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New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…

Reset Agendas, Schedules & Working Practices with this sweet New Moon!

New Moon In Virgo 2022, 4º03’

  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day
  • Element: Earth
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury in Libra.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Saturday August 27th, 2022 4.17 pm
  • London: Saturday August 27th, 2022 12.17 pm
  • New York: Saturday August 27th, 2022 4.17 am.

About This Virgo New Moon…

  • Sun & Moon in Virgo square Mars in Gemini 
  • Venus coming into opposition with Saturn, Venus-Ceres square Uranus & the North Node
  • Corresponds to the Full Moon in Virgo, February 24th 2024 (5º23′).

Today sees the Moon meet the Sun in earthy Virgo, for the New Moon moment.

The ruler of this lunation (Mercury) appears in balanced, just, fair Libra, while Mars appears in an air sign too: Gemini.

The Luminaries find tension with Mars in Gemini, so that our new beginning and fresh start is aggravated!

Your New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…


This New Moon brings the focus to your sixth house of health, work, wellness and wellbeing, so you’re afforded a fresh start in lifestyle matters; note the good choices & practices that deliver your optimum productivity!

Plan or visualise what you’re looking to maintain – practices, habits and rituals that serve you, connecting with people who help and assist you too!

Be strategic about the months & years ahead… Remember Virgo is a sign of precision, so map out what you intend to do with a neat discernment!

Relationships… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, your house of partners, encouraging you to take on board other people’s suggestions, Aries, what another has in mind…

Listen to what individuals you encounter have to say!

Relating to others could be greatly significant, as your ruling planet Mars now sparkles in your social third house of siblings, neighbours, kindred spirits and communication skills, encouraging you to address your surroundings, and those in it.

You could be keen to navigate local settings, approaching close friends or the interests that apply to you all…

Growth… Sun & Moon are efficient and proficient in your sector of productivity, however both are square to Mars.

Consider ways you might show your dutiful side, improvements you might make around employment and employers, including the support you need from sensible types (an accountant, cleaner, gym instructor, nanny or assistant – even a pet, support animal or hairdresser!)

It’s a powerful moment to affirm best practice, admin or system upgrades.

But there may be a distraction, an issue among neighbours that ensures any efficient planning is disturbed – a gust of wind comes along to blow apart your sandcastle!


This New Moon brings the focus to your fifth house of fun projects, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of the heart, in your creative passions, personal inspiration, your love life, hobbies and solo interests.

Plan or visualize what you’re looking to express, what makes your pulse race (from sports, the arts, your sexuality or entertainment, to a party, theatre, music, dance or date with someone funny & handsome!)

Be strategic about your own happiness… Remember Virgo is a sign of precision, so map out solo gratification and where you might find happiness.

Relationships… Sun & Moon are together in your sector of love, romance, fertility, dating, mating and passion, honing in on playful, heartfelt interests, however both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

Consider ways you might devote yourself to pleasure seeking, exchanging glances, sharing smiles – be captivated by an amorous liaison (or fun friends), or set to work on planning how many babies you’re keen to have! Seed your intentions! Check-in with those you adore and cherish!

Acknowledge your creative potential, the details of your ideal date night, a hobby you can enjoy with a partner and all that leads to happiness but note distractions thanks to money, finances, your job role or income…

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in your house of wellness and upkeep, putting a productive spin on matters!

You might be thinking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping on top of things – including work.

Consider your routine, getting on well with employers and employees, all that’s conducive to productivity.

Your position (and how you find purpose, confidence and do something worthwhile – and profitable) could be greatly significant, as Mars is sparkling in your second house of earned income, assets and attributes, suggesting you can address what you have and can expect to earn

Anticipate you’re keen to make efficiencies, and that you have plenty to offer that’s lucrative!


This New Moon brings the focus to your fourth house of roots, domesticity, home and hearth, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters that ground you; note your property or household, family, safety and security.

Plan or visualize how you might settle, nourish, nurture and set down roots – how you might deal with the hidden, emotional realms that offer a sense of place and homeliness…

Be strategic about your location, self-care, or ways you nourish others.

Relationships… The ruler of this New Moon is your guiding star: Mercury, now in Libra and your fertile house of love, passion and creative potential, encouraging you to look to your own interests, heartfelt projects and fun plans!

Getting motivated should be no problem, with Mars sparkling in your sign and your first house, helping affirm your independent streak, going after what you want! Think of what rouses a smile, tune in to solo gratification and what will make you happy, and derive pleasure from your own ideas, skills and interests! There’s the potential to initiate romance, play dates and entertaining moments: parties, vacations or the good life.

Follow your own desires, joyful, letting your sexuality speak for itself!

