Pluto In Aquarius Predictions… Revolution & New Communities!

What happened the last time Pluto was in Air Sign Aquarius? Let's look back at the events of the 1780s and 90s...

Your horoscope for the Pluto in Aquarius transit is here.

The last time Pluto transited air sign Aquarius the hot air balloon was invented!

The last time Pluto move through this air sign was:

  • April 4th 1777 to May 27th 1777
  • January 27th 1778 to August 21st 1778
  • December 1st 1778 to April 11th 1797…

We might say the 1780s and 90s best reveal the events of this time…

I also like late August 1779 (to September 1780), when Neptune and Jupiter were in Libra, trine Pluto in Aquarius.

This was when William Blake enrolled as a student with the Royal Academy of Arts at Somerset House in London. See more below!

Pluto In Aquarius: What Happened?

1779–1879: Xhosa Wars between British and Boer settlers and the Xhosas in the South African Republic.

1781: The city of Los Angeles is founded by Spanish settlers.

1781–1785: Serfdom is abolished in the Austrian monarchy (first step; second step in 1848).

1783: Montgolfier brothers invent hot air balloon – Aquarius is an air sign.

1783: The Treaty of Paris formally ends the American Revolutionary War.

1785–1795: The Northwest Indian War is fought between the United States and Native Americans.

1787: Freed slaves from London establish Freetown in present-day Sierra Leone – new communities set-up.

1788: First French Quaker community established in Congénies – new communities set-up.

1789–1799: French Revolution, and The Liège Revolution, sometimes known as the Happy Revolution, and The Brabant Revolution.

1791–1795: George Vancouver explores the world during the Vancouver Expedition – voyage of exploration, made contact with five continents, discovering humanities.

1791–1804: The Haitian Revolution.

1792: The New York Stock & Exchange Board is founded.

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1793: Former King Louis XVI of France and his wife Marie Antoinette are guillotined – cutting out the idea of lavish figure heads.

1793: Upper Canada bans slavery.

1794: Polish revolt.

1796: Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination.

Pluto In Aquarius And The French Revolution…

The French Revolution is an event timed with Pluto’s last tour of Aquarius.

Beginning in 1789 and ending in the late 1790s, French citizens radically altered their political landscape.

They uprooted centuries-old institutions such as the monarchy and the feudal system.

Scorpio Queen Marie Antoinette…

The last queen of France before the French Revolution, she was born November 2nd 1755, with a Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunction.

She became known as Madame Déficit because the country’s financial crisis was blamed on her lavish spending and her opposition to social and financial reforms.

Aquarius Musician Mozart!

1781, Mozart with his sister and father, and on the wall a portrait of his deceased mother…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27th 1756 (died 5 December 1791).

He was a prolific and influential composer, widely regarded as among the greatest composers in the history of Western music. In January 1781, Mozart’s opera Idomeneo premiered with “considerable success” in Munich. He prospered as a composer, and in 1782 completed the opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail (“The Abduction from the Seraglio”), which premiered on 16 July 1782 and achieved considerable success.

The work was soon being performed “throughout German-speaking Europe” and thoroughly established Mozart’s reputation as a composer.

He was a Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius man. See his birth chart!

Sagittarius Poet William Blake…

I love William Blake, a Sagittarius Sun-Jupiter-Pluto, with Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars-Neptune-North Node in Leo.

See his birth chart here.

Largely unrecognised during his life, he was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. 

Blake was not active in any well-established political party. His poetry consistently embodies an attitude of rebellion against the abuse of class power.

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