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Roberts was the smokin’ star that stole our hearts in Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias and of course, Pretty Woman.

She’s stayed in the spotlight ever since. I’m dying to know her Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Scorpio ☆ Mercury In Scorpio ☆ Moon In Leo ☆ Venus In Virgo ☆ Cancer Rising ☆

Of course Roberts is a sexy Scorpio – she oozes intensity from her beautiful brown eyes, and it’s this zodiac sign that’s coloured some of her roles on the big screen. Scorpio governs sex and power, and one of Robert’s best known roles dealt closely with these themes (Pretty Woman) as her character navigated the story of a sex-worker. Scorpio also governs investigation and in Erin Brockovich she played the lead in this role.

As a Cancer rising, Robert’s Scorpio sun, Mercury and planet of glamour and movies (Neptune) fall in the 5th house of creative expression – perfect for a life on the big screen.

It seems this role in Erin Brockovich was made for her – with her maternal Cancer rising sign – playing detective but approaching an issue that takes care of families in the community.

Aries Midheaven – Redhead Incoming!

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First Impressions? It’s The Aries Cancer Axis!

Julia found fame in the 1980s portraying independent, feisty characters – that’s her Aries Midheaven showing it’s colours!

Moreso in that her flame red hair was just gorgeous in Pretty Woman, hidden under that wig and hat (hats and red hair are both ruled by Aries).

By the time we’d gotten to know her a little better, her softer Cancerian side was showing, and with the Crab on the ascendant we look to the Moon to discover more about her motives…

It’s no surprise that she has Moon in Leo – the thespian’s zodiac sign. Roberts is at home in the limelight, making her money (2nd house) in entertainment.

Her Venus is the sign of the discerning Maiden, Virgo, adding a touch of purity, and fresh faced aesthetic to her style.

Incredibly private, Scorpio stars tend to keep their personal lives under wraps and well, private. Julia stays true to her star sign and in Scorpio style, isn’t one to be too public or ‘on show’ with her three children and husband.

Julia Robert’s Birth Chart

julia roberts astrology birth chart

Born 28th October, 1967 In Atlanta, Georgia

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