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For 6th | 7th September, Your New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…

Reset Agendas, Schedules & Working Practices with this sweet New Moon!

New Moon In Virgo 2021 – at 14º38’

  • Weekday: Monday/Tuesday
  • Element: Earth
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Tuesday September 7th, 2021 8.52 am
  • London: Tuesday September 7th, 2021 12.52 am
  • New York: Monday September 6th, 2021 8.52 pm.

About This Virgo New Moon…

  • Sun & Moon in Virgo trine – harmoniously align withUranus in Taurus (conjunct Lilith),
  • Mercury in Libra (the Moon’s Ruler) trines Ceres, sextile (easy alignment) with Juno,
  • Mars in Virgo trine – harmoniously align with – Pluto in Capricorn,
  • Venus in Libra (conjunct Vesta) trine Jupiter in Aquarius, recently square Pluto
  • Corresponds to the Full Moon in Virgo, March 7th 2023.

FOCUS on the VIRGO | TAURUS houses of your horoscope and natal chart, focus on the NEW MOON & URANUS!

Planets in earth support each other, so do those in air…

The Moon teams up with the Virgo Sun, for the New Moon moment; it’s a special day, as so many stars are aligned!

Not only do the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) find harmony with Uranus, Mars in Virgo is syncing with power broker Pluto, and there’s a sweet signature in the air signs, too…

The Virgo pairing of Sun and Moon tied to Uranus in Taurus, now retrograde, shows us where we can keep revolutionising and progressing in the tangible and material realms, with innovative plans in motion.

It’s not all about dry practicalities and bringing order – it’s about shifts and our capacity to relate when problem solving.

Thoughtful Mercury – the ruler of this lunation – appears in balanced, agreeable, co-operative Libra.

Don’t underestimate your intentions at this New Moon, particularly around moves you wish to make that build upon major pillars already established (Pluto).

Think of Virgo as the nifty cement to bind your Capricorn wall…

Getting your house in order, cleaning your side of the street, lining up your ducks – any plans you have to edit with diligence, consistency and keen consideration – are ideal and ripe for this moment! Re-set, tapping in to potential!

Your New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your sixth house of work, wellness & wellbeing, so you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of health, living well; note the good choices & practices that deliver your optimum – conditions for best practice.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, boosting their enduring, earthy qualities and instilling a remarkable maverick potential – (revolutionary) change is possible! Yet know these shifting sands are unstable, unsettling…

Get quiet, still & plan or visualize what you’re looking to accomplish and maintain: the practices, habits & rituals that allow you to uphold your efficient stride – ultimately useful.

Be strategic about the months & years ahead…

Relationships… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, your house of partners, encouraging you to take on board other people’s suggestions, Aries, what another has in mind… Listen to what an individual you encounter has to say!

Relating to others could be greatly significant, so find the sweet spot, getting along. Venus (in Libra) finds harmony with big boy Jupiter (in Aquarius), giant of the skies in your house of community, friendship, hopes and dreams, you can have an awesome time with those by your side.

It’s a social time, ideally placed for comprehending those that count – say yes to one-to-ones!

Career… With the New Moon in Virgo benefitting from Uranus in your money zone, and your ruler Mars tied to Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, it’s an opportune moment to be productive, helpful and activate the possibilities in your role for success, professionalism, praise and validation.

Consider ways you might serve, follow through, thanks to new, innovative awakenings in your position; note improvements around employment and employers, including the support you need from sensible types, or authorities (an accountant, cleaner, gym instructor, nanny or assistant – even a pet, support animal or familiar!) It’s a powerful moment to create a list of goals…


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your fifth house of fun, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of the heart, your own creative passions, love life, exciting hobbies & solo interests, all that makes your pulse race (including sports, sex and entertainment!)

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus in your sign boosting the potential for solo gratification and personal happiness, while Pluto encourages you to go the distance, developing even further.

It’s a remarkable time to reflect, get still and ask yourself which talents, projects or enjoyable feats are now to be seeded; acknowledge your creative potential, and check-in with passions, projects, personal interests and talents.

