Venus Retrograde Beauty No-No’s… How To Hack This Astrological Transit!

Ready yourself with tips ahead of the Venusian plot-twist...

The very worst time to make changes to your looks is when Venus is retrograde, which is a celestial transit that happens every two years, for about six weeks – or 40 days and 40 nights


Consider how to revamp your look!


Make or instigate major NEW changes

Venus is the astrolocal goddess, and planet of beauty, and guides our inclination to attract (a mate, a friend, even an employer if we’re dressing for an interview or to get something we want); it’s our desires, our wants and values – what we place value on.

Venus speaks of the pleasure we take in life, and the quality of Venus in our own birth chart is our aptitude to express grace, charm, and beauty.

Through Venus, we discover our tastes, our aestheic and our inclinations – the posessions we like to own, the art, music and things we like to attain, and our preferred route to satisfaction, and all that makes us happy.

When Venus appears retrograde she appears to be tracing backwards, going against the grain, kicking up confusion, retracing her steps – lost in the wilderness for the 40 day stretch.

The influence of Venus is more hidden, and we’re urged to look back to rectify matters from the past.

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This year, Venus appears retrograde (in Leo) July 23rd, 2023, so that rethinking, rephrasing, and reconsidering are positive steps to take around what we like (read more and see your horoscope, here).

During any beauty-related ‘act’ it’s ideal that Venus be ‘happy’ or in strong shape—any planet in retrograde is resting and will withhold its greatest powers.

Venus Retrograde Beauty Tips…

It’s a bad idea to:

  • change your hair color
  • style your hair in a very different way
  • do something new
  • try Botox, plastic surgery, or other big changes 

while Venus is in retrograde.

Remember, Venus is resting, so it’s a good time to:

  • review, reflect, rebalance, and rectify,
  • recalibrate, reinvent (without taking action)
  • rest, revitalize, refuel,
  • reassess, renovate,
  • reengineer, recreate, redefine,
  • reclaim your beauty through retrospection… Review, and return to what works!

You can have your usual trims, touch-ups, and upkeep but refrain from doing anything brand new, radical or different during Venus Retrograde.

Your Venus Retrograde Horoscope is here!

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