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New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope…

Supercharge intentions, with the Scorpio Eclipse and New Moon moment!

  • Weekday: Thursday
  • Element: Water
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars + Pluto.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Tuesday October 25th, 2022 6.49 am
  • London: Tuesday October 25th, 2022 11.49 am
  • New York: Tuesday October 25th, 2022 6.49 am.

Your New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in deep, probing Scorpio, and one of the financial corners of your horoscope.

Turn over a new leaf to get all you desire, focusing your attention on private plans, shared resources and where you’re allied or in league (‘in bed’) with others, trusting, with something to share, gain or pool together.

Investing, considering your property, common spaces or belongings, debts and large lump sums (including inheritance or a tax rebate, or a long-forgotten expense or bill) could need your involvement…

Elevate plans that see you facing your fears and addressing the future!

Relationships… A time to pause and feel connected to others, the New Moon invites you to hunker down to silently ponder investments and joint endeavors, agreements that are intimate – what do you hope to do with an outside party’s support?

What might you build together with a show of loyalty, putting your money where your mouth is, by being vulnerable? Get acquainted with sacred bonds, secrets shared between you, and look at how you show loyalty to a partner, showing up for a promise made or putting on paper your devotion.

Note people you’d like ‘on board’ with you, Aries, and take into consideration agreements, terms & obligations in your private life, mutually beneficial outcomes, as well as all that needs to end, wither and die to regenerate…

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your third house of communication, local trips and social activities, driving ahead your enthusiasm to get together with those in your neighborhood or area, with skills to lean into or ramp up!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you coolly communicate with diplomacy, conviviality and your listening aptitude on par. Listen and articulate yourself graciously, able to give and take, working together, maintaining niceties…

Be sure to step into the role of journalist or quizmaster, mingle and mix!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in mysterious, seductive Scorpio, and the partnership sector of your horoscope.

Turn over a new leaf in one-to-ones, and renew your expectations of other people encountered across the board. Take on a fresh start in your most significant unions, with new beginnings around intimate relationships on offer.

Silently ponder the way you approach a spouse, best friend or collaborator, a family member or partner in your personal or professional life; what do you need? Who is there for you no matter what? Where do you see potential in a collaborator? What can be done about the lack of a significant other you need?

Relationships… A time to pause and feel connected to others, the New Moon invites you to hunker down to silently ponder how you team up, people you’d like ‘on board’ with you – from another half in marriage, a business coach, therapist or alliance, look to those you can rely on, even if they’re not always fully present.

Note what’s to enjoy between you and them, pleasure derived from a plus one, as your ruler Venus is now closely aligned with the New Moon… Seek another person able to tick a box in you personally, sense where you can express yourself or find coherence through body language or a symbiotic rapport… This is a great time to begin again and look to the future of your relationships with a fresh slate, having transformed unions this year!

You may even be able to take a new approach to a rival or frenemy…

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your second house of earned income, personal gains and financial life, driving ahead ways you can earn, spend, save or accumulate – note what you’re keen to amass, possess or build!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you bring order to daily life, arranging and strategizing, occupied with “what’s useful” and sensible or pragmatic in your routine. Allow yourself to come up with ideas, figuring out what works best for you (and your employment or work set-up). Make decisions and moves around health, lifestyle management and employment – work and wellness!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in private, probing, steady Scorpio, and your house of routines, systems, health and wellness.

Turn over a new leaf where your day-to-day life is concerned, renewing how you live well or avoid sickness & falling ill (note the ways you purge, stay on top of things, on the beam at work or domestically, with meal prep, shopping hacks or regimes – getting to the gym or being resolute about dinnertime).

Focus attention on habits employment & your own wellbeing, improving or getting on swimmingly with assistants or helpful types you can delegate to…

Elevate plans that see you tending to your body and physical constitution, with apps and reminders that put you in a consistent place, able to support yourself through the working day and beyond!

Relationships… Mars now appears in your own sign and first house, ramping up the energy you devote to your solo feats, with courage and bravery – even daring! Show off an intrepid side, fearless & ready to go it alone (or pursue what you want!)

Your ruling planet Mercury – now in Libra – helps you think more about your own happiness, even prioritizing a creative project, your artistic or sporting interests, talking about your love life, pregnancy, sexuality or a lover!

Chase after what you’re drawn to, able to have a good time with a little planning – you’re now likely coherent, and able to devote plenty of attention to play dates, fertile inspiration & entertainment! Indulge & express yourself!

