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11 / 4th or 5th: New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope…

Supercharge intentions, as Mars makes us move on this lunation – not to mention Uranus!

New Moon In Scorpio, 12º40’

  • Weekday: Thursday
  • Element: Water
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars + Pluto.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Friday November 5th, 2021 5.15 am
  • London: Thursday November 4th, 2021 9.15 am
  • New York: Thursday November 4th, 2021 5.15 pm.

About This Scorpio New Moon…

The New Moon melds and merges our purpose (Sun) and emotions (Moon) in the Scorpio house of our horoscope.

Mars appears in this Zodiac Sign too, creating a potent emphasis, drawing us into the scorpion’s cave – the darkest corners and crevices!

It’s incredibly important (and significant) that the Moon, then Sun appear opposite Uranus in Taurus, adding an erratic, unsettling tone to the day, and New Moon moment.

Asteroid Sedna is at the end of the Taurus Zodiac sign, too. I have included mention of her, since the Taurus-Scorpio axis is such a dominating one throughout 2022, thanks to the incoming eclipse series in these signs.

We must face up to change outside our control, surprises and disruption! And our habits of consumption, how we go about sustaining – building, foraging, eating – and what we invest.

Your New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope 2021!


A powerful New Moon now occurs in deep, probing, secretive Scorpio.

Focus your will, energy, and feel connected to private plans, allied and dedicated to working with others, with something to gain through unions.

Hunker down to silently ponder your investments and joint endeavors, agreements that are intimate – what do you hope to do with an outside party’s support? What might you build together with a show of loyalty, putting your money where you mouth is, and, by being vulnerable?

Relationships: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at how you partner, and people you’d like ‘on board’ with you, Aries. With your ruler Mars supercharging your intent, take a closer look at power dynamics, and where your interests lie – what you’re keen to sustain and continue with – driven, empowered and unified.

Scorpio Season leads you towards bonding, merging, and deeper levels of trust and commitment, with a resounding focus on your private life and the relationships that fuel your success. Consider enduring ties that meld well with your end game and ambitions! Mercury – now in Libra – helps you coolly communicate, effectively. Articulate ways you see yourself working together, maintaining niceties…

Career: Quietly consider objectives, pledges or commitments you’re ready to make but don’t be surprised if your own role, financial position or money-making capabilities interject, with something radical to consider about your part, solo! Uranus in your house of self-sufficiency adds an unconventional, game changing slant to all you do in the material realms, and delivers a shakeup…

Consider how you pool resources, share the load and rely on others, and what you contribute – your input, your rewards and compensation, your earnings!

Take into consideration agreements, terms & obligations, mutually beneficial outcomes, as well as all that needs to end, wither and die to regenerate…


A powerful New Moon now occurs in mysterious, seductive Scorpio.

Focus your energy on a fresh start in partnership, new beginnings with others, in intimate relationships across the board – emotionally still waters…

Silently ponder one-to-ones, the way you approach a spouse, best friend or frenemy, a family member or loose acquaintance you hope to know better, a therapist or professional bond – what do you need? Who is there for you to rely on? Where do you see potential in a collaborator?

Relationships: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at how you partner, and people you’d like ‘on board’ with you, Taurus. As your ruling planet Venus nears the end of its tour of Sagittarius – and your committed eighth house – you may have secured a sense of trust, longevity and gained something by working with others.

Now, what’s still to figure out between you and them?

Mars adds a heady enthusiasm and amps up individual dynamics, so that you may come across a battle or passionate partnership. Bolster and enhance ways you work as a team, forging ahead to learn and comprehend others.

Career: Mercury – now sparkling in Libra – helps you arrange, strategize and bring order to your daily life, in your busy sixth house, so you can soar and appreciate all the progress you’ve made to live well, sensibly, thoughtfully – particularly arrangements around health, lifestyle management and employment – work and wellness!

Be satisfied and occupied with “what’s useful” and routine! Allow yourself to be delighted with the cultivation of moderation, balance, and equilibrium, having figured out what works best for you ¬– and where you must delegate chores, tasks and errands to others!


A powerful New Moon now occurs in private, probing, steady Scorpio.

Focus your energy on employment, staying healthy and avoiding sickness, with your own wellbeing a hot topic.

Devise plans, schedule in rituals or implement a potential regime, as the Moon accompanies the Sun in your habitual zone of labor, toil, and work – employers or employees may be significant now, as you address support systems that keep you running like clockwork. Who helps and who is a hindrance? Take a close look at your duties, ways you’re useful, in service.

