Read Your New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…

Reset agendas, schedules & working practices: turn the page with a fresh start and new leaf!

Read your New Moon in Virgo horoscope for both your sun and rising sign… There’s more on my Substack, too!


The New Moon can bring focus towards work, wellness and wellbeing, so claim a fresh start for health, living well, and your employment.

Note the good choices, habits and practices that deliver your optimum, so that you’re useful and efficient.

Aim to be productive, helpful in your role, considering the ways you might serve, follow through and maintain, with innovation or awakenings around your position.

Note developments around employers or employees, with support from sensible types (an accountant, cleaner, gym instructor, nanny or assistant – even a support animal or dietician!)


Light up what’s edifying, fun and heartfelt. The New Moon leads you to your own creative passions and fertility, to your love life, kids, exciting hobbies and solo interests, including sports, sex and entertainment!

It’s a remarkable time to reflect on your own happiness, your amorous nature and what’s good for you. Detail your ideal date night, write out a schedule to conceive. Research the potential of an artistic project or enjoyable plans to celebrate a milestone.

Solo gratification can reflect innovative technology or bright ideas that involve your look or physical form. Seed a fresh start in the gym or regarding your talents, passions or pregnancy. Propel your own desires, looking to the future.


The New Moon can bring focus towards your roots, family, domesticity, home and hearth. Claim a fresh start for household matters, around your property or hidden emotional issues playing on your mind.

As the Sun and Moon align with Uranus, note a breakthrough arrives in solitary moments, or in regards to secrets, serenity and your inner peace.

You may have tools to reach tranquility, to heal or escape, which work harmoniously with ideas about security, safety or self-care.

Recharge in private, nurture and refuel. Embrace a retreat, hidden from view or recalibrate in sacred spaces. Go low-key, feeling nourished…


Hone in on communication, underscoring your skills, the way you think, speak and conduct yourself around close kin. Strive to level up your proficiency!

The New Moon helps you reset your message, writing projects, and the way you team up with those around you, within a broader network or your community.

It’s an engaging time to be around folk in your neighbourhood, building on interactions and rapport. Note the way you relate and are heard, particularly in the digital realms, online, or in ways that are socially advanced…

Uranus activates alliances with the masses! Write down stellar ideas and connect to those that support you in realising them too… Talk it through.


The New Moon can bring focus towards notions of self-sufficiency, and to your personal resources, income or self-worth.

You’re afforded a fresh start in financial affairs and money making, with ideas about your contribution or what you do and produce as a solo agent.

As the Sun and Moon align with Uranus you have the potential to profit from a change of image, title or outer direction.

It’s an opportune moment to address your bank balance, income, earnings and goals for what you have or what you might make of yourself and build.

Your career or public profile might now seem different, with a new path to follow toward success… Take stock of profits, your assets and attributes that chime well with your vocation or direction.

Be confident of what can be accomplished, achieved and attained, with a grip on your capabilities and aspirations.


It’s a New Moon that’s personal to you, Virgo, with focus on your first house of self, body, presence and character. Claim a fresh start in personal matters, seize upon a new beginning that’s all about you!

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As Uranus features, your growth and an awakening around your world view or philosophy may be pertinent. Publishing on social media, a course of higher education, or way to broadcast your ideas may be pertinent!

Allow the world to look your way, show your true persona with a sense of autonomy. Set aside thoughts concerning others and be more focused on number one, rethinking or re-strategising a way forward…


The New Moon can bring closure, landing in your escapist house of dreams and unconscious habits, so note ways to let go of control and accept life as is.

As the Sun and Moon align with Uranus, note a breakthrough around a shared plan, project or resources, with awareness of ties you have to other parties, what you owe or expect of others.

Recalibrate, in service of your own inner healing, able to pause, rest and exhale, and help others help themselves. Think about releasing entanglements that bring shame, taking a step back from scandals, mysteries, misunderstandings and the unknowable.

You may have new ways of committing, building trust, loyalty or relying on certain people, situations or circumstances to come together in a way that’s private. Today, reveal ways to find peace of mind, as you process and slip out of sight.


Hone in on community, common causes and teamwork! You’re afforded a fresh start in matters that stem from outside of yourself – issues pertinent to your industry, broader groups or society, your friendship circle and peers.

The New Moon brings focus towards collective concerns and interests, and with a trine to Uranus in your opposite sign, there may be relationships or figures that stand out. These individuals may be unorthodox, different or unusual!

One key person, personal relationship, union or partnership may have awakened you to a group or fellowship you’re a part of. Look to the company you keep, your alliances and associates, asking who might be helpful to have on your team.


The New Moon can bring your focus towards your own success and public image, to routes that see you advancing toward long-term aspirations and personal or professional goals.

Look at the field you operate in, the daily rituals, routines or habitual practices that allow you to maintain a sense of accomplishment.

Refine your direction and ambitions, with ways to live well, eat, work and be employed that make sense to you! Ties to Uranus in your work-a-day zone of health, duties and wellbeing promote practical maintenance, a fresh start for your path, trade or title, and the way you’re seen.

Harness innovation, or unorthodox systems that allow you to show the world you mean business. Show up how you wish to be seen.


Light up your truth, paths to wisdom and understanding, Capricorn, as the New Moon brings focus to a visionary course of thought, and broader horizons. Higher education, moral journeys or foreign ventures may see you embracing a special quest or long-distance trip.

Be broadminded, open to discoveries and experiences that are thought provoking. Strive to share your knowledge, having awakened to what really matters in your heart…

Uranus plays a part this New Moon, in your passionate house of self-expression, conception, fertility and joy, so children, pregnancy, people you love or creative projects may inspire you in ways that are unorthodox, unconventional or unusual.

Claim a fresh start in matters connected to your faith, opinions, outlook and moral stance, including worldly plans and your dreams…


The New Moon can bring focus towards commitments of an intimate nature, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in your private life, and in dealings that occur behind closed doors (including professionally).

Note the way you rely on others, and loan, borrow or merge what you have.

Evaluate matters of mutual gain, or jointly held assets. Consider your ‘investment’ of time, energy, resources and cash, your debts and what you owe, what you stand to gain or give.

As the Sun and Moon align with Uranus, note a breakthrough at home or where you’re inclined to settle. Sense your fresh take on household matters and addressing family or a parent, no matter how unusual, unorthodox or unsettled domestic life seems.

Find you’re willing to work at trust, loyalty and contractual agreements, with paths that make sense given the changes to your property or inner needs.


Hone in on personal relationships, underscoring one-to-ones and a fresh start in partnerships. The New Moon brings focus towards marriage unions and best friends, and to professional figures in your midst, with extra emphasis on your voice, local issues, your mindset and communication skills.

A trine to Uranus could lead you to special connections from your neighborhood or inner circle. You might find you can participate more intimately with a sibling or kindred spirits, discussing a fresh take relating to one person through a unique lens or language.

Unique or controversial topics may be shared between you so expect the unexpected!

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