Relationships… With Sun, Moon and Mars in your house of love, romance, fertility and passion, you could now find you’re captivated by a fun, amorous liaison, Bull!

Lend full focus to your amorous nature – use enthusiasm to propel your own desires, as the Luminaries sync with maverick Uranus in your sign.

Make it personal! Affirm what’s good for you, exchanging glances, or sharing smiles; be flexible, hone in on your love life and the ideal details of date night.

Career… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra, your busy house of health – put a productive edge on enjoyable plans and all you’re keen to manifest with the Moon!

As your ruler Venus (in Libra) finds harmony with giant Jupiter (in Aquarius) there’s potential to appreciate all the good you do to maintain your overarching career and outward image.

Elsewhere, Mars in Virgo is tapping into Pluto – you too can strike upon your own knowledge, wisdom or great learnings, ways you’ve gone the distance to experience a global, philosophical, or cultural quest and expansion…


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your fourth house of roots, domesticity, home and hearth, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in your property or household setting, or the hidden, emotional realms that offer a sense of security.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, boosting the quality of retreat and hidden, private tools afforded to you for peace, serenity, tranquility and easy moments of secret solitude…

The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra and your house of love, passion and creative potential, suggesting you might be inclined to think in terms of your own desires, happiness, and solo gratification…

Relationships… With your ruling planet Mercury in fellow air sign Libra, your mind may be fertile and full of ideas around the good life, and what will make you happy.

Your own worldly interests, personal development, education and growth could be something to relish, too, with desire driven Venus (in Libra and your joyful fifth house of love, romance, pleasure and joy) finding harmony with large, expansive Jupiter (in Aquarius), and your sector of travel, higher thought, learning and cultural ventures. Derive pleasure from a great journey or plan you’ve embarked upon! Meet LOVE on your path…

Career… The New Moon affords you a fresh start at home, so that as a new week begins, you’re establishing yourself with security on your agenda; as you contemplate career note your location, home life, a sense of self-care, or notions of how you operate in your space.

With Mars in Virgo tapped into Pluto, notions of intimacy, commitment, trust and consolidation count too… Note a willingness to be vulnerable and share!

Recharge in private, nurture and refuel, and deal with sacred bonds, agendas that involve you and another, and touch on the tools for retreat, hibernation, catharsis and closure, too. With the earth signs activated your most low-key zones of retreat hold the key: stand back as the new week begins, feeling safe and nourished…


The New Moon in Virgo hones in on your third house of communication, underscoring your skills, inner circle, the way you think, speak & conduct yourself. This lunation is helps you reset intentions around the way you message and team up with those around you, allied with close ties, kindred spirits and your broader network of connections.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, boosting the engaging quality of the New Moon moment, to be utilized with the masses or your community, too!

Use a neat, discerning, editors eye to broach your circle of friends or those in your social scene…

Relationships… Not only do Sun & Moon join together in your house of kin, Mars in this sector reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn, and your seventh house of partners, fortifying interactions & rapport with a more personal, intimate touch.

Take a practical look at the way you relate and communicate, particularly to those you have special ties to, and especially in terms of allowing your message or voice to be heard online, in the digital realms, or in ways that are technologically or socially advanced… Uranus wants to activate your alliances!

Write down stellar ideas – and connect to those that support you in realizing them too… Tune in to powerful, influential relationships and talk it through!

Career… The Virgo New Moon is an opportune moment to level up your skills and proficiencies; the ruler of this lunation is Mercury, now in Libra and your house of roots, family, land & lineage.

Not only is the communication planet well-placed to help you think about your security and place, and how to navigate household matters, property and where you’re from, ties to Jupiter in Aquarius bode well for developments around your intimate commitments and the way you follow through in pledging your time, energy, resources and efforts to others.

Look at where you’re obliged to show up; note those you’re inclined to trust and pledge your loyalty, taking your surroundings and private life into consideration…


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your second house of wealth, personal resources, income and self-worth, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in fiscal affairs and money making.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, boosting the potential you have to profit from a change of image, vocation or outward direction.