Relationships: Your ruling planet Mercury now flies through your fertile fifth house! As the thoughtful communicator and go-between transits Libra, (your romantic, playful, affable zone of sex, dating and entertainment,) allow yourself to indulge, childlike and ready to hone in on what and who you like!

Be sure to have a good time! Venus nears the end of its tour of Sagittarius – and your house of partners; notice who you’re drawn towards, your desires, passions or a creative outlet that brings you closer…

Career: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at how you maintain a job, your routine or your health. Try to strategize ways to stay on top of daily rituals, lifestyle choices and more! Anticipate what might work, what you need, and who to rely on to help support you in getting the work you’re focused on, done.

Mars in this house helps supercharge your efforts but don’t be surprised if you’re caught off guard by a mystery illness or something out of left-field arises to throw you off! Erratic circumstances could be sent to try you, thanks to Uranus in your twelfth house of unconscious terrain.

Day-to-day priorities may be impossible to wholeheartedly concentrate on as material trappings, security or the senses see you come undone at the seams!


A powerful New Moon now occurs in deeply erotic water sign sexy Scorpio.

Focus your energy on your powers of creativity, modes for self-expression, your affections and strongest desires… A potent time of great potential, hone in on your hobbies, talents, artistic projects and plans or anything that gets your heart rate up – from a sporting pursuit to a rollercoaster ride, a thrilling movie or dinner date with a scintillating suitor you love… What do you intend bringing in – or letting go??? Renew notions of happiness.

Relationships: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at how you follow through getting what you want, pursuing your desires and wishes, Crab. Take a good look at all that makes you happy, that stirs you deeply…

Honor your passions and interests, protecting what matters to you.

But don’t be surprised if friends, your circle of peers, community or general folk in your atmosphere – and the world you operate in – interrupt, interject, or force you to change tac; your attention (and all that’s in your heart) might not be easy to sustain with certain social influences peppering and disturbing your gaze – romance, sexuality, playful engagement and your love life are pitted against the greater good or general consensus.

Career: Mercury – now sparkling in Libra – helps you arrange, strategize and bring order to home and domestic life, in your foundational fourth house, so you can make arrangements around family matters, your property, or nurture and how you like to tend to your roots.

Give yourself permission cultivate a space that’s yours, or broach sensitive family issues and the past – your surroundings may have taken time to settle but now appreciate the lay of the land and all that’s hidden from view.

Venus nears the end of its tour of Sagittarius – and your house of daily routines; note what’s been a sheer pleasure at work or in your practice.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in deep & tender, sensitive Scorpio.

Focus your energy on your ability to feel & connect to your emotional life, family line or lineage, and your capacity for self-care – fussing over others.

Hunker down to silently ponder your surroundings – what do you hope to cultivate underfoot, in private spaces and your inner world? Take a deep dive into domesticity and all that brings you comfort… Nourish and nurture, with all the trappings that help you feel utterly at ease with where you’re from.

Relationships: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at how you nest, settle and stabilize. What’s more, the guardian of your fourth house – warrior Mars – teams up with the Luminaries, supercharging your intent, allowing you to really hone in on home! Expend energy getting to grips with your base, Leo, bring added resolve to any

Scorpio Season leads you towards familial, foundational relationships (i.e. your parents, housemates or ancestors). Yet, with Mercury in sociable, congenial Libra and your third house connect to kin. Balance neighborly interactions and news – or contact with the more sensitive subjects on your plate.

Career: Quietly consider hidden agendas but don’t be surprised if your reputation or public image delivers interruptions to your time ruminating over the past, and all that’s in your sights (at home).

Uranus in your tenth house is presenting a shake-up to your professional direction, career or aspirations, so that your outer life could smack of the unconventional, unusual or progressive. How you appear may seem radical to family members, so seek balance, digging deep in an emotional sense while accepting the invitation to go your own way – with a new trajectory!

Affirm your ideal house setting, dwelling or be willing to feed your clan with loyalty and enduring tenderness, realizing this might not be how you’re seen.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in deeply psychological Scorpio.

Focus your energy on a fresh start for communication skills and ways you might connect, process, probe and comprehend your mindset.

Silently ponder how you relate and express yourself in conversation, dedicating yourself to improving your connection to close kindred spirits, siblings and those that think as you do. Where might curiosity lead if you explore your local area? How might social activity teach you something about your environment (and tendencies)? Don’t be afraid to go deep…

Relationships: A fortuitous time to set goals, intentions, and manifest, this New Moon urges you to consider your language, voice, tone – and the way you navigate conversationally & literally. Discuss what might need to change in order for you to awaken to someone else’s’ perspective, as Uranus impacts this New Moon moment, suggesting you may need to allow for other beliefs, opinions or change thanks your own experiences and a worldly education…

Surprises from afar may spark an interesting discourse, so be open to ways your own development and expansion has taught you to be open; balance those closer to home with those fresh takes from those utterly different.

