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Pisces Lily Collins is Emily In Paris, Watch On Netflix…

Lily Collins is an English-American actress, model, and writer and the daughter of superstar musician Phil Collins.

Although we don’t have a time of birth, we can tell so much, simply from her birthday.

Collins was born on Saturday, March 18th, 1989 in Guildford, Surrey, at the height of her father’s success.

The Sun in our chart will often describe the Father, and just six months after Lily came along, he released Another Day in Paradise.

While her Leo Moon makes a strong sign for performing, Collin’s Pisces persona shines through – perhaps because in those early years she was soaking up the arts like a sponge!

A triple Pisces (Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces) with the North Node in Pisces, too, she has remarkable synastry with her dad.

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Although Phil Collins is an Aquarius (see his birth chart here), he has Mars, Jupiter and the North Node in Pisces (her Venus is conjunct his North Node, her North Node conjunct his Mars). Her Moon lands on his Pluto…

Like Pisces Drew Barrymore, Collins is a romcom natural, but she really has much more depth.

I really enjoy playing these characters that, under the surface, have so much more going on than they are saying, or who seem like they are barely keeping it together.

Open about her struggle with eating disorders, Collins starred in the part autobiographical To The Bone, a film about a young woman entering rehab with chronic anorexia. Lily attended group therapy sessions with recovering anorexics – and identified she revealed with their struggle.

She began starving herself and exercising obsessively at 16, and became addicted to diet pills and laxatives into her early 20s.

Pisces is a zodiac sign that can often be hyper sensitive, however, can turn their experiences to good use, sharing their battles with others, to overcome the painful parts of life.

In this way, we can see Pisces as selfless, charitable, and even somewhat of a saviour – willing to be open about their shadow side…

Lily Collins Birth Chart…

Lily Collins born March 18th 1989 in Guildford, UK via AstroTheme

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