The Top Scorpio Fashion Designers…


Sun In Scorpio Matthew Williamson, Intense Intent…

Scorpio fashion designers do adult fashion. Sexy, sophisticated, sometimes structured, it’s for women, not girls.

Roberto Cavalli‘s style typifies Scorp sentiments.

Think heady private party in a nightclub after dark… And animal print.


Leather Leggings, So Scorpio…

Scorp designer Calvin Klein, like most, features young models in his adverts but his clothes are classic and carried with ease by more mature patrons.

Zac Posen produces serious, yet gorgeous gowns, and grown-up glamour oozes from every inch of Cavalli’s creations.

Another thing those Scorpios do well – prints.

Animal or Aztec, neutral, natural shades or bright pops of neon, they get it spot on.

This is not a sign that does shiny, silly design – quite the opposite.

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As a water sign, Scorpio born are naturally artistic and creative. In tune with emotions and what’s going on beneath the surface, they delve deeper with exciting results. Any element of whimsy is certainly not flimsy!


Dreamy beach ads from CK? I don’t think so – that’s genuine sand and sweat! Pisces models Natalia Vodianova and Eva Mendes work well to convey Klein’s super sexy style.

A pretty dress for Oscar time? No wayz. These designs have depth and meaning.

Rick Owens is another Scorpio fashion designer that typifies the zodiac sign aesthetic. He uses the signature Scorpio colour, black, predominantly in his collections, and even has a mysterious moniker for his diffusion line, ‘DRKSHDW’.

Any magic that’s conjured on the catwalk by these Scorpio sorcerers is bound to be black…

Business Acumen

Another thing about Scorpio is their drive, determination and tenacity. They can be very successful when they maneuver beneath the surface – privacy is key.

Take Cath Kidston, worth about £75 million from an initial £15,000 investment. She prefers to stay out of the limelight and rarely gives interviews, stating: ‘I have absolutely no wish to be famous or to be recognised.’

Sexy Scorpio Fashion Designers

☆ Matthew Williamson 23rd October 1971 ☆ Zac Posen 24th October 1980 ☆ Cath Kidston 6th November 1958 ☆ Stefano Gabbana 14th November 1962 ☆ Roberto Cavalli 15th November 1940 ☆ Rick Owens 18th November 1962 ☆ Calvin Klein 19th November 1942 ☆

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