Growth… Sun & Moon are together in your sector of domestic life and household settings; however, both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

Consider ways you might dig deep into your land, roots, lineage and family, touching on past history and all that’s hidden, private and even well buried – perhaps this looks like approaching parents or parenting issues, or maybe you’re ready to try a recipe from grandma’s notebook passed down through the generations…

Maybe you’re looking at new houses on Pinterest!

But there may be a distraction that’s personal, so notions of how you operate in your space are disturbed thanks to an eagerness to get started on your own plans and solo projects…


This New Moon brings focus to your third house of connection and rapport, so you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of communication, navigation, news and mobilisation – in touch with your environment.

Note the way you’re tapped in, articulate, informed and intellectual – your mindset and the neighbors, siblings or people around you that help you stay abreast of the local consensus, facts, data – or gossip! Write down your ideas!

Be strategic about the skills you want to keep up-to-date, your inner circle that matters to you… Underline proficiencies & potential…

Relationships… Sun & Moon are now in your sector of close ties, kindred spirits and close connections, helping you discern the way you think, speak and conduct yourself, but also ways you learn, teach, pick up on body language, what’s said or inferred, and get on with ties to the social fabric you’re exposed to.

Take a practical look at the way you relate, sensing where to level-up (writing, messages or articulating your point).

Use a neat, discerning, editors’ eye to broach those in your immediate surroundings, willing to work on interactions and your relationship to kin.

Yet note there may be a private matter that takes you into an uncomfortable space. Be aware of secrets or confidentiality and what you make available to others.

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in your house of domestic spaces and home life, the sector that points to your roots, property, family, homeland and lineage – think clearly about where you’re from and how you settle, or sense what’s safe and secure for you.

Turning your energy and efforts to your private life becomes more compelling now, with Mars sparkling in your twelfth house of secrets, mysteries, and hidden agendas.

You may need to sit on your hands, awaiting outcomes, keeping another person’s confidence.

Security and place may be on your mind, household matters: allow yourself space and time away from others to get a handle on what you’re eagerly pursuing behind closed doors, working on an elusive puzzle


This New Moon brings the focus to your second house of wealth, personal resources, income and self-worth, so you’re afforded a fresh start in fiscal affairs and money making, the way you handle cash and coin.

Plan or visualize what you’re looking to build, develop or attain that’s lucrative for you alone, Leo!

You have the potential to profit but might want to strategize in a way that’s humble, discerning, modest and even selfless… Look at your income, earnings and notions of self-sufficiency.

What would help you make more of yourself and your profits or contribution?

Relationships… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in your house of local environments, kindred spirits, intellect, connection, communication skills and contact – it’s possible you’re able to think clearly, talking to people in your surroundings you have something in common with.

Strike up conversation and be in touch with those that enhance your interests, and see you share what’s on your mind, what you want to express.

Social life, friends and the greater good could be greatly significant, as Mars in Gemini is sparkling in your eleventh house of networks, group work and team spirit, you’re now well-placed to mingle with diplomacy, against the back drop of a fellowship, organization, industry or circle of peers…

Growth… The Sun & Moon are now in your sector of profit, material and intangible assets; however, both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

Consider ways you might accomplish something in the real world, achieving a goal to save, bank or grow what you have (including a collection of appliances at home to make life easier, or learning how to purchase or prep in bulk to economize and create frugal efficiencies). Take stock of what you have and your best attributes, what you might attain or do in earnest, just for you.

Just note there may be a distraction thanks to your community members, folk in the world around you – and your own eagerness to participate in social activity or learn as an audience member (i.e. attending an event) – that interrupts your balance sheet or practical planning…


This New Moon brings the focus to your first house of self, so that you’re afforded an affirming fresh start in personal matters, a new beginning that’s all about you (your physical presence, your look or character)!

Visualize plans that center around you and amplify your authenticity – from working on your abs to finding the right community or group that feels right ¬ showing up. Even the right spiritual practice for you – claim a new beginning that’s personally edifying and deeply nourishing.

Ask yourself what you need, from more vegetables, to a haircut or break…

Relationships… Sun & Moon are now in your own sign, so you can set aside thoughts concerning others and be more focused on number one, Virgo!

Go after what you want and claim a sense of autonomy & independence.

But note the luminaries are both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini and your zone of reputation, status and public image, so that how you’re seen, your career or path in the public eye, or striving to get ahead in your professional life could be compelling, too: who you are in the eyes of the world can interrupt what’s genuine and real about you!

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, and your house of resources, personal priorities, income, assets and attributes – it’s possible you’re able to think clearly about what you do that’s worthwhile, profitable, makes money or sees you contributing in a way that’s meaningful.

