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Dream A Little Dream: New Moon In Virgo Rituals…

What to do when the luminaries meet in the Maiden's sign?

Jada Pinkett Smith, Born With Sun, Moon, Mercury In Virgo…

Just before the new moon (and on the new moon itself) we can let go and release, ready to make room for a fresh start and new cycle.

This is an excellent time for manifestation and intention setting, considering what seeds of intention you’d like to plant now, and see come to fruition on the full moon in Virgo 2020/21.


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🌾☾ The Moon has joined the sun in VIRGO ready for the #newmoon! ✴︎ Time to incubate, go inwards, hunker down for 24-hours, get stuck into work, make lists and future plans! 📝🚜 Note that the New Moon is exactly trine to Uranus (♅), the planet of awakenings, change, revolution, differentness and radical upheavals. ✨⚡️✨ What attitudes, practices or day-to-day habits NEED to evolve? How have you already been making changes in the right direction and what else can you do to shake up your habits, health and wellness? ✨⚡️✨ This is just such a powerful New Moon for PROGRESS and we’ve well into Saturday to honour its remarkable potential. ✨☀️✨ Remember to take a modest ACTION towards your goal or intention – put your money where your mouth is!! ♅♉︎ ☾☉☿♀♂♍︎ ♄♇☋♑︎ Uranus in Taurus will thank you as will Venus, now in alignment with Saturn in Capricorn—the stars mean business!!! We can’t underestimate the trine between Virgo and Saturn, who really wants to recognise what’s already been accomplished, the mountains that have been scaled – the seeds planted now ready to put to good use. Remember Virgo energy is discerning so this is all about looking around you at what’s already stuck, what’s worthwhile and what’s worth taking to the Next Level. 💛 Horoscopes up on the site… #newmoon #virgomoon #newmooninvirgo #horoscope #horoscopes #newmooninvirgo #virgo #virgostyle #virgoszn #astrologyposts #zodiacsigns #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #newmoonblessings

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New Moon In Virgo Rituals…

Flavoured with Virgo vibes, the new moon carries a particularly organised, methodical feeling. So here are some beautiful ways to slow down and honour the new moon – rituals to mark the moment……

Refresh Your Health & Wellness – Overhaul Fitness Goals…

Virgo is the sign most in tune with all round body intuition – they rule the stomach, intestine and ‘gut instincts’. Read more in astrology and the body.

This is an awesome time for us all to set good intentions for an active healthy lifestyle, and to look after the good bacteria in our tummies!

Set positive intentions around the little daily rituals, including:

  • Drinking more water
  • Taking more steps (or the stairs instead of the lift!)
  • Getting more fresh air
  • Eating better
  • Brushing and flossing – every day!

Get Orderly And Organized – Time For A Neat Trim?

If life – and your locks are getting a bit unruly consider a trim.

Just ahead of the new moon is the best time to let go – in a neat and tidy fashion.

This is the perfect lunar phase – and zodiac sign – for a wax, pluck and general brush up.

Target The Little Things – Every Last Speck Of Dust…

The dark moon is a wonderful time to clean house and let go of extra baggage – release what no longer serves you, Stargazer!

You can detox your wardrobe and purge kitchen cupboards, scrub the floors and sweep away the debris of the past…

A Virgo Dream…

Be Of Service – Help Those In Need!


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Sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo tidies up after the Leo party.

Virgo is helpful and keen, with an earthy goodness that’s your health consultant cum secretary.

Be helpful to others to let this Virgo energy flow and multiply – into Action, Virgo Style!

Make Lists – Supercharge Your Intentions…


Virgo is the analyst extraordinaire of the zodiac. She is an expert list-writer and super at getting everything planned within an inch of its life.

The new moon is a wonderful day for ORGANISED schedule setting, which means pen to paper, checklists, tick boxes and all. Writing down your wishes will intensify and supercharge them!

Celebrities Born With Sun & Moon In Virgo…

Jada Pinkett Smith, Blake Lively, Cass Elliot, Sean Connery, Michelle Williams, Fiona Apple, Coco Rocha, Pixie Geldof, Rachael Ray, Mark Walberg and Rosie Perez…

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