Salon Stars – Astrology Tips For Beauty Professionals, Clients By Zodiac Sign…

Get the edge with your clients using astrology to discover how they like to be treated during treatment, and the hidden style secrets of their sign…

Let The Stars Be Your Guide…

How can astrology help us beyond our yearly forecast or daily predictions? And what does it all mean anyway?!

Most of us are familiar with our star sign and the typical traits that go hand in hand with that particular sign. Aries are supposedly, headstrong, quick to anger and quick to forgive, while their opposite sign, Libra, seeks balance and harmony. They tend to anger more slowly – then explode in a whirlwind!

We might also know a little about how compatible we are with other signs and apply the theories romantically, or use it to understand our relationships with friends and family.

You might have heard people generalize about the signs and perhaps you do it too, “My sister’s a Cancer – she’s super sensitive”, “I don’t tend to get along too well with Gemini’s – I can’t explain it! They just always seem to push my buttons…”

Our zodiac sign simply reflects where the Sun was when we were born, and while it’s true that some people really do embody the characteristics of their Sun sign or zodiac sign, astrology is much more complex.

The more you read and explore the subject the more fascinated you’ll become!

For example did you know that in addition to your Sun sign you have a Mercury, Venus, Mars and Moon sign too? So although you might be similar to someone that shares your ‘sign’ or even your birthday, you could also be galaxies apart…

Discover more through your birth chart here, making a start online. Needless to say, we’re all very unique.

So How Can Someone’s Birth Sign Help Us Day To Day, Say, At Work?

Well, despite our total individuality, people really do fall into the twelve ‘types’ or characters in astrology, whether it’s because their Sun or Moon is in that sign or because it’s very dominant in their birth chart.

There are some easy tips to use, helping you treat people the way they like – if you can guess their sign! It’s also a great conversation starter, perhaps if you have a tricky client…

The Twelve Zodiac Signs


These people are warm, enthusiastic and usually in a rush! As the first sign of the zodiac Aries born have a sense of urgency about them and they love being number one. This means that they’re drawn towards new styles and will snap up a fresh colour if you point it out as ‘hot off the press’. Miss Aries can be quite the tomboy and beauty won’t necessarily be her number one priority (queue bitten nails and chipped polish!) She might like to hurry you along or could even try to take control of the manicure herself! This customer is thick skinned though, so tell her to behave!

Style Advice: Although red is the go-to colour for Aries, often these ladies are too hot to handle, so cool the flames with a neutral or funky shade.


This sign requires a really comfortable spot to relax in and once there, they’re unlikely to move! As a Venus ruled sign Miss Taurus loves pampering, so offer a hand massage with a stunning scent and watch her melt before your eyes! This client will be a breeze as long as she has her home comforts to hand so don’t forget to provide refreshments if you can (biscuits will go down very well too!) Looking to impress a special customer born under the sign of the Bull? Candles and soothing music are a must. Indulge all their senses and they’ll definitely be back for more…

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Style Advice: This is a feminine sign so you can keep it girly. Their best colour is pink – Schiaparelli for the more daring types or baby blushes for the demure lady-likes.


If you find your client is a complete chatterbox you’re probably dealing with a Gemini gal. These people are the communicators extraordinaire of the zodiac, which means she can really help you. How? Miss Gemini will be plugged into the networks that count – not only via her enviable little black book but she’ll be all over social media and connecting to friends, probably before, during and after her treatment! Ask her to recommend your services or let this lady know that you’re always on the lookout for opportunities – she’ll probably know of a dozen projects on the go!

Style Advice: Gemini’s of all ages love to feel youthful, keep it light, trendy and maybe add glitter! Their fingers are really very important because they’re so expressive with their hands.


You’ll spot a Cancerian by their big watery eyes and the concerned look on their face. If you need a shoulder to cry on then Cancer’s the one to consult. Just suffered a break-up? These are the friends to call! The nurturer of the zodiac, Miss Cancer is a sensitive soul, and she’ll appreciate you finding out how she’s feeling that day above all else. If you’ve got a Cancer client remember that they prefer to relate to you on an emotional level, they’ll enjoy the treatment all the more if it’s a heart to heart, and you never know, they might just council you through a stressful patch!

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Style Advice: This is the sign of nostalgia and memories so take them back to a happy time for inspiration– a particular hue from a holiday or beautiful wedding they went to perhaps?


If you come face to face with a loud, proud exuberant type, you’re sitting opposite a luscious Leo lady. This customer might come on strong and seem to be the most confident cat in the room but those born under the sign of the lion can sometimes be feeling a little tame on the inside. Win her over with overt flattery – this lot lap up attention and it will make her day! Miss Leo is a performer too, so will like the limelight during a treatment. Remember she’s the star of the show so you’ll no doubt be entertained by her stories, these are warm, charismatic people that are born to shine.