Career: Mercury now tours your second house of sustenance, stability, savings and income – your house of development, building and belongings, making it an ideal time for transactions, salary matters and your personal investments to be thought about and talked about! Calculate your money, take stock of material possessions or consider the role you uphold that breeds rewards.

The New Moon gives you inclination to brush up on all kinds of skills and connect to your surroundings. Affirm a message or begin to think about ways you might develop your part among close friends, your neighbors and stay out of heated debates! Perhaps you’ll add to your repertoire learning to drive!


A powerful New Moon now occurs in reliable, solid Scorpio.

Focus your energy on money or material belongings, what realistically pays the bills and what you do that’s lucrative. Action you’re now taking could hold promise, or be rewarding, compensating you for your output in a way that makes sense, or your current efforts may help lead you to build and develop your confidence, competence and capabilities.

Consider the professional needs you have, what feels good about work.

Relationships: The planet, Mercury now moves through your sign, bringing with it clarity and coherence – particularly around your interests, opinion, outlook and aptitude (after a long Mercury Retrograde spell)…

Be sure to say what’s on your mind, connected and enjoying life among kindred spirits, siblings or those in close quarters. Your ruling planet Venus now nears the end of its tour of your neighbourly house of navigation and communication skills, so check in with those you adore and who love you!

Career: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at the way you sustain yourself; quietly contemplate building and developing wealth, your personal investments, contribution and what others bring to the table.

While this is a promising new beginning to manifest abundance and take action, Uranus in your eighth house of collaboration and join efforts disturbs the focus and attention you’re able to direct to the job or income that fits well with what you have the strength and capacity to do.

Finances and fiscal affairs are contingent on you and your efforts, and yet someone else’s involvement seems of paramount importance; these are changing times for the way you depend on others – underscore your resolve, your assets, trusting your worth, value and all you have in hand, while also accepting we can’t change the way others can unsettle us thanks to their part.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in your sign, Scorpio, signaling a new beginning and fresh start that hones in on you. Refresh and rejuvenate, really following your own instincts, tuning in to what you really need!

Allow others to lavish attention your way… Or lay low and devote yourself to solo feats, with energy high!

Relationships: Step into your full strength, resilience and presence, Scorpio, as it’s your very own New Year! The Moon joins the Sun, with your traditional ruler Mars co-present in your first house, amping up energy, momentum and resolve – harness this motivation, acknowledging what matters to you!

Where are you keen to take action?

Just be mindful a partner may interject; Uranus in your relationship zone is ‘in the way’ at New Moon, suggesting one person could rattle your attention and break with

Elsewhere, Mercury lingers in solitude, now holding back in your elusive twelfth house of healing and mystery, delivering space to contemplate what you really want from those you’re entwined with…

Career: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look at your own priorities, your look, your birthday plans! It’s a great time to take out of your calendar just for you.

You can really lend yourself major interest – full attention on your body, presence, persona and the limelight… You can claim autonomy and devote stamina to

Get quiet and still, making notes about the year ahead – what needs to change? Where can you evolve and come out of yourself, a butterfly emerging?


A powerful New Moon now occurs in deep, probing, secretive Scorpio.

Focus your energy to achieve closure, quit bad habits and transcend, with activity centered around letting go – the luminaries and Mars now activate your private twelfth house of gestation and isolation, making it easy to shine a light on dark matter – and untoward behaviour…

Get away from it all – into fantasy, distanced from ‘the grind and toil’ – a silent retreat is an ideal notion, a detox or a way to transition.

Relationships: With Mercury now weaving through sociable, congenial Libra and your eleventh house of friends, do network – be out and about with your fellow man. Come together with a crew, industry mates, a circle of peers or an alliance that has an agenda you relate to.

Yet know too the New Moon steers you offline, toward a healing process, to detox any relationships that are no longer needed; wave goodbye to toxic ties and anyone who is holding you hostage. Break the bondage and recognize where a defeatist attitude becomes soothing. If there’s someone you’re keen to wave goodbye to, today is a choice moment!

Career: Quietly consider methods to overcome and surrender but don’t be surprised if you’re called toward routine endeavours or your day job!

Duty calls, as the restful Sun and Moon appear opposite erratic Uranus in your house of health. Step back, and take a close look at unconscious leanings, underscoring methods you use to escape yet anticipate your regular routine, work or wellness interjects, or delivers an unsettling tone.

