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Born under the dreamy sign of the zodiac, Drew Barrymore has her Sun in enigmatic Pisces.

At just seven years old she was the adorable star in ET but soon entered into a world of drugs and alcohol. Today she is a super-successful, loveable business-woman in the world of Hollywood.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign, most at risk for a tendency towards escapism, which can be bought about by many varied outlets – a vivid imagination, spiritualism, substance abuse or artistic pursuits.

Whatever the path they choose, Pisces people have a capacity to dissolve into their surroundings, getting lost on occasion – akin to the elusive qualities of their modern planetary ruler, Neptune.

Although this planet is linked to dissolution and deception it’s also linked to a heightened intuition, glamour, film and photography,

Drew also has further activity in the sign of Pisces, two planets that are at ease within the realms of the watery fish – romantic, feminine Venus and lucky Jupiter. This could contribute very much to her success in the world of cinema, and also guide her film choices – movies like ‘Ever After: A Cinderella Story’, and ’50 First Dates’ where she plays the forgetful heroine.

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Lit up by the moon, the constellation of Cancer represents Drew’s needs, emotional nature and the rhythm and routine of life. The Moon in Cancer sits together with serious Saturn in her, pointing towards responsibility – perhaps the maturity felt by Drew at an early age, then later being able to take on the world through her business acumen.

Two water signs dominating – Cancer (soft) and Pisces (fragile) show there is a great vulnerability that can appear but with the discipline of Saturn (and Mars in industrious Capricorn,) powerful artistic qualities can blossom.

With the Midheaven and Mercury in quirky Aquarius, we can see the unusual activity peppered throughout Drew’s life and her outward reputation. She will always be known as starring alongside an alien – very zany and Aquarius by nature. But she’s also known for her weird and wonderful marriages – a spontaneous wedding after six weeks of courtships, and an oddball husband in the way of comic Tom Green.


Born 22nd February, 1975 At 11.51am In Culver City, California…

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