Career… A time to pause and take account of your plans, rituals or workload, the Scorpio New Moon invites you to review and strategize your schedule, or devise a way of working that brings a sense of ease and even comfort.

Note what’s a priority in your daily life, look at how you maintain a job, stay on top of what works, and recognize what you need – generally staying healthy. Labor, toil, chores and employers or employees could now be thematic – who helps and who is a hindrance? How can it get better than this and what would you like to see improve? Assign duties!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in deeply erotic water sign Scorpio, and the corner of your horoscope devoted to conception.

Turn over a new leaf where passion projects are concerned, focusing your attention on procreation, recreation, creativity and your love life! This can be a fertile time to satiate your own desires & what you want to make or create.

Honor your passionate side, hobbies, arts, performance, joy and games or vacations, and what’s sacred and special to you (be it a business, baby or pregnancy, or an idea, inspiration, a fun plan in your heart), with ways to express yourself and put soul into life and your own happiness.

It’s potentially a time to take center stage, to hone in on your star power…

Relationships… A time to pause and feel your creative juices flowing, the New Moon invites you to take a good look at all that makes you happy, and what would help life seem even more fun! Your affections could be in a renewal phase, so you see some cast members making their exit, even a lover or former friend…

Make way for new growth, a new flame that can hold your gaze – romance, sexuality, playful engagement and your adoring side is to be elevated – and the only one you’ve to thrill is you! Find a suitor you find sexy & scintillating.

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your twelfth house of gestation, closure, withdrawal and isolation, helping you step back to heal & unpack everything that’s ready to be exhumed, processed and addressed (letting go of unnecessary baggage, or taking inventory of what’s essential on your path).

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you think about a space that’s yours, cultivating or getting to know your surroundings or coming up with ideas around family matters, your property, or ways you nurture and tend to your roots. Arrange, strategize and bring order to home and domestic life.

Coolly broach sensitive issues and the past and be sure to retreat as you wish!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in deep and tender, sensitive Scorpio, and the roots or base of your horoscope.

Turn over a new leaf as you sink back into home life, family domains, your space or mode of ‘settling’. Seek the comfort you desire, focus your attention on private plans, your ability to feel connected to the past.

Even if you don’t intimately know your ancestral lineage, you likely have your own way to hide away from view in your own space, addressing your inner world as you see fit. Renew techniques you have that see you safe and secure.

Elevate the notion of nurture, nourishment and feed yourself what you need!

Relationships… A time to pause and feel sentimental, nostalgic, or even keen to familiarize yourself with your surrounding environment, take a deep dive into domesticity this New Moon, as it lands in your foundational fourth house.

Attune to your emotions, dig into your ideal relationships in close quarters, considering who you trust to live with you or visit you at home (i.e. your parents, housemates, close friends or a lover) … Nest, settle and stabilize, the guardian of your domain, with all the trappings that help you feel utterly at ease with where you’re from. Fuss over others, too!

Tend to those who need your special care, or call on your landlord to check in.

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your eleventh house of teamwork, community and kinship, leading you to charge ahead as one of the masses, a follower or participant among friends, a part of a crew or niche group!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you coolly communicate with charm and affability, conviviality and skill (including on social media). Listen to the messages, news or information coming your way, or connect to your kin.

Be sure to actively participate as a cheerleader, audience member or mate as you find the right way to move among your tight-knit allies close to home.


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in deeply psychological Scorpio, and the sector of skills, intellect, mindset & close ties.

Turn over a new leaf as you consider those in your surrounding environment, and how you develop rapport, asking questions or probing to understand those you’ve ended up around (siblings, neighbors, coworkers or people you encounter all the time). How can you appreciate and delight in your circle?

Elevate interesting discourse, the issues and topics that pertain to you and those around you that proves evocative or compelling… Maybe talks about abortion, race, power or sexuality is a hot button to touch on!

Relationships… A time to pause and feel attuned to the world around you, this New Moon urges you to consider communications, your language, voice, tone – and the way you navigate conversationally & literally.

Discuss what’s already shifted and changed within you and in the way you relate to others, in terms of how you reason and express yourself, come across with a point to make, even debate or pass news, gossip and information. Where are you the teacher or student? Where might curiosity lead if you explore your area and show you’re interested?

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Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your tenth house of public appearance and image at large, driving ahead awareness of your career, your personal or professional reputation, even your status, aims, ambitions or goals…

Your ruler Mercury – now in Libra – helps you tap into what’s lucrative, profitable, practical and a good idea financially & transactionally now in your money zone. Strategize around sustenance, stability, savings and income.

