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Mercury in Cancer – Celebrities And Style…


Catch A Crab On The Phone And You Might Be Reminiscing All Night Long…



People with Mercury in Cancer think with sensitivity.

Emotions are paramount to those with this planetary placement and they will appear thoughtful and sympathetic in the way they communicate.

They’re good listeners, with good memories and may like to think about the past. They like to feel people out and probe their emotional natures, but come across in a gentle way. They’re intuitive and sentimental.

Mercury in Cancer can be slow, withdrawn and introverted at times, appearing reflective and deep in thought. It’s the nature of the Crab to be defensive, and those with a personal planet in Cancer can be easily wounded – it’s the soft inner shell!

These people work best when they’re emotionally balanced and their peers should be aware that to be too fact-based, logical or brusque is not the way to win their hearts – or their minds.

They can be impressionable people, absorbing everything around them with their sensitive natures…

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Cancer, Gemini through to Leo. See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Celebrities with Mercury in Cancer

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Nicole Kidman ☆ Diana, Princess of Wales ☆ Crystal Renn ☆ Pamela Anderson ☆ Natalie Portman ☆ Gisele Bünchen ☆ Lana Del Rey ☆ Nicole Scherzinger ☆ Adriana Lima ☆ Ariana Grande ☆ Liv Tyler ☆ Jessica Simpson ☆Khloe Kardashian ☆ Alanis Morissette ☆ The Olsen Twins ☆ Eva Green ☆ Kate Bekinsale ☆ Iman ☆ Hilary Swank ☆ Brigitte Nielsen ☆ Diane Kruger ☆ Cyndi Lauper ☆ Debbie Harry ☆ Judy Garland ☆ Juliette Lewis ☆ Taylor Momen ☆ Solange Knowles ☆ Missy Elliott ☆ Selma Blair ☆ Carly Simon ☆ MIA ☆ Sadie Frost ☆

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