The Best Time To Start A Diet – According To Astrology…


Whether I like to admit or not, with summer approaching my mind turns to dropping a few lbs, ready to feel lighter on my feet.

During winter I often get into bad habits around comfort foods, sugar and feeling staid in my body, and the solution is to stick to a better lifestyle – including eating well and exercising.

And while I’m not about to start telling you what to eat or how to workout, I can give you cosmic insight around the very best time to start your weight loss journey – according to astrology!

Did you know there’s totally a good time to commence anything – according to the stars? It’s called electional astrology, and it’s helpful in starting anything, be it a wedding, a company, an event or effort; timing is key in the cosmos.


The Moon

Earth’s satellite, Luna is responsible for regulating liquids – the tides, large lakes and oceans. Astrologically, the moon governs our internal cycles too, from menstruation to sleep patterns, there’s even a study making it evident it’s harder to sleep on a full moon.

Perhaps it’s an old wives tale or difficult to prove, but during the cycle towards a full moon the body is more likely to retain weight – so if you’re eating more on the run up to full moon, weight could be harder to shift.

As with anything, moderation is key, however specifically looking at weight loss here are some general starter points.


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Tips For Weight Loss…

  • If you’re looking purely for weight loss, begin your diet when the moon is in it’s waning lunar phase, between full moon and new moon. This is a time that’s supportive of loss, and brings your intention towards reduction and decreasing.
  • If you’re looking to build muscle or gain weight, begin your diet when the moon is growing in the skies, and waxing. This is the time in the lunar cycle that supports growth.
  • Look at the moon sign for the quality of the diet, as well as the sun, Venus and Mars.
  • Don’t begin a diet during Mars Retrograde, as resolve is weaker. Mars governs our energy levels and our powers of assertion can be off during this spell.
  • You can also consider your personal birth chart, and commence a diet when the moon is passing through your personal sixth house of wellness.

When To Start A Healthy Eating Plan!

  • New beginnings can be made when the moon is waxing; intentions set on new moon are when the energy is freshest.
  • Start taking action in an Aries moon to be fuelled with get-up-and-go vitality, assertion, and able to go it alone.
  • Commence a healthy eating plan in Gemini to be curious about your food, keen on learning new and varied ways of eating.
  • A new moon in Cancer is great for focusing on how we nurture ourselves.
  • The new moon in Leo is creative for cooking up a storm, and incredibly energising for exercise plans.
  • Virgo is the most health conscious sign, and will lend precision and practicality to your eating.

Fasting With The Moon…

You can read more about the Werewolf Diet, here, which explains fasting with the moon.

Essentially, it’s important to remember to drink lots of water around the new moon, because the body is releasing toxins and the body could feel drier.

During the full moon you could feel bloated regardless of whether you’re menstruating, as full moon’s are times when the body grows more absorbent. The body is more receptive, sensitive and absorbent of alcohol, so be careful which substances you ingest – including products and oils on your skin. Another reason to drink more water, flushing out the system.

Remember, intention is everything and you are supported by the cosmos in all you strive for – regardless of what the planets are up to! It’s also advisable to consult your doctor or physician before a diet

If you have tips or questions about the lunar cycle just chime in.


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