Be sure to actively pursue your path to praise, and develop your role, position and ways you’re rewarded or compensated, too!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in solid, reliable Scorpio, and one of the financial corners of your horoscope.

Turn over a new leaf where your own assets or resourceful nature is concerned, focusing your attention on money, material belongings, what pays the bills and what you do that’s lucrative, trusting your worth, value and all you have (sense there’s enough to go around, that you possess what you need & desire!)

Indulge your own sense of reward, compensation or the benefits you lay claim to, even sensing a fresh start in your position or the job you do…

Relationships… A time to pause and feel in touch to the way you sustain yourself, you may strongly desire financial independence now, quietly contemplating how you build and amass your own wealth and get what you need.

While it’s been a year to come together (thanks to eclipses in Taurus and your house of intimate bonds) today is firmly about what you do and depending on yourself–your inclination to build yourself up & honor your own priorities!

Note your current output, ways you might go further in your solo position, what you want to lay claim to, developing confidence in your capabilities. Sense what feels good about your income, what you have the capacity to do.

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini & your ninth house of education, travel, growth and international projects, putting a global spin on dealings and what you’re now driven to pursue or put energy into. You might find you’re professionally connected to folk long-distance, or broaching another culture, faith, moral perspective or fighting a legal battle! Note if you’re keen to get your point across to an opponent, or excited by a course of personal development…

Mercury – now in your sign – helps you coolly communicate your ideas, with clarity and coherence. Your interests, opinion, outlook and aptitude may be apparent to you and others, so raise your voice and say what’s on your mind!

Be sure to engage with courage, don’t shy away from new experiences…


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in your sign Scorpio, and the house of your horoscope devoted to you, your body and presence.

Turn over a new leaf where your physicality is concerned, focusing attention on what you really need and crave, tuning into your own instincts, following any signs or subtle desires that could lead you back to your authentic self.

Honor a new beginning and fresh start that hones in on you, and what’s sacred and special to you – refresh and rejuvenate, and allow others to lavish attention your way… Or lay low and devote yourself to solo feats, beautifully.

Relationships… Step into your full presence, Scorpio, it’s your very own New Year!

While you may have felt you’ve been amplifying unions, experiencing plenty in one-to-ones (thanks to eclipses in Taurus and your house of partners) today is firmly about you, with Scorpio Season celebrating your own qualities – today’s New Moon is yours to harness for your own benefit!

Address your own priorities, your look, your beauty and desires!

Get quiet and still, making notes about the weeks, months and years ahead – what needs to change? What’s already shifted? Where can you evolve and come out of yourself, a butterfly emerging into something even more wonderful?

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your eighth house of commitments, sacred bonds, unification and mergers, driving ahead your will to be in league with another, to actively participate or step towards a ‘sure thing’, be it a intimate relationship professionally, personally or within a contract that serves you and others…

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you think quietly about a healing journey, mysterious circumstances and even a falling out or misunderstanding. Sense what’s coming up in solitary moments, ascertain where you’re holding back and give yourself permission to be elusive, vague or simply take space – there’s an invitation to contemplate those you’re intertwined with…


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in deep, probing, secretive Scorpio, and the zone of surrendering in your horoscope.

Turn over a new leaf to heal; focus on achieving closure – step back, really quit bad habits for good and transcend, with ways to let go (or at least be willing to see where it’s necessary to undergo a profound shift…

Investing in your spiritual life, private dealings and dreams could need your involvement, as you gestate, percolate and isolate – observe and go within.

Relationships… Mars now appears in Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships, one-to-ones and collaboration, driving ahead intimate relationships and ways you partake in unions, or deal with people head on!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you partake in community talks and interests that are relevant or pertinent to your fellow man; seek out engagements or partake as an audience member, with sociable congeniality, among friends and your network. Be out and about with awareness of an industry, your circle of peers or general alliances…

Be sure to enter a dynamic duo, embracing a way to go two-by-two…

Career… A time to pause and shine a light on dark matter or unprocessed issues, the New Moon steers you offline, into respite, a purge or detox, even seeing you hone in on people, places or things that are no longer needed. Dig deep!

Wave goodbye to toxic ties and anything holding you hostage. Break the bondage of self, slipping into a way of transitioning. Get away from it all – into fantasy, distanced from ‘the grind and toil’ – a silent retreat is an ideal notion.

Rest, release and use remedies to overcome adversity, fearlessly taking a close look at unconscious leanings, underscoring methods you use to escape (both good & bad). Accept what you know isn’t changing anytime soon!