You might be eager to rest purge, release and practice silence, however a very surface issue could disturb your ability to overcome adversity, or identify tools to quell your fears and anxieties. Dig deep! Move beyond the everyday to reach meaning within…


A powerful New Moon now occurs in sultry, psychologically probing Scorpio.

Focus your energy on a teamwork, common hopes and dreams for the collective and friends who you know by name or face (but not face or name!)

Alliances and acquaintances, followers and your fellowship or community members are commanding great attention, which can help you decide where you want to be a part of – social causes or an industry… Allow yourself to be seduced by those that have a lust for life and something bigger…

Relationships: A fortuitous time to set intentions and manifest, this New Moon urges you to consider group endeavors – and who your friends are. We all need a tribe, it’s better for our mental and physical health to associate with peers and a company of likeminded folk.

Find your people, networking – including in the virtual realms! Today’s New Moon leads you towards relationships with those that are industry mates, virtual acquaintances, or people you know through friends of friends. Just be mindful your passionate nature or some personal interest might be too much, or go against the grain; your kids, hobbies or your love life may interject as you cultivate rapport with a crowd…

Career: Mercury now tours your tenth house of fame and personal advancement, so that your aspirations and success may be on your mind – where you might be praised, recognized or seen as accomplished

But Scorpio Season and a potent New Moon steers you toward colleagues and teamwork, the circle that appears around you could hold great potential – now and in the future, provided you’re willing to adapt and change! You may need to let go of a few friends or followers eventually to align with the people who are true allies and help you serve the greater good…

Be socially engaged (online or IRL), demonstrating power & confidence.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in sleek, strong, resilient Scorpio.

Focus your energy on your ambitions, goals and public life, resetting the dial on your aspirations and outward visibility – your brand or the image you show the world… You might even want to mood board a business plan or talk to others about a boost to your level of power (in the office) …

Devise a roadmap toward success, and allow this potent time of focus to visualize driving on that path – let your intentions take hold of you! Today can be lent towards career advancement, your personal brand – or wherever you’re headed, as long as it’s an improvement aligned with what you want.

Relationships: Mercury now sparkles in your adventurous ninth house, keenly pursuing adventure and connection with those outside your usual realm, so that you might be chasing wanderlust or connecting long-distance.

Personal interests and opportunities to grow are yours for the taking, what’s more Venus nears the end of its tour of Sagittarius – and your house of friends, acquaintances, and the greater good. Be sure to shoot arrows of affection to teammates you’ve sparked an affinity with…

Career: A fortuitous time to manifest, this New Moon urges you to look upwards to your highest potential but don’t be surprised if you’re unsettled, thrown off course or if a family member or parenting issue diverts your attention from praise and success in the public eye…

You might find you’re ready to affirm your title, rank, or status, with your reputation or professional life in focus. Refresh and rejuvenate ambitions, considering how you want to come across and be seen, recognized and even notorious. Just know the ground you walk upon could be shaky, with change underfoot and erratic or radical circumstances at home making it challenging to wholeheartedly energize your vocational agenda.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in psychic, probing, scintillating Scorpio.

Focus your energy toward a visionary quest, project or specialism, and ask what you hope to learn, taking risks, putting yourself out there

Look towards a journey or educational feat – a career path or avenue for development, even a new philosophy or message you wish to purport, promote or publish; what new direction might you take?

Relationships: It’s a fortuitous time to manifest, and this New Moon provides an opportunity to attract people from further afield who might teach you, lead you or add perspective – let others be your guide! Pivot towards those who might help you explore, discover & uncover. lend your gaze to wise, mysterious seekers.

Just be mindful your skills, mindset, mobility or local issues – how you talk and connect – may interject!

Uranus in your third house of speech, communication, neighbours and siblings touches this New Moon moment, so that although there may be something meaningful you’re destined to share or broach today your inner circle or tight knit group might not make it easy to veraciously pursue a different outlook that beckons…

Career: Great focus lands on your ninth house of inspiration, truth seeking, adventure and broader perspectives – your sector of higher education, beliefs and philosophies, Pisces! You may be setting intentions that promise to alter your beliefs, your religion political stance or opinion.

With Sun, Moon and Mars in Scorpio you’re likely called to engage with big ideas, specialist subjects or a global slant – going the distance to really learn something about world; read alternative news or stay up to date with what’s going on, reset your dreams and vision! Publish your thoughts!

Just be aware of spontaneity in your tone, or hitting ‘send’ too quickly on a post, memorandum or erraticism in your ability to navigate solid ground…

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