The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra and your house of local environments, connection, communication and contact. Talk over routine efficiencies, the ways you’re rewarded and your role or financial position.

Relationships… Communicator Mercury and lovely Venus move through your third house of kindred spirits and conversation, putting you in touch with those in the world around you that would listen and elevate your curious nature.

As Venus (in Libra) finds harmony with the largest planet Jupiter (in Aquarius) and your house of partners, you can smooth over any relationship developments with charm, grace and ease – note how well you’re able to come across, with social diplomacy and the right communication skills.

You’re now well-placed to mingle and negotiate, one-on-one…

Career… With the New Moon in Virgo it’s an opportune moment to address your bank balance, income, earnings and notions of self-sufficiency, Leo – set intentions for profit, or take stock of what you have and what you might make of yourself and your assets and attributes. Your goals might now seem radically different than before, with a new path & direction to follow toward success…

Mars in Virgo makes ties to Pluto in Capricorn, and your house of daily grind – chores, employment and day-to-day toil – so that your intentions align with your productivity or personal agenda, maintenance and lifestyle.

Be confident of what can be accomplished, achieved and attained; lean into practicality and earnest, with a grip on new aspirations and your capabilities.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your first house of self, so that you’re afforded an affirming fresh start in personal matters, a new beginning that’s all about you.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, rousing the potential for a new beginning that’s personally edifying, reflecting your growth, a journey to know more, or open up your world view or philosophy. Touch on education or ways you’re teaching, learning and experiencing something outside your norm – something unusual and even radical!

Relationships… As Moon and Sun are both in your own sign you can set aside thoughts concerning others and be more focused on number one, Virgo.

With Mars in your own sign you could be keen to go after what you want, and with a syncing between the driven planet of heady pursuit and Pluto, you may not be able to hold back, hotly chasing or tuning in (obsessively) over the thing you’re most passionate about!

Note what you’re inclined to put your heart and soul into, with your house of creativity, conception and self-expression activated! Affirm your powers of seduction! Your fertility and capacity for fun!

Career… With the New Moon in Virgo it’s an opportune moment to claim a sense of autonomy, and with the ruler of the Moon – your ruler – Mercury now in Libra, we can look to this clever, strategic planet to inform your fresh start.

Now moving through your house of sustenance, assets, income & attributes, you could be thinking in terms of your input, money minded, engaged in your role, building & developing what you have in hand.

Your position, purpose and the way you maintain yourself is particularly pertinent, as Venus in Libra finds harmony with Jupiter in your sixth house of work, wellness, habits and duty – it’s a great start to the week! Enjoy being rewarded for the practices and sense of routine that’s flourished, and is continuing to develop.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your escapist twelfth house, so that unconscious behaviors, and activity or situations and circumstances can captivate; ways you find peace of mind, and let go of control…

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, rousing the potential for certain people, situations or circumstances to enhance the ways you surrender. Note what you pick up on that others aren’t privy to, and the select few that consolidate with you on purpose… Work in tandem, with reliable counterparts that commit in ways that are different or unconventional, taking a radical new approach to the way you invest or pledge your time, & energy.

Relationships… With a New Moon in your house of dreams and subconscious pulls, it’s an awesome time to pause, rest and exhale, considering the tools you’re keen to employ to help you help others.

This might mean releasing your hold on bad habits, even taking a step back from entanglements you know aren’t in your best interests… For example, selflessly supporting a partner to the detriment of what’s logical! Face scandals, shame, mysteries and misunderstandings and the unknowable, building trust, loyalty, or awareness of the ties you have, reliance on others.

Career… Slip out of view and into hiding, Libra, give yourself the day to tackle elusive matter, as the Luminaries dip out of sight and into your clandestine twelfth house.

Mars too has powered down, offline, so that energy may have dipped, now best directed toward your foundations, a secure base, with ties to Pluto in your domesticated fourth house of home & family.

