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Your ruler Mars is teamed with the New Moon, in deep, probing, secretive Scorpio. Focus your will, energy, and feel connected to private plans, allied and dedicated to working with others, with something to gain through unions.

Acknowledge your investments and joint endeavors, agreements that are intimate. What do you hope to accomplish with an outside party’s support? What might you build together with a show of loyalty?

Find a way to be vulnerable, even pledging a financial sum or looking at how you partner, dealing within a power dynamic.

Don’t be surprised if your own role, financial position, savings or money-making capabilities are important, too.

Uranus in your house of self-sufficiency adds an unconventional, game changing slant to all you do in the material realms, with a shakeup or consideration around your part, solo!


The theme of your New Moon is relationships, with a passionate new beginning in store.

Focus your energy and bring about a fresh start in partnership, with intimate relationships and one-to-ones that stand out. Look to the people you’d like ‘on board’ with you, Taurus, as you work together and collaborate.

Just know that your own approach or personal life stands out now too.

Your persona, purpose and physical presence may be key, as you team up or comprehend others; your body or a unique perspective you possess may seem to be at odds with a spouse, best friend or individual you encounter.

Identify what you’re puzzling over within your dynamic and find a way forward.


A powerful New Moon touches on your routine, employment, health and wellbeing. Avoiding sickness, with a sense of service or duty could now be paramount!

Devise a schedule for your rituals or implement a regime. Employers or employees may be significant, as you address support systems that keep you running holistically. Maintain your efforts but don’t be surprised if something sees you come undone. Day-to-day life may be interrupted by something out of left-field. You may be thrown off consciously or more likely subconsciously, by a mystery or circumstances that isolate you and implore you to detach.

Try to come to terms with your lifestyle and see a way forward!


A powerful New Moon occurs in deeply erotic water sign, ‘sexy Scorpio’.

Focus energy on your creativity, kids or modes of self-expression. Your affections and strongest desires may now seem palpable! Your happiness.

A potent time of great potential, hone in on your hobbies, talents, artistic plans, acknowledging what gets your heart rate up. A thrilling notion could see you honing in on your passions and interests, protecting what matters to you.

But don’t be surprised if friends, your circle of peers, community or general folk in your wider world interject. Certain social influences can pepper and disturbing your playful side.

The landscape you operate in or the general consensus might interrupt a date with a project or person that matters to you. Renew notions of what you want while accepting people in your group.


Your guiding star, the Sun teams up with Moon and Mars at New Moon, for a fresh start around your roots. Focus energy on your emotional life, family line or lineage, with a deep stability and self-care.

Address how you nest, settle and hone in on home! Nourish and nurture, able to face the past or a parent.

Consider hidden agendas but don’t be surprised if your reputation or public image interrupts a sensitive, tender moment. A shake-up to your professional direction, career or controversy around the way you’re seen may be apparent.


The theme of your New Moon is the way you navigate conversationally and literally, locally and in familiar environments.

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Lend your energy to communication skills and ways you connect; comprehend your mindset and how you relate or express yourself in conversation. Yet note someone else’s’ perspective could feature and interject!

Beliefs, opinions or your own development and new concepts could throw a spanner in the works, as you hone in on your language, voice or tone. The big picture and a worldly education you’re receiving could cause sparks, tearing you away from close kindred spirits, siblings or those like you.

Balance those closer to home with a fresh take that steers you to global audiences.


A powerful New Moon now occurs in your house of money and material belongings, signaling a time to focus attention on your role and the part you play. Note what pays the bills and your position, with a way to sustain yourself.

Contemplate building and developing wealth, your personal investments, contribution and yet be prepared to acknowledge what others bring to the table, too.

Uranus in your house of collaboration and joint efforts stands out, so that finances or life itself are contingent on your efforts, and someone else’s involvement. This is a big year of growth around the way you depend on others – underscore your resolve, while also accepting who you can lean on.

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Renew yourself, Scorpio – a powerful New Moon occurs in your sign, signaling a fresh start. Refresh and rejuvenate what you’re working on, with an invitation to follow your own instincts.

Tune in to what you really need! Take action, stepping into your full strength, resilience and presence. Energy levels may be amped up, with momentum and resolve harness this motivation, acknowledging what you deem important.

Just be mindful a partner or friend may interject and rattle you.

Uranus in your relationship zone is ‘in the way’ at New Moon, suggesting one person could bring attention to them.

Devote yourself to your own priorities, your body, and your birthday plans! Be present, in your persona and the limelight…


At this powerful New Moon your energy can be directed inwards, Sagittarius.

Focus on achieving closure, in acceptance, getting away from it all or succumbing to a fantasy. Transcend your everyday, letting go of control or getting some rest. There may be a healing process underway, or a detox from substances or people.

However, don’t be surprised if you’re called toward routine endeavors, a task, chore or job! Duty calls, despite the stars encouraging you to isolate or recoup in peace. You might be eager to dig deep into a mystery or psychological matter, and yet anticipate a more surface issue featuring.


The theme of your New Moon is teamwork, Capricorn, and the common hopes and dreams you have for the collective! Notice friends, alliances or acquaintances, followers and your fellowship or community members. Be prepared to take action in group endeavors, perhaps in a charitable sense.

Find your people, networking or in a circle of peers. However, be mindful there’s interruptions and an erratic tone: a personal interest, your kids, hobbies or love life may interject.

Your passionate nature and solo interests could be jarring in a crowd, or as you find yourself a part of a social cause. Find the balance!


A powerful New Moon now occurs in your house of career ambitions, goals and public life. Focus your energy on outward visibility or the aspirations that are most meaningful to you.

Devise a roadmap to success, and visualize driving forward on that path.

Look to your highest potential but don’t be surprised if you’re unsettled, thrown off course, particularly by home life, a family member or parenting issues.

You might find you’re ready to affirm your title, rank, or status, but that the ground you walk upon is shaky. Changes underfoot may divert you from the image you show the world, your reputation or vocation!


A powerful New Moon occurs in probing Scorpio. Get creative with your journey, faith and beliefs, Pisces. Focus energy on your hopes and dreams, guided toward a visionary quest, project or specialism.

Ask yourself what you might learn or publish at a global level, taking risks to put yourself out there! An educational feat may be highlighted that’s profitable. A new philosophy or direction might be open, too. Look to people from further afield who might benefit you, including financially, with another perspective compelling.

Just be mindful your siblings, local issues, your mindset or connection to others may be problematic! Uranus in your third house of communication, neighbours and skills touches this New Moon and could rattle you.

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