Choose Your Best Wedding Dress By Zodiac Sign…

Looking to express your unique self on one of the most important photo-ops of your life?

Weddings can load on the pressure to look perfect, and we can use all the help we can get when it gets to decision time. Seek relief in the stars and discover your zodiac sign’s key traits, which could help you calm those last minute nerves…

Remember – you’re not only your star sign – or sun sign. You’re a beautiful blend of a moon, Venus, rising sign and many more!

The Best Wedding Dress For Your Zodiac Sign…


Impulsives Aries is known for her head-first (think later) approach to life. Hopefully you’ve chosen a partner based on more than you killer instincts – you’re known to get bored quickly! Buddy up with a partner who ticks some practical boxes Ram, and you’ll have a long and lovely marriage – leaving you free to conquer the world!

Tight, Bright White, Aries Wedding Style – Mariah! 

An edgy look suits your bold, brave nature. Remember, some pretty zealous fashion designers are Aries born, including Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham. You can do all-out romanticism like your star sister Sara Jessica Parker, or go for something that shows your trailblazing side – a pant suit a la (Venus-Mercury in Aries) Bianca Jagger.

Clean lines, no fuss or frills is ideal, a fresh dress that shows the world ‘she’s still a catch’ – even newly wed!


The dress is an important part of the wedding, however Taurus will be busy will all areas of the day – from food and wine selection, to the general aesthetics and ambiance to the flowers and favours.

One of the Zodiac’s Venus ruled signs, Taurus is highly sensual, and will have her finger in every pie – or wedding cake!

Tear yourself away from the table and focus on a dress that has floral touches, Taurus.

The fabric is super important too – you’ll want soft, sumptuous – silk – the best you can afford! It must pass the Taurus texture test… Your bouquet is also an important part of your overall look, and although Taurus governs all flowers you should really have roses within the bunch.


Modern, multifaceted Gemini needs a look that gives them ultimate freedom – especially if they’re getting married in warm weather. With your dual nature, you need something that will stimulate you on your big day… Contemporary and fun, you might like a style that’s truly different – separated, like a detachable skirt, shorts and a designer top to mingle with the guests!

Add a shawl for when the evening draws near… You can also wear a print, a delicate smattering – dotted over a veil or your dress.

Remember to show off your pretty, delicate shoulders, Gemini – they’re one of your assets don’t you know!


You won’t last the day without shedding many tears, Cancer, so remember to stash a beautiful hankie in a little pouch. Have one of your bridesmaids carry and assist if needs be!

Nostalgic and sentimental, incorporate touches of your family heritage into your look – a piece of jewellery or a nod to grandma with a touch of her lace… You can also do vintage.

You’ll want an incredible romantic look on your special day Cancer, and as you’re one of the signs that suits ivory, white, cream and any color that reflects the moon, your dress will look stunning against your luminous skin.

Remember, pearls are associated with your zodiac sign so some light embellishment will be beautiful. Remember to have decent structure around the bust area too.


It’s just one of your big moments, Leo, but you’ll still want to mesmerise in the spotlight!

As the Zodiac’s star performer your wedding day is an opportunity to shine centre stage. You might like to add lots of sparkle, dramatic beading and embellishment. One of your signature styles is a regal look, with lots of luxe touches.

Leo Kelis, Gold Hair Accessories – Tick!

Your hair is an incredibly important part of your look so draw attention to the area with a headpiece, ornament or crown, Leo.

A regal cape could top things off nicely.

Lolz, Madonna Literally Rocking Her Leo Crown…


Pure as the driven snow, Miss Virgo has the edge because she pays attention to the details. What better day to scrutinise, ensuring every stitch and hem is perfectly aligned than your wedding?

Give warning to the dressmaker that you’re born under the perfectionist sign, though! And make life simple for yourself with clean lines and minimal fuss.

Have your seamstress embroider your dress with a special moniker or lettering, or stitch something special within the veil as a keepsake.


The ultimate Wedding Belle, Libra is most at home in a wedding dress of all the zodiac signs.

Step into your dream dress for a moment of pure bliss, as you walk down the aisle. No doubt you will look outstanding in so many different options and styles, so lean into current trends so you can have a giggle over the photos – it will give you the perfect reason to renew your vows!

You might also like a heart shaped neckline, since love hearts are synonymous with Cupid, son of your ruler Venus

Fair, balanced and a natural aesthetician, you understand proportion and seem to know what looks good. Trust you instincts on this one Libra love.


The most loyal of all the signs you’re one to take matrimony seriously, Scorpio. Show your sentiments in a special gown that’s silently impressive, going all-out on an impressive (drop dead gorgeous) silhouette.

You’ve a natural sex appeal that shows even through the most matronly styles, so show your quirky undertone with an edgy look.

Remember, both Chloe Seveny and Bjork are true Scorpio style icons…


Adventurous Sagittarius, you might use your special day as an excuse to do something totally different and fun.

Of all the signs you can inject your personality into your look, with a colorful palette or theme that’s so you.

No doubt you’ve opted for either a destination wedding or something that reflects your unique life philosophies – religious or otherwise!

Perhaps it’s a big gathering that sets your fire sign heart alight. You need a dress that’s impactful, jovial and bold…


Classic Capricorn, you are the queen of lace and antiquity – heritage touches that ooze class and say “expensive” are your domain.

You might not go all out like Princess Catherine, but you will have something totally appropriate – and timeless, too…


Oh Rebel Heart Aquarius – your freedom loving nature isn’t one to conform, and so if you’ve made it this far you may need free rein now.

Unconventional styles are your calling card, from the truly hippy bohemian touches, to super quirky and unconventional silhouettes.

And surprisingly you also pull off traditional styles too! Is there anything you can’t do? Aquarius is the avant garde sign, so really, don’t hesitate to mix it up on your big day.

As a humanitarian you might opt for an eco-chic aesthetic, with an environmentally conscious wedding dress! Yes, less is sometimes more, and you’ll prove to onlookers you needn’t buy something traditional.


The Zodiac’s dreamer, you might have been imagining your big day since childhood, and now that it’s here you’ll want something picture perfect.

Thankfully Pisces tends to be incredible photogenic, so you can opt for a reasonable gown and achieve outstanding results.

Soft, gentle, flowing lines suit the Piscean nature, which is accomodating and the ultimate in its romanticist spirit.

Remember you’re ruled by Neptune, the great god of the sea… Consider key accent colors that help your day stand out in everyones memory – hints of pale green, pink and inky blue…

You can also use your artistic licence to turn something worn and old into a masterpiece. You’ll amaze people on your special day when they realise you picked up your Victoriana dress at a house clearance, and bought it back to life! Who knew?

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