Note the strong, formidable pillars that underpin your process.

The ruler of the Virgo New Moon, Mercury now passes through your first house, so you could find you’re well placed to articulate what’s going on behind the scenes. Gently percolate and recalibrate, in service of your own inner healing.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your eleventh house of community, common causes and teamwork, so you’re afforded a fresh start in matters outside of yourself – issues pertinent to your industry, broader groups or society, or your friendship circle and peers.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus in your opposite sign, Taurus, and your house of partners, suggesting one person, or personal relationship, union or partnership is awakening you, with realisations to explore, one-on-one.

What’s more, your ruling planet ‘Mars’ also appears in Virgo, making a harmonious alliance of Pluto in your connected third house; be empowered in your approach to the group, fellowship or company you’re part of, you might even act as spokesperson, taking certain local issues to the masses…

Relationships… Sun, Moon & Mars in your socially dynamic sector of friends and alliances activate your enthusiasm for community, so that you might now be helpful to friends and peers, your colleagues or associates, a true team player.

New Moons are a time of the month to get still, focused and quiet, so step away from your own interests and think of where you’ll best serve the collective (your group, allies, and non-intimate folk in your world) with the input or presence of one person in particular – a new radical or a relationship that’s utterly different to ones before (thanks to Uranus)…

Being firm in your tone, mindset or point of view could be important, with Pluto in the mix… Speak your truth, knowing you’ve power on your lips!

Career… The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury, now in Libra – and your twelfth house of secrets, mysteries, misunderstandings and the unknown, the sector of the skies that points to undoing and unconscious behaviors or habits (scandals and self-sabotage). Don’t reveal too much!! Practice a pause…

You might be wise to lay low, planning and strategizing privately, behind the scenes and on behalf of those around you – crewmates, your group or co-workers.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your tenth house of prestige, praise and acclaim, so you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of success, visibility, planning long-term aspirations, and routes to advance in your field.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, boosting your path, trade or how you intend & wish to be seen, working in harmony with daily rituals, routines, & an awakening in how you wish to life well, eat, work, maintain & sustain yourself!

Relationships… With Mercury and Venus now in Libra you might derive much happiness interacting with team mates, alliances, and acquaintances who are moved and engaged in the same endeavors as you.

Mingle and be among those who potentially draw focus to the way you’re seen. Have fun putting your inner circle or social scene front and center, as the planet of graceful affability (Venus) finds harmony with your ruling planet, big boy Jupiter (in Aquarius).

Note that you’re able to be among those that help you develop your voice and communication skills – it’s your year to make the connection, articulating with logic and talking through – or expressing – what you mean to say!

Career… Refine your direction, aspirations and ambitions, focused on routes that allow you to succeed, and be open to feedback from peers – the New Moon in Virgo answers to Mercury in Libra, in your house of friends, community and social life, and offers a fresh start for your professional image or goals and outward appearance.

With ties to Uranus in your work-a-day zone of health, employment, duties and rituals, you’ve an opportune moment to affirm the way you’re seen in the public eye that’s everything to do with the way you operate in practical terms, and maintain your lifestyle, consumption and habits.

Note the new systems or subjects you’re working with that are tangible or sensory, show the world you mean business, reaching for your goals thanks to hard work and endurance in your role…


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your visionary ninth house of truth seeking, education, higher thought and belief systems, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters connected to your faith, opinions, outlook and moral stance (projects, long-distance travel, or worldly plans).

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus in your passionate fifth house of self-expression, heart and joy, so that ventures and your quest, journey or knowledge and experience can be connected to an enduring solo interest…

Supercharge all you’re setting your sights on!

Relationships… With a New Moon in your house of truths and wisdom, travel and wanderlust, allow your dreams, vision, and beliefs to expand your horizons, and importantly allow other people to introduce you to the principles you’re keen to experience, expertly designed to help you develop & grow.

Note that with Mars in Virgo tuned in to Pluto in your first house, you can be personally connected to what you’re striving to learn, experience, or share.

