October 6th: Last Quarter Moon In Cancer

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The Sun, Mercury and Mars appear in your house of partners, spotlighting key persons, intimate relationships and your ability to consider others, working in harmony, one-on-one.

Negotiations might seem prominent; however, the Cancer Moon can prompt you to retreat into your shell (we all have one!) into a safe space or assuring surroundings. You could feel ready to recalibrate your emotions, tending to household, family matters or self-care and nurturing – hidden facets of your world.

You might be looking to connect to someone that feels like a port in a storm (a motherly, sensitive type who knows how deeply you feel sometimes).

One partnership might not be what you need, and that’s ok! Hone in on home or emotions coming to the surface.


There may be the inclination to focus on the job you do, your daily rituals and routines, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars encouraging you to bring about order and a sense of organization. Spotlight your employment, show awareness of duties and systems, appointments and your optimum wellness.

However, the Last Quarter Moon encourages you to connect, in your house of contact, communication skills and curiosity. You might sense you’re well placed to touch base with news or information, your neighborhood environment or those in it.

Set to work, toil and drive ahead with your lifestyle, regime or look toward the position you want to uphold, and be among close-knit ties, able to navigate using the right tools and language.


The Sun, Mercury and Mars appear in your house of passion and joy, spotlighting all that brings happiness your way! Personal gratification and pleasing yourself could be important, from creative plans to your playful, flirty side. Enthusiasm may be apparent for a hobby, vacation or romantic interest!

Yet note the Last Quarter Moon brings a security conscious tone, or even awareness of sustenance and self-sufficiency. Reflect on your earnings and what you do to contribute, ways you input something worthwhile or find comfort in material possessions or your purpose.

Note how you feel about what you do to make a living, as well as following your heart and what you love (including the possibility of making a baby, or spending time with your kids or on solo pursuits, personal projects and entertainment).


The Last Quarter Moon in your sign touches your first house of presence, character and self. You could feel sensitive to your look, body or personal plans, standing in your authenticity and sensing what you need.

Grant your own wishes, fill from your own cup, nourishing and replenishing as only you know how!

The Sun, Mercury and Mars at the base of your chart can prompt you to nest, tend to your foundations and security issues. You could be engaged with home life, family or familiar spaces, your domestic life, safety and places you might recalibrate.

Illuminate what you’re feeling, allowing your physicality (and your appearance or identity) space, as well as curating your surroundings, a way to set down roots, or explore where you’re from.

Your private life, lineage, parents and household matters could be key!


Your ruler, the Sun appears in your socially connected house of siblings, skills and kindred spirits. Spotlight people around you or your environment, making friends, communicating and catching the word on the street!

Writing, teaching and local ties may be significant, or gathering to talk and meet-up on a hot topic.

Meanwhile the Last Quarter Moon touches your quiet, secluded sector of isolation, so you may also want to draw inwards. You could feel the need to tend to others or comfort the tender parts of yourself that require a hug; soothe all ills! Retreat and be charitable!

Welcome a solitary spell, rest and recoup, while also realising your role as informant, conversationalist and neighbour.


There may be the inclination to strategize financially, looking at your role, with planets in your sector of financial stability, worth and value. Spotlight your resources, assets and attributes – all you have and all you do that’s rewarding. Prove you’ve a resourceful side, or consider what you can bring to the table and a union.

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Meanwhile, the Last Quarter Moon touches humanity in general – your community, team spirit and group endeavors! Be among friends, a network or your people, with peers, affiliates, industry mates or contemporaries to collaborate with, and reveal what’s important to you in a broader circle.

Balance earnings, and the position you’re in, with getting together on important human matters, part of an audience or social scene.


The Sun, Mercury and Mars are in your sign now Libra, spotlighting your physical presence and personal plans. Activate your ability to direct others and focus the attention solely on you!

Yet note the Last Quarter Moon brings visibility through a different medium; your career, trade, public profile or reputation may also stand out, so that you’re feeling ready to soak up praise, acknowledging successes, your goals or ambitions. Your individuality and persona may be strong, yet so too is your outer image.

Find the balance between presenting the genuine you, while also tending to your accomplishments, leadership qualities or chosen vocational direction (including motherhood). Be aware of your accolades!


With the Last Quarter Moon, you could sense how your faith has manifested, venturing out, or leaning on a philosophy, theology or specialism. Be sensitive to your personal growth or development, ways you’ve published your views, or come to know a moral truth. Feel you’ve traveled or understood life and people in the world beyond your local area.

The Sun, Mercury and Mars in your twelfth house of retreat could see you operating in secret, with hidden agendas or a period of solitude (or solitary employment). You may be awaiting answers or outcomes, finding acceptance from within, which could set you in reflection and a private process.

Escape into hibernation, a fantasy or lean on tools and techniques you have to heal and cope with the unknown, while acknowledging higher thought and higher education – a path that’s seen you explore or set your sights further …


The Sun, Mercury and Mars appear in your house of friends, social life, groups and community, spotlighting your network, allies and collaborative efforts that are humanitarian.

Meanwhile the Last Quarter Moon touches your intimate sector of entanglements and joint affairs, helping you realize a pact or promise you’ve made and followed through with.

Attune to what others bring to the table, where you’re wedded, obligated or bound. Yet keep a financial commitment or private agreement separate from your social scene or dealings with society at large (including online).

Associations and affiliations in your circle might not chime in harmony with deeper agreements or emotions coming to the surface around working with others.


There may be the inclination to focus on your goals, aspirations and public perception, with the spotlight now on your ambitions, and notions of praise or success. Think about your reputation, your path in the public eye, and how you’re coming off outwardly. Resist arguments or contention that’s visible!

Meanwhile, the Last Quarter Moon touches your personal relations, with potential progress in partnerships. You could feel that a significant other is now prominent, with a breakthrough facing up to a union or your ability to show care and compassion toward others.

Balance notoriety in your career or prominence around your personal life, with soft skills, human rapport and important people on your horizon.


The Sun, Mercury and Mars appear in your house of publishing, higher education, truth-seeking and travel. Have fun with a path that leads you to another outlook on life. Be inspired by long-distance connections or spotlight your wisdom shared with the world, knowledge on a platform that sees you globally engaged.

Yet note the Last Quarter Moon touches on health and wellbeing, rituals and consistency. Contemplate the tools you use to stay at your best, good choices, or a daily practice that works for you. Your lifestyle, maintenance and systems may be apparent, so you’re taking care of all that needs to be handled.

Balance an interest in adventure, your beliefs, philosophies or experiences with the little things you do to be usefully employed.


The Last Quarter Moon touches your zone of conception, creativity and passion, so that solo projects, your kids or love life – and all you put your heart into – may be pertinent. An artistic talent, celebration, an expression of joy, or a baby you now hold in your arms might mean most!

Meanwhile, the Sun, Mercury and Mars appear in your house of sacred bonds, so loans, loyalties and ways you’re unified may be on your mind and in focus.

It’s a great time to talk to other people about your expectations, what you might gain through working together, and how you might contract or pledge yourself in an agreement.

Try to manage feelings that rise to the surface around all you cherish and adore, while spotlighting what you give and gain!

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