Note sustenance, your input, role, and the notion of building and developing what you have in hand is key – really connect to what’s productive! What rewards or compensation would make sense…

Your aspirations and end game are likely moving you to act, too, with a target to reach or something you’re aiming for (now that Mars is in Gemini) – a new energy may have breezed in to elevate your title at work or set you up to be seen online in an exciting way! Perhaps you’re keen to set yourself another goal, there may even be a bit of competition, a race climbing the ladder…


This New Moon brings the focus to your escapist twelfth house, so that unconscious behaviors, situations and circumstances that are outside of your control can captivate; ways you find peace of mind, and let go…

Visualise the tools you use to really surrender; note ways you deal with life on life’s terms, and develop a genuine sense of spirituality or selflessness – ways you purify your inner world and get right with others.

What would help you reason more seamlessly with yourself and others?

Relationships… Sun & Moon are together in your sector of dreams, fantasy, escapism & selflessness, however both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

With a New Moon in your house of subconscious pulls, it’s an awesome time to pause, rest and exhale, considering the tools you’re keen to employ to help you help others. Gain respite & go offline, potentially working on acceptance.

Release your hold on bad habits (including giving yourself over to a ‘good cause’, potentially taking a step back from entanglements you know aren’t in your best interests… For example, supporting a partner to the detriment of what’s sensible! Face scandals, shame, mysteries and misunderstandings and the unknowable, yet note a keenness to grow, expand your horizons & venture forth towards global projects or educational plans, to develop wisdom, Faith, experience, knowledge and a way to fly higher!

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, and your first house of character, autonomy, self and persona, so you could find you’re well placed to articulate what’s going on behind the scenes, talking or thinking over your process, and why it’s necessary to slip out of view and into hiding

Gently percolate and recalibrate, in service of your own inner healing, able to rationalize what’s in your best interests, what transactions or conversations are well-founded. Your own path to understanding is also likely getting charged or activated, with a potential invitation to battle or get into it with another person or party, going back and forth over different perspectives, options or points of view – start to open up to developing a global view, be willing to publish your side, or put a point across in legal terms!


This New Moon brings the focus to your eleventh house of community, common causes and teamwork, so you’re afforded a fresh start in matters that lie outside of yourself, with humanitarian aims & objectives.

Note the way you’re tapped in to your industry, organization, to issues pertinent to your fellow human – the masses – or a niche social scene, touch on broader groups or society at large, your friendship circle and peers.

Be strategic about your approach to the group you’re a part of, the fellowship or good company you seek and would like to affirm…

Relationships… Sun & Moon are weaving through your sector of friends, allies and team spirit; however, both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

Be open to social networking, putting the (communal) interests of your alliances, affiliates or comrades first – your peers and contemporaries, even selfless in what you’re striving towards. Perhaps colleagues or folk in your city or state or district are all getting behind something you see sense in!

Get still, focused and quiet while also being aware a private facet could play into your social scene, and capture your interest too – sharing space, money, resources or time with a partner (or co-parent) could seem compelling but also intense given the birds eye view you’re taking today…

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, and your house of secrets, mysteries, misunderstandings and the unknown, your zone of closure and catharsis. While you may be tuned into those around you – crewmates, co-workers, associates, a true team player, there may be unconscious behaviors or habits (scandals and self-sabotage) playing on your mind – something behind the scenes that prompts you to go deep. Practice a pause…

Mars in your eight house motivates you to commit, get close, confide in others or develop a stronger bond (i.e. signing a contract, or getting vulnerable with a partner you want something in return from.) You might be wise to lay low, planning and strategizing what’s next with trusted folk by your side. It might not be easy, as tempers – and quick-witted snap backs – could be par for the course! Take it easy, trust the process…


This New Moon brings the focus to your tenth house of prestige, praise and acclaim, so you’re afforded a fresh start that can centre around your reputation and the way you come across, or, your goals and long-term professional aspirations – looking at routes to advance in your field.

Plan what you’re looking to accomplish at large, with a nod of approval, title, award or visibility that stands out.

Be strategic about matters of success, planning & discerning which path, trade or vocation will get you where you intend to be. How do you wish to be seen?

Relationships… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra and your house of social life and community, encouraging you to interact with your network, audience, team mates or co-workers – even if you’ve not met these friends IRL!

Relating to others could be greatly significant, as Mars in Gemini is sparkling in your seventh house of personal relations and one-to-ones, encouraging you to find a worthy sparring partner. Look to the potential co-pilots on the horizon, or anticipate a dynamic duo

Mingle and be among your broader circle of alliances and general acquaintances, folk engaged in the same endeavors as you or spaces as you, making note of any key people who stand out…

Growth… Sun & Moon draw focus to the way you’re regarded and perceived, and offer a new beginning for your professional image or goals, so re-set the dial and reach for the seat at the top table, or imagine what will give you approval.

Refine your direction, aspirations and ambitions, focused on routes that allow you to succeed, and be open to feedback from peers, too – let those in the world around you inform you of the road you need to walk, or the ladder you’re inclined to climb… A perfect stranger may have a lead!

