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Venus In Scorpio Celebrities And Their Style…

Share the story – it’s the beauty of those born with Venus in sexy Scorpio…


Venus in Scorpio can really get under the surface of relationships, they’re good at keeping secrets, and are typically persistent and intense.

This sign can be highly seductive and enigmatic but as a fixed sign don’t tend to like change… This is the most erotic of all the Venus signs, it’s not a superficial placement and hardly for the faint hearted!

Enigmatic and hypnotic, mysterious and seductive, those born with Venus in Scorpio are likely to have a touch of the femme fetale about them. And, a considerable appetite for passionate, intensity and deep encounters – both with friends and romantic partners.

Venus In Scorpio Beauty Style


Venus In Scorpio, Add a smokey eye…  Nicole Richie, Naomi Watts 

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Scorpio, Virgo through to Capricorn. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Celebrities With Venus In Scorpio

Venus In Scorpio With A Virgo Sun


☆ Lisa Scott-Lee ☆ Nicole Richie ☆ Agatha Christie ☆

Venus In Scorpio With A Libra Sun


☆ Naomi Watts ☆ Serena Williams ☆ Avril Lavigne ☆ Ashlee Simpson ☆ Sigourney Weaver ☆ Emilia Clarke ☆

Venus In Scorpio With A Scorpio Sun – Double Scorpio!

demi-moore  kris-kardashian-astrology  scorpio-jodie-foster  chloe-sevigny  anne-hathaway

☆ Demi Moore ☆ Brittany Murphy ☆ Winona Ryder ☆ Jodie Foster ☆ Anne Hathaway ☆ Goldie Hawn ☆ Chloe Sevigny ☆ Carly Rae Jepsen ☆ Gemma Ward ☆ Jean Shrimpton ☆ Kris Kardashian ☆

Venus In Scorpio With A Sagittarius Sun

sagittarius-katherine-heigl  sagittarius-sarah-silverman  sagittarius-bette-midler  sagittarius-lara-stone-astrology  vanessa-hudgens  jan

☆ Jennifer Connelly ☆ Teri Hatcher ☆ Katie Holmes ☆ Milla Jovovich ☆ Lara Stone ☆ Felicity Huffman ☆ Jane Birkin ☆ Vanessa Hudgens ☆ Nelly Furtado ☆ Katherine Heigl ☆ Sarah Silverman ☆ Bette Midler ☆ Lucy Pinder ☆ Dionne Warwick ☆ Chrissy Teigan ☆

Venus In Scorpio With A Capricorn Sun


☆ Pamela Courson ☆ Ellie-Goulding ☆ Marianne Faithfull ☆ Carla Bruni ☆ Annie Lennox ☆ Diane von Furstenberg ☆ Holly Madison ☆

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