Virgo Jada Pinkett Smith Birth Chart…

Jada, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo!

Born on a New Moon in Virgo, Jada Pinkett Smith is an awsome example of a super Virgo in action.

She boasts Mercury and Pluto in Virgo, a sign of purification, too, and although we don’t have her birth time is a truly gorgeous example of this energy concentrated.

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Via Astrotheme

Born Saturday September 18th, 1971 in Baltimore (MD), Jada arrived at the beginning of the Neptune in Sagittarius generation, with Jupiter and Neptune both in this extrovert, optimistic sign.

With Mars and the north node in Aquarius (sextile Chiron), being a talk show host (at the Red Table) is a wonderful expression of working out this placement, moving from the Leo south node – and her starting point as an actor – towards a more social endeavor in the digital realms (Red Table Talk set a record for the most views for a Facebook Watch show in 24 hours).

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