Pursue your own development with the involvement of others, be teachable or teach, inspired by an educational course or track, by people you love or your own passion projects and awakenings that have your heart…

Career… Virgo Season (and the New Moon in your ninth house) lets your embrace a special quest or journey, with the broadminded ‘higher education’ sector of the horoscope in focus.

However, with the ruler of this lunation – Mercury – in your professional zone of advancement, you could already be thinking ahead, strategizing or stepping up to engage with a title, visibility, status, recognition or a reputation that’s due after you’ve learned something significant…

Venus in Libra and your tenth house of accomplishment and professional accolades now finds harmony with Jupiter in your second house of self-esteem, earnings, personal wealth and purpose, so that your position and worth now allows you to go even further, climbing to the top! Come across beautifully in your career, trade or vocation.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards your eighth house of intimacy and commitment, so that you’re afforded a fresh start in matters of mutual gain, or jointly held interests – the way you rely on others, loan, borrow or merge what you have.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus in your zone of roots and household interests, boosting your propensity to address matters in your private life & lending potential for a radical approach to home life, traditions, domesticity, family and where you’re inclined to settle, stay or establish your dwellings…

There may be a new beginning on offer where you live or approaching family!

Relationships… It’ss an ideal day to take unions, bonds & personal encounters seriously, with a New Moon in your sector of trust, loyalty, commitment & joint agreements prompting consideration of close ties and interests – romantic, platonic, financial, sexual or otherwise.

As the ruler of the New Moon is Mercury in Libra (and your house of philosophy, higher thought, education and travel,) consider you might have much to learn and ways to grow, develop and expand thanks to an outside perspective; listen to what other people have to say, foreigners, teachers, guides and gurus around you… How can you take on a fresh outlook??

Career… Many of us spend much of our time working – you might like to look at the work you do as if it were a marriage – are you happy to commit, and what do you stand to gain from your investment?

Consider your ‘investment’ of time, energy, resources and cash, your debts and what you owe others. Visualize what you intend to give and gain from involving yourself with others. A positive contractual agreement can bring the support and security you’re keen to claim–be open to change & alteration.

Look towards strong, promising bonds and those inclined to pull through for you, taking into consideration what your inner needs and landscape is want to reveal to you too.


The New Moon in Virgo brings focus towards personal relationships & one-to-ones –¬ you’re afforded a fresh start in your approach to unions, Pisces, as the Moon joins together with the Sun in your seventh house of partnership.

Sun & Moon trine [align with] Uranus, elevating your voice, local issues among kindred spirits and the radical, unconventional or unique topics shared between you and your neighbors (i.e. broaching women’s sexuality, writing or podcasting about offbeat topics not everyone ‘gets’, including astrology, the language of the stars or social media speak!)

Tap into your communication skills and unique mindset and understanding, relating to one person from your social scene or among friendly allies…

Relationships… The New Moon in your house of partners is ruled by Mercury, now in Libra and your intimate sector of bonds and deeper alliances; allow space in your unions to get even better acquainted or discuss the hidden parts of life: sex, death, reliance and vulnerability, trust and loyalty, secrets and bonds…

With assertive Mars in Virgo and your relationship zone tied to Pluto in industrious Capricorn and your community sector, it’s an ideal time to invite and discover new partnerships from the landscape of friendly acquaintances you’ve developed over time… Strengthen ties to your clan, leveraging your popularity and place among allies, knowing they might be intimate in nature.

Career… Your collaborative spirit may be strong, now, so that you can participate intimately and effectively in one-to-ones from the broader landscape – i.e. with one person from your industry, company, social circle or network.

Affirm your intentions in partnerships and look to those people that are in some way connected to your organization, peer group or clan who are drawing you toward them.

With Mercury & Venus in Libra tied to planets in your twelfth house (Saturn & Jupiter), you may have a handle on private processes, working in solitude to heal and overcome certain mysteries or rehabilitating yourself, tools that are easily passed on to a partner…

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