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Taurus Jewelry Style – Adornments For Your Tauro Friend…

Cleopatra Emerald Taurus Gemstone

Emerald, Perfect For Taurus…


An Earth sign that lives very much in the material realm, things are important to Taurus, and an expression of this trait for this Venus ruled sign is most certainly beautiful jewellery.

Steady and sensual, the Taurus girl is feminine and wants practicality in all areas, including her wardrobe.

Jewellery should be flashy – she prefers things to look a little expensive and will team trend-led items with classic, high-end pieces.

Remember, flowers are your friend…

Veering towards subtle styles, your Taurus friend can go delicate or bold, and, as the zodiac sign associated with the neck Taurus can go to town with statement necklaces.

Select something appropriate or use the following as inspiration…

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The Taurus Crystal – Emerald

Precious to Taurus? Emerald really is the best gemstone for Taurus – the colour compliments them too!

Raw Emerald…

As Taurus is a practical purchaser buy this lady something beautiful she can really enjoy wearing day-to-day…

Other stones include: Sapphire (a close second), Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise and also, Diamond.

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