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Sun In Capricorn Loretta Young



The Capricorn Hollywood stars of yesteryear had a dedicated and deliberate approach to their art, with some resulting long-standing careers as performers.

For example Viveca Lindfors taught acting in New York in her 70s and Loretta Young also came out of retirement in her twilight years to work again. True to the Capricorn work ethic, many early Hollywood actresses seemed to produce films at a frequency unrivaled by our contemporary stars of today.

Typically, Capricorn will take most matters super seriously, whether it’s defending a party in a trial, or trying to organise a party! They’re also wise beyond their years and take a mature stance on matters, so make reliable, invaluable co-workers.

It might be dubbed, but here is the absolutely stunning Ava Gardner singing the sombre yet hopeful song from Show Boat!

Watch: Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man…

Capricorn Hollywood Stars

capricorn-peggy-ashcroft  capricorn-ava-gardner  capricorn-marlene-dietrich  capricorn-viveca-lindfors  capricorn-loretta-young  capricorn-gypsy-rose-lee

☆ Peggy Ashcroft 22nd December 1907 ☆ Ava Gardner 24th December 1922 ☆ Marlene Dietrich 27th December 1901 ☆ Viveca Lindfors 29th December 1920 ☆ Loretta Young 6th January 1913 ☆ Gypsy Rose Lee 9th January 1911 ☆

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