished, seen, noticed and notorious in your post or establishing yourself at large.

In a way, it’s necessary to press, or slow down, to really give yourself the consideration required around routines, habits, and upholding your position with a healthy consistency. Mercury is Retrograde in this sector of publicity, so announcements or titles may need a re-brand. You may change your mind a little before the month is through!

Venus tours your sociable eleventh house, bringing sweetness to your friendships, and a circle of loose acquaintances in your orbit. Let them be your cheerleaders and seek their approval!


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your ninth house of far flung places now Aquarius, your house of vision quests, travel, and growth, and all you learn and assimilate via the people outside your usual domain (either because you’ve opened up to a cultural or moral education, or because you’re pursuing a new way of doing things – with a global outlook).

With today’s New Moon you’re given ample opportunity to think big, and look further afield for inspiration; perhaps a long-distance connection will spark your own creativity or romance will begin to blossom.

Venus in Scorpio – and your house of outward appearance, career and long-term goals no doubt touches your personal development and exploration, so that the way you’re seen guides your course of action and intentions…

Relationships… It’s an awesome time to lean in to your own visionary abilities, and to connect (or reconnect) to those inspiring individuals who educate you, or introduce a moral framework or ideas!

You’ll want to be a little discerning, questioning what’s presented or told to you, knowing that there’s excitement on the horizon – and lots to talk about – but that you’ll want to use reason, balance and a sense of fairness, too…

Try not to push your opinions too hard, but rather open up the conversation to explore many avenues and options, awakening new trains of thought with partners you meet (or think about those you’d like to appear).

Career… Sun & Moon now combine forces in fellow air sign: Libra, flying high in your house of travel, truth seeking, and personal development, so you may be considering options for growth, education or an experience that’s outside the box, using your imagination to soar…

Rethink travel plans or work projects, and dream even bigger dreams about where you might venture or what you might broach! Revisit plans that drive you further towards your truth, that allow you to speak, share or publish wisdom as you’re so inclined. Know you’ve to consider broadly, & embrace what’s now calling you towards your true joy…


Sun & Moon meet in your eighth house of joint responsibilities and endeavors – the house of commitments, loans, mutual gains, and of bonds, consummation, consolidation (of assets), and loyalties…

With today’s New Moon you’re given the opportunity to reset the agenda on how you rely on others, share the load, invest or loan what you have.

Venus in Scorpio and your house of truth seeking, travel, and experiences that take you beyond your comfort zone, into the unknown, impresses a potential desire to broaden your outlook within your private life, expanding into more visionary pursuits.

Relationships… A fresh start is beckoning, encouraging you to broach and balance what you give and expect in tandem with others; take a good look at partnerships and all personal relationships that require trust.

Do you need to develop more tools to communicate, or explore difficult conversations? Consider ways you’re wiling pledge yourself to others, following through on a promise, to allow your legacy to continue on – or to build & develop with the support of another (be it a spouse, mortgage lender, house mate, parent or business partner).

It’s hard admitting we are keen to garner the support or resources of others, but it may be what it takes now, Pisces!

Career… Venus tours your house of global affairs and personal development, of truth seeking, moral explorations, and specialist subjects. Learning and going beyond may greatly appeal, with a desire and pull to pursue a perspective that’s not your own…

Expanded horizons could touch your private life, so that knowledge and wisdom you’re coming across can inform where you might commit or drive ahead, bringing balance to unions, mutual beneficial arrangements, or facing your fears; what you give, what you gain, what’s worth your time and energy.

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