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July’s Lunar Eclipse, The Full Moon In Aquarius…

Take a quantum leap on the 27th with the full moon lunar eclipse!

The Aquarius Full Moon falls July 27th 9.20 pm (UK Time) at 4º44 of the zodiac sign.

The moon will arrive at its fabulous full moment in tandem with energy planet Mars – this is a fierce and ferocious lunation with heated emotions possible!

July’s Full Moon In Aquarius, Times Around The World:

☆ L.A. – Friday 27th 1.20 pm ☆ New York – Friday 27th 4.20 pm ☆ London – Friday 27th 9.20 pm ☆ Hong Kong – Saturday 28th 4.20 am ☆ Sydney – Saturday 28th 6.20 am ☆

Overview Of This Full Moon

This lunar eclipse, full moon in Aquarius comes to fruition in tandem with Mars, which is presently retrograde, shining an undeniable light on the lessons of this astrological transit for each and every one of us.

Mars is the planet of energetic drives and our ability to thrust forward with our passions, however as Mars is presently experiencing down time (thanks to its retrograde motion), we’re less inclined to harness this high energy planet in our full moon rituals. Instead, step down, take a pause, and fully realise what’s coming to pass.

Because this is an eclipse, it’s an extra powerful moment – think of it as an important chapter or storyline moment that’s unfolding in your personal tale.

It’s possible that this eclipse is bringing to fruition an important theme, so do your best to tune in to what’s unfolding for you, and be prepared to be surprised by the reality of the present moment.

The full moon is a magnificent moment to spotlight a particular area of life, as the moon delivers maximum light to usually unseen pockets.


The wider community, networks, your company, classmates or your social set are in the spotlight this Aquarius full moon, Aries.

What needs to shift in order to evolve? Celebrate your place among peers and be grateful for a new purpose and platform to shine.


Your public profile is illuminated by the full moon this Friday, Taurus, so claim your moment in the spotlight!

Celebrate your ambitious streak and take your five minutes of fame.

The last eighteen months may have seen you climb an important ladder, so hold your head high!


Shine a light on a special venture that takes you further afield, Gemini.

The full moon illuminates a journey you’ve taken over the last eighteen months; something has been learnt, perspectives have grown, perhaps it’s time to let a certain outlook leave you.

Consider your connection to philosophies outside the norm, as well as foreign places you’ve explored.


The moon is illuminating the most private area of your horoscope, the area where tax bills, property deeds, death, inheritance and secret affairs reside.

Luna is lighting up some pretty intense areas for examination, Cancer, so celebrate the sense of security you’ve gained. An important investment might come full circle now.


The full moon is a time to celebrate, Leo, and for you, Aquarius represents your other half.

Partnerships and significant relationships are in the spotlight, so celebrate the perfect pairing, Leo, releasing expectations of what’s a ‘normal’ union.


Your daily rituals – the job you show up to, the children you show up for, the tasks you complete, the routine you work around – are in focus now, Virgo.

You can have profound realisations as you shift into a new schedule or role; perhaps you’ve a new sense of wellness in everyday practices.


Aquarius represents the area governing children and play, recreation and creativity for you Libra.

Therefore this important full moon emphasises the most passionate and personal themes for Libra, perhaps a project you’ve birthed or have been keen to produce.

Allow the moons light to bring truth and clarity to you, letting go of ideas that no longer excite you.


Your sense of home foundations, your spaces and security come full circle with the moon at its peak, Scorpio.

Your physical location is spotlighted by the moon, and it might be time to embrace the place you’re in, or look to the nest you want to settle in.

Celebrate your ancestry and those that have come before you in the form of family and friends that help you feel nurtured. Up your self care, just for today.


Those closest and your local environment are the theme of the full moon, as it your sense of connection and ability to be curious among friends.

This is the area of our horoscope governing the playmates we bond with in school or university, the kindred spirits and siblings. Celebrate the communication skills you’ve developed and be ready to make a shift in your thinking.


An eighteen month cycle is bringing to light some important realisations around your income, Capricorn, as the full moon lights up work and money.

The job that you do and the way that you feel about it could be undergoing an important shift. Allow for transition or celebrate how far you’ve come.


The full moon in your sign is important, Aquarius, as it brings to light your presence, power and autonomy.

Your physical body could be in the limelight, with emphasis on all that’s personal – including the skin you’re in.

Use this week to really reflect on you, and release expectations of yourself.


Hidden agendas and the most transitionary area of your horoscope can be seen by this full moon eclipse.

What has shifted in the past eighteen months that is now in the light? Where have you surrendered big time?

Your ability to step into a new chapter is emphasised and ultimately to be celebrated, Pisces.

And what to do on this lunation?

1. Dare To Be Different

Take a Quantum Leap with the full moon in Aquarius – it’s totally the time to rock outer space vibes and to dare to be uber different.


2. Future Thinking With Flouro

Aquarius is the most progressive of the zodiac sign, concerned with how to improve life on earth for her fellow woman!

Thus you’ll often find Aquarius consumed with humanitarian pursuits or deep in future thinking.

She also has a flair for futuristic fashions, including fluorescent touches!

Ruled by Unusual Uranus, honour Aquarius fashion on the full moon with electric feels and bright splashes of neon.

Get into it for the full moon…

3. Send For Your Squad & Party On!

The most sociable sign in astrology, Aquarius has a following to rival the most popular stars.

Like fellow air signs gregarious Gemini and peace-keeper, balanced Libra, Aquarius operates from a thinking or metal perspective.

Air is the element of space and sociability.

The airwaves carry our messages and each of the three air element zodiac signs deals with information and communication in a different way.

Gemini connects information, curiously picking up skills and data. Libra drives with a sociable force, making everything civilised along the way. Aquarius is the fixed one.

She has conviction and loyalty towards her vision, confidence in her beliefs.

A full moon illuminates, making it easy for us to see the stark truth and reality.

Use it’s spotlight to reveal growth in yourself. Use it to celebrate and assert change.

4. Turn Up The Turquiose

Align with Aquarius using their lucky color, turquoise.

A touch of turquoise in your look stands out!

5. Avante Garde Aromas And Plants

Aquarius has ownership over blue and white flowers as well as Acacia, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Also the Gardenia fragrance, and the bird of paradise plant.

Use Frankincense in your full moon massage!

How will YOU celebrate the full moon & Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Stargazer? Let me know in the comments below!


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