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USA Horoscope Chart

July 4th – Happy Birthday America! Here's The Sibly Chart for the Declaration of independence...

We know that America gained its independence late afternoon on July 4th, 1776.

If the Declaration of Independence was signed at 4.50 pm then we can cast the USA ‘birth’ or natal chart as Sagittarius Rising!

Sagittarius is synonymous with horses and equestrian pursuits.

The Centaur (half man, half horse) is a galloping creature, spiritually adventurous with an untamed nature.

When we look at the US we see the great open plains – vast and expansive. We see cowboys (and girls!) saddling up to embark on wild rides.

USA horoscope chart

Oh Hey Cowgirl!

We see huge casinos in the desert of Nevada.

Ruled by lucky Jupiter, Sagittarius is a risk-taking-gambler, and the places we can go in the USA certainly suggest a sense of hope, wanderlust and spark optimism!!

There is something about America that allows people to take a chance – to follow their dreams… It’s the place people come to from the world over to “make it”.

Known For Hollywood Glamour & Fantasy…

Neptune sits with the Midheaven giving an impression of America that’s totally magical!

Disney movies, Hollywood and the output of cinematic blockbusters paints a veil of illusion over the image cast out of this place.

A quality around the reputation of the US is not necessarily how it is in reality.

When you go to Disneyland you realise there’s a man pulling the strings, that many moving parts are made to manufacture a sense of wonder…

Neptune is in Virgo, a sign of harvest, and one of the most seductive offerings from America is corn – cereals that are addictive!!

Homely Cancer – “As American As Apple Pie”…

Born under the nurturing sun sign Cancer, the USA is a home to many – home of the brave and free!

There’s a motherly sense we get through its offering; Aunt Jemima buttermilk pancake mix from Pearl Milling, macaroni and cheese or ‘comfort foods’. 

Jupiter is the chart ruler, and sits with Venus in Cancer – there’s a sense of over generosity with this combination, an over-indulgence that comes naturally, gathering everyone round the table to listen to mammy!

Even ET wants to phone home, being there makes him nostalgic!

This is the chart of the USA using 4th July 1776 as America’s Birthday…

USA Sibly Chart

USA horoscope chart

Born Independence Day 4th July 1776, At 4.50pm (LMT) In Philadelphia, PA…

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