Just note there may be a distraction as one significant person or partnership may interrupt how you’re keen to come off, potentially arguing or debating the title you’re considering, or ways you might show the world you mean business…


This New Moon brings the focus to your visionary ninth house of truth seeking, education, higher thought and belief systems, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters connected to your faith, opinions, outlook and moral stance (projects, long-distance travel, or worldly plans).

Plan what you’re eager to explore – a quest, journey, venture or experience, or knowledge you might set your sights on!

With your broadminded sector in the spotlight, what might you strive to discover if you extend your reach toward another perspective?

Relationships… Sun & Moon draw focus to the way you develop and grow, however, both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

Consider what you’re inclined to know, with truths and wisdom, travel and wanderlust. Allow your dreams, vision, and beliefs to expand your horizons, with other people able to introduce you to the principles you’re seeking.

Invite a teacher, visionary guide, or expert proficient in your field by your side, imagine who might help you expand your horizons. Just note there may be distractions courtesy of your daily work, routine, admin or even the way you’re keen to manage self and others… Eagerness to ‘get the job done’ can interfere with what you’re striving to learn, experience, or share…

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra and your professional zone of advancement, accomplishment, career, status and recognition – the house of reputation and visibility.

While the New Moon prompts you to embrace a specialism, higher education, or higher thought, Mercury could have you thinking ahead, strategizing or stepping up to engage with a title, award, notions of success and prestige or an accolade – praise or your own advancement in the world at large.

You’re well placed to ramp up efforts in your day-to-day, with plenty moving you to act in a healthy, productive, purposeful fashion, and you can go even further, climbing to the top! Come across beautifully in your career, trade or vocation with a statement to make, or people listening to your words!


This New Moon brings the focus to your eighth house of intimacy and commitment, so that you’re afforded a fresh start around jointly held interests – the way you loan, borrow, owe, profit or merge what you have.

Plan or visualize the best way to trust and manage matters of mutual gain, how you share secrets, rely on others, invested in outcomes.

From a parent pledging inheritance, to a spouse sharing health care, to a friend sharing space or resources, even a professional playing a part, providing a service, sense who you want to show up in your world!

Relationships… Sun & Moon are experienced through the earthy, proficient sign Virgo, making today is an ideal time to take unions, bonds and personal encounters seriously.

There may be a new beginning on offer nudging you to trust, show your loyalty, and to make a commitment or come to an agreement around what’s divulged, shared or split between two parties.

However, the luminaries are square to enthusiastic, gregarious Mars, newly established in Gemini and your sector of fertility, dating, sexuality and passion. This is an exciting time to pursue fun experiences, and to amplify heart with veracity – to date, party, make merry and chase joy and happiness!

Consider ways you might invest time, energy, while also balancing a good time.

Growth… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, and your house of philosophy, higher thought, education and travel, suggesting you could be learning, negotiating with foreigners or parties you’re up against, with so much to experience or understand.

Note ways you might develop, grow and expand thanks to an outside perspective. Your outlook may be becoming broadened, with wisdom imparted, so though you may be absorbed with commitments and serious pledges of time, energy, resources and cash (ready to merge, pool together or divulge and sharing your life) there may be reason to really listen to what other people have to say, with information and understanding forthcoming.


This New Moon brings the focus to personal relationships and one-to-ones, so you’re afforded a fresh start in your approach to unions, partners and ways you relate, understand or team up with key people.

Note the way you might strengthen ties in platonic, romantic or working partnerships, be strategic about who it is you’d like to meet, or how you might better harmonise existing arrangements.

Relationships… Sun & Moon are now in your sector of partnership, your seventh house of others, your relationship zone, signaling a new beginning and clean slate.

The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, and your house of intimacy, trust, loyalty, secrets and bonds; you may already be thinking of deepening your alliance with someone special, contemplating ways to get even better acquainted, or make a move (to share the load, benefit by getting together, or opening up with secrets and confidence between you two).

It’s a good time to relate to one person on the horizon, with your mind open to the hidden or taboo areas: sex, death, where you’re reliant & vulnerable, what you stand to gain through your association, or what you might lose…

Relationships… The Sun & Moon are together in your social sector of personal relations; however, both are square to Mars, newly established in Gemini.

The energy planet now appears in the foundational fourth house of your horoscope, the roots, base and home zone, signaling a time to start addressing your property, family life, your four walls or how you gain a foothold and the right to land, settle or abode.

It’s a time to look to address one person, yet you could now find you’re motivated to settle, nest, nurture or develop your family life or familiar spaces; these two notions are hard to reconcile, and you may sense your efforts (and the energy you’re keen to direct inwards) doesn’t fit with the fresh outlook you’re trying to attain with a plus one…

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