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in sultry, captivating Scorpio, and the socially dynamic zone of teamwork.

Turn over a new leaf to collaborate on causes that are important, having shifted into a different social scene, niche group or set of peers – notice who stands by your side, literally or metaphorically (i.e. online) part of the club!

It takes a village, and you can now focus on common hopes and dreams for the collective ¬– friends who you know by name or face (but not face or name!)

Elevate plans that see you coming together with allies and acquaintances, followers, or as a participant or audience member – a follower, fan or friend.

Relationships… A time to pause and feel connected to your fellowship or community members, the cosmic reset in Scorpio invites you to find your allies, including in the virtual realms! Network or plan a get-together, cultivate rapport with a crowd or meet friends of friends, together in good company.

The circle that appears around you could hold great potential – now and in the future, provided you’re willing to adapt and change! Hone in on relationships with industry mates, virtual acquaintances, colleagues and team mates, decide the pond or pool you want to be a part of – we all need a tribe!

Career… Mars now appears in Gemini and your sixth house of systems, health, work and wellbeing, driving ahead your enthusiasm to get on with the tasks at hand, and ramp up your efforts to adhere to a lifestyle that suits you!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you connect to notions of fame and personal advancement, so that your aspirations and success may be on your mind, or perhaps you’re talking over a strategy to get ahead & come off well in public!

Be sure to organize or employ the right assistance, as you ascertain the right reputation that wins praise, recognition or a way to be seen as accomplished.


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in sleek, strong, resilient Scorpio, & your ambitious, prolific house of fame, career & notoriety.

Turn over a new leaf where your personal aspirations & career advancement are concerned, renewing your version of validation, success and where you draw praise from – who do you want to impress? Where are you able to lead or assert a sense of expertise or claim authority?

Focus your attention on vocational aims, long-term goals and expectations around public life, resetting the dial on how you wish to be seen or come across at large. Perhaps a subtle sense of recognition, an award or acknowledgement from someone special would mean the world!

Relationships… Mars now appears in Gemini and your fifth house of passion projects, pregnancy and procreation – the sector of mating, dating and romance! You could be driving ahead with your own desires and following instincts to love!

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you go further towards wisdom, adventure, engaging people that are different or from elsewhere, situated in foreign places and spaces, or who simply think differently to you.

Fall in love or pursue happiness with a connection to those outside your usual realm, chasing what’s in your heart and inspiring your mind…

Career… A time to pause and take account of your (personal or professional) reputation, the New Moon sees you refresh and rejuvenate ambitions, so that you’re aiming high and willing to go the distance – while also shifting the notion of how or why you’re notorious…

Hold tight to a roadmap for success, and allow this potent time of focus to set you on a path to your highest potential – for visibility or appreciation in the public eye. Affirm your title, rank, or status, or your vocational wins.

Accept praise and come across beautifully…


A powerful New Moon (and partial Eclipse!) now occurs in psychic, probing, scintillating Scorpio, and the corner of your horoscope devoted to expansion.

Turn over a new leaf where travel, education, global engagements & personal development is concerned, cast your net wide for a teacher, guide or long-distance love – make a new friend overseas who can impart wisdom!

Honor what you’re keen to know, truth seeking and speaking about your own beliefs or a specialism; look towards a journey or feat that can be undertaken, allowing you to resonate more deeply with a vision, quest, project or subject of great interest! It’s potentially a time to fall in love with a philosophy or venture close towards a path of greater understanding…

Relationships… Mars now appears in Gemini and your fourth house of family, property, home life and household matters, motivating you to drive ahead with activities that represent stability, security or enhance a base or space for you to settle in.

Mercury – now in Libra – helps you think about long-term commitments, talking to those invested with you, or prompting you to have the conversations about where you’re headed together… Be willing to broach the hard to handle subjects with grace and diplomacy.

Verbalize what you hope to gain and listen to another’s part to play, all the while sensing there are foundations to build upon – and secure even more!

Career… A time to pause, alter your viewfinder, and turn attention to big ideas, worldly outlooks and foreign perspectives, the New Moon invites you to expand your horizons and welcome a different take that beckons.

Pivot towards those who might help you explore, discover and uncover great mysteries, as focus lands on beliefs, a religious, political stance, moral opinion or legal quandary – this is the sector that leads you to share philosophies, theories and cultural observations. Ask yourself what you hope to learn, what you might find – the knowledge you seek or risks you might take to go further afield! Dream and hold a vision close to your heart…

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