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Style Advice: She’ll be brave and bold so you can try the latest trends on her, and she can definitely take a glam look – go for gold!


Should your client nit-pick over all the details, and criticise your work as you go, you might just find you’re facing a particularly picky Virgo! This sign is the analyst of the zodiac, and for them, it’s all in the details. Miss Virgo has an unrivalled perfectionist streak, prepare to get it right or keep trying until you do, they’ll be no painting outside the lines on their watch! They’re naturally very health conscious and one of the trendiest signs. Virgo make brilliant fashion designers, in fact they have a natural flair for design of any sort so take note of their style preferences, which will no doubt be bang on trend!

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Style Advice: Although not necessarily high maintenance Miss Virgo will appreciate a look that’s clean and polished. Give her the varnish that’s least likely to chip, she’ll be most impressed.


As one of the Venus ruled signs, Libra is at home with harmony, balance and beauty. You’ll often find these people are connected with the beauty industry by profession, or perhaps they’re big fans of pampering and treatments. Miss Libra is the charming client with a dimple in her cheek and a lovely air, she smiles and the world smiles back! Please her by ensuring the environment is easy on the eye, the atmosphere should be calming and civilized (no emotional outbursts ladies!) She’s oh so diplomatic – this is not the type of customer to complain or argue, see that she’s happy or a deliberating Debbie will appear before you!

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Style Advice: Libra suits clean lines and pastel colours, so pinks, peaches, pale colours and neutrals. They’re feminine and understated so keep it low key and beautiful for best results.


A quiet, discreet type, you might not even notice that Scorpio has slinked in. She’d prefer to watch from the sidelines than sit in the spotlight, even better if she can eavesdrop on some secret scandal too! You’ll recognise this zodiac sign by their intense, penetrating gaze, which is truly mesmerizing (if a little intimidating!) Miss Scorpio is deep, mysterious and incredibly seductive, her signature style includes dark colours (usually black) with interesting textures and leather. Remember to respect their privacy. Take note of this advice and everyone will play nice, ignore or pry too much and you might face the sting in their dangerous Scorpions tail!

Style Advice: A typical Scorpio type will choose understated styles rather than attention grabbing shades or patterns. A deep berry or crimson polish is perfect.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius have an exuberant, positive nature and are naturally upbeat; in fact, they might just bounce into the room like Tigger! They’re fun but will quite often make a blunder by saying something super blunt – but don’t take offence, it’s just their bubbly character bursting out! Miss Saggy might be bragging about a recently booked holiday given this is this sign of adventure and travel, ask her more about her plans or pretty much any subject as she loves to get on her soapbox! Sagittarius is philosophical too, you might just hear some pearls of wisdom coming out…

Style Advice: Bright and bold all the way, they’ll love the multi-coloured look too and can get away with a full-on rainbow across their fingers and fashions! A more pared down Saggy will still want something that feels functional but fun.


Hardworking and ambitious, this sign is pretty practical, realistic and down to earth. It’s the most conservative and formal of the zodiac signs but also the wittiest. Capricorn’s have a brilliant sense of humor so crack through the serious façade and they’ll have you in stitches. You’ll notice that their style errs on the side of caution, with classic, well thought out fashion choices, so Capricorn types get it right every time in the style stakes. They make a great go-to for fashion advice, especially for functions and events. Satisfy their need for quality with the finest line of polish available, only the best will suffice!

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Style Advice: Keep it classic and clean with nudes or evening shades that are on trend, but in no way pushing the limits of taste and decency!


She looks like she’s away with the fairies, a total hippie chick or coolly contemporary and out of this world, this lady’s different in one way or another!

You might describe Miss Aquarius as an odd ball with more than a touch of the eccentric.

She could come off as cool and aloof at first, but this sign soon warms up, in fact, they’re the most social people in the zodiac! Aquarius sets the trend, they’re ahead of the fashion pack and love anything unusual. Win her favour by telling her you’ve discovered something truly different and you’re not sure anyone else will like it, I guarantee she will, and soon, so will everyone else!

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Style Advice: Truly experimental, you can push the boundaries in terms of colours and styles. A deep teal is an ideal shade, nail shapes can be original and quirky too!


The gentle dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces people are emotionally intuitive, truly artistic, sensitive souls who you’ll recognise by their deep, watery eyes.

They possess an otherworldliness and you could well be fooled into thinking they’re a mermaid with legs!

Pisces fashion is fluid and they suit floaty styles over anything restrictive. They rule the feet so offer this lady a pedicure; she’s bound to accept and loves a foot massage over anything else!

Miss Pisces is drawn to spa-like environments, so wandering into a bountiful beauty haven is not only bliss, it’s a home from home!

Style Advice: Compliment the silver rings on their fingers or go with reflective, shimmering shades, or colours that reflect the sea, emerald or pale metallic blues…

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