Stay Poised & Balanced! Your New Moon In Libra Horoscope…

A profound moment of change arrives that warrants patience!

Your New Moon in Libra Horoscope…


The Solar Eclipse is about partners, with a caveat around acts of service. Your job, how you’re useful, healthy, employed and well may be key!

Reset the dial across one-to-ones, approaching unions in a way that’s practical. Yet be mindful that your own identity, plans, presence and autonomy is a hot topic!

On some level, you’re able to commit or go deeper in relationships, sensing others show up to help and assist you. However, it might not be easy showing consideration to those you encounter, as your independent streak is fired up.


Reset the dial across your lifestyle choices, work and your approach to daily living, and consider your children, creativity, your hobbies or pleasure!

The Solar Eclipse is about ways you stay well in your own body, routine or employment set-up, the way you maintain given your own happiness, kids or talents…

A situation may be underway that’s selfless, so attention may be geared toward escapism or serving others interests.

Turn over a new leaf, around health and the job you do, aware of passion projects or your own sense of fun, and a partner you can now look to as a collaborator or mate ready to step up.

A moderate, balanced routine is ideal, so connect to those that can help you out or accept where more support would be appreciated.


Recreation, procreation, creativity, fertility and play may be on your mind, as the Solar Eclipse breezes through your house of self-expression, the arts,

passions and love! Home life, family settings, your dwellings and private life is also key, with life within your four walls – or security – an important factor.

Domesticity and healthy living may be worth leaning into: nurture, nourishment and consistent habits or a way to ground yourself.

Be mindful that peers, community, social activity and friends could be a hot topic, or society in general. Balance what you love and your own inspiration (or kids) with team spirit or the group.

Coming together may be a touchy subject, as you focus on how you make yourself happy.


A powerful New Moon touches down in your zone of home life, family and parenting today, giving an opportunity to focus on stability, household matters and your nest.

There’s importance lent to your surrounding environment, and the people you’re connected to – neighbours, siblings, close friends and kindred spirits. Consider your base and ways to be in touch, with a commute or short trip woven into your plans.

Be mindful that your professional life, visibility and how you succeed in life or are seen in a position of prominence could also be a hot topic.

Ideas about parenting, nurture and domestic settings must be balanced with your ambitions, and a partner that looms large. Pleasure, passion and even your sexual encounters, fun relationships or children factor in on this important day.


Libra Season and the New Moon brings focus to your local area and environment, as well as your role or purpose, Leo.

Your communication skills, social engagement or relationships with those you find yourself around could be enjoying attention, with a way for you to personally contribute among siblings, neighbors or close-knit allies.

Yet be mindful that your beliefs, experience or understanding of the world is a hot topic!

Claim a fresh start, confident in your own stability, home life or ways you hold the fort and express yourself. You likely have something invaluable to provide or offer.

It might not be easy relating or connecting to folk encountered, as your outlook on life, global projects, foreigners or projects expand your horizons. You may have gained a religious or cultural perspective that’s not easy to talk about.


Reset the dial around your personal values, security, the way you earn a living or provide and sustain yourself. Bring it back to you personally, physically and consider your identity, as you consider how you’re capable, worthy and can be rewarded.

Yet be mindful that intimate commitments are also pertinent – it’s not just about what you do, you’ve to consider partners and people you’re involved with personally or financially, too.

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Show up, connected and in touch with those around you, aware of your own happiness and how to express what you desire, even if some tangible facet seems lacking. There might be no proof or evidence of your purpose or a new position may be in motion yet keep the faith!


Consider this a personal new beginning Libra, as a Solar Eclipse sees you come into your own!

But be aware that Venus is clearing away debris, in your twelfth house of closure, transitions, charity and catharsis. Your fresh start could be influenced by an ending now underway.

One person might be key – and a hot topic – as you experience an intimate relationship and pay attention to the space others occupy. Yet it’s really about you, what you need or crave, your look and who you are or appear to be. Show ultimate confidence, as you let go of the reigns, and control.

Be willing to take a back seat, propelled somewhat by secrets, dreams and your fantasies. Unravel and transform, willing to reappear as a brand new you.


A powerful New Moon touches down in your zone of retreat, closure and catharsis, solitude, escapism and sacrifice, giving an opportunity to focus on your private, inner world, and ways you let go or surrender control.

Yet be mindful that a health practice, your employment, wellbeing or routine lifestyle matter (even a busy schedule) could be a hot topic.

There’s an invitation to reset the dial around your dreams but day-to-day duties or maintenance could factor too.

Elsewhere, friendships and community pull everything together. Your capacity to be socially active among your people, and the way you relate to those in a broader social network may be key, as you heal in isolation, rehabilitate or find peaceful respite.


The Solar Eclipse is about community, networking, friends, and your aspirations, successes, recognition and visibility.

There’s an invitation to reset the dial in a social sense, with a way to operate among people, part of a circle, with a sense of notoriety or your values and professional profile standing out.

Yet be mindful that romance, fertility, your own plans, hobbies, affections and love life stands out too!

Take a fresh start, willing to let life unfold naturally, doing the work behind the scenes to be a part of a group and allowing your reputation, authority or ambitions their place.

Life in good company might not be easy given heated passions or your own pleasure, children, solo interests and matters of the heart!


Reset the dial around your outward reputation, career goals, and worldly persona, with wisdom shared on a public platform.

Sun and Moon meet in the highest house of your horoscope. Winds of change may now blow around your aspirations, title, status or image at large.

There may be knowledge, discoveries or a worldly perspective you can enjoy sharing with friends, or your community, yet the notoriety you’re getting might seem lacking somehow.

Your inner foundations, household matters, parenting issues or security could be what really seems to hold sway, so balance how you reach the top and find roots that tether you.


Publishing, travel, vision quests, global interests and another philosophy is the topic of your Solar Eclipse, with change in the air around long-distance ventures or experiences that see you go further.

Yet be mindful your environment or close relationships, and the way you connect locally may be a hot button. Balance plans around far flung places and communication skills that are now key.

Intimate arrangements, financial investments, your obligations to another, and commitments, pledges or joint interests are key. Your private life and contracts could play into your goals and getting ahead! Follow the path you’re keen on, and grapple with what’s lacking in your leap of faith.


A powerful New Moon touches down in your zone of committed relationships, joint responsibilities and intimate transactions, Pisces.

A sense of partnership and unity is now key, thanks to Venus in your opposite sign, Virgo, and big projects, adventure, foreigners, faith or philosophy can factor too.

Reset the agenda around how you rely on others, share the load and consolidate one-to-one.

Yet be mindful that your personal income, job role and position is a hot topic!

What you do to contribute, your worth and the money you make independently could command attention, as well as trusting what others have to give. Find positive relations are the answer, as you relate to key people, getting along great forging ahead mentally on the same page.

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