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Sagittarius Stone, Funny AND Sexy…

Lara Stone Astrology

Love Lara Stone, she’s a super Sagittarius!

Born 20th December 1983 she’s been described as the funniest model of the moment and even wed comedian David Walliams… Raised by a Dutch mother and English  father in Geldrop in the Netherlands she grew up in Mierlo. She was first discovered in the  Paris Metro when she was 12.

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Although she has her Venus sign as Scorpio, and Mercury in Capricorn she has a stellium of planets in Sagittarius, including the Sun conjuncting Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus in the constellation of the Archer.

There’s a lot of Scorpio energy as Venus, Saturn and Pluto sit in the sexiest sign.

Moon in Cancer adds more watery energy to mix – sadly we don’t have her birth time to find out the ascendant… See more Sagittarius models here.

Lara Stone’s Birth Chart


Born 20th December 1983 In Geldrop, Netherlands

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