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I’m always encouraging friends to follow my Lunar Hair Care advice in order to really get the most from their beauty regime. This means cutting and removing hair in line with the lunar phases.

I wanted to make it easier for them, and you, with this simple guide that helps you to follow the movements of the Moon. You can watch my YouTube video here and see the best phases for cutting and waxing your hair, below.


Your 2015 New Moon and Full Moon Dates are HERE.


For thousands of years the moon has served us as a brilliant calendar, although in recent times we’ve relied on more convenient clockwork devices. We know that the moon controls the tides, regulates our periods, some farmers even plant their crop in tune with it’s phases (called Biodynamic Gardening).

Essentially the gravitational pull of the moon affects how fast or slow things here on Earth will grow.

Women have used Mama Moon as a go-to guide for their Lunar Beauty Rituals for centuries, cutting and removing their hair in line with the moon’s phases, depending on the desired re-growth rate. Looking at the night sky they’d notice the moon getting fuller over consecutive days (waxing), or watched it waning (getting smaller). This dictated when they’d undertake activities, such as cutting their lovely locks (or plucking a rouge witches chin hair!).


Guide To The Lunar Phases For Your Beauty Rituals…

When the Moon is growing in the sky (also known as waxing,) the rate of hair growth is rapid, and any cut or trim will only serve to keep those luscious locks flowing freely. This is the case right up until the Full Moon hour, when la Lune is at its most powerful (and I think that’s the very best time for a haircut).

To take advantage of the momentum of the Moon and it’s supportive phase for growth, you must cut hair in the run up to the Full Moon, not thereafter.

You’ll find the times and dates here.

The Waxing Phase is also the optimum time to rejuvenate and repair the skin, replenishing it with all the good stuff like gorgeous vitamin enriched moisturisers. Your skin and hair is more absorbent during this time, and your nails grow faster too.

Conversely, once the Full Moon has shined brightly in the night sky to its optimum, it starts to ‘wane’.

The Waning Phase will see hair slow its pace of growth, as will nails and skin. Repair is slightly harder to achieve on cuts and grazes and skin is less absorbent. However, it is a prime time to detox and draw out any of the bad stuff you want to get rid of – sweat it out in the sauna sister! Go to town with mud packs, and if you use those little pore strips you’ll like the results better now – those blackheads will walk out of your nose on a Waning Moon! Treat yourself to that colonic too.

If you want a haircut to retain it’s shape (some people don’t like going to the hairdresser or barber all the time,) then have your haircut during the Waning Moon, as hair cut now will grow more slowly.

So, that’s after the Full Moon, through to just before the New Moon (again, dates below).

By the time we’re teetering into the New Moon, you have the very best time to wax, pluck or thread. Exfoliate and get rid of any unwanted body bits before it arrives because they’ll be slower to return, see?

Another fact for you, our pain threshold is lower on a Full Moon and blood flows more freely, another reason to avoid a wax around the Full Moon!


In Summary

Dark Of The Moon, Followed By New Moon

REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR in the Dark Moon phase, this is when the moon is akin to being in hibernation. Then starts the cycle again with the New Moon. Right now, if you were to see what was going on up there you’d notice that the Sun and Moon were sitting together! And then the moon pulls away…

If you can wax (and pluck, exfoliate etc.) just before the New Moon, in the dark moon days, this is the optimum time for slow growth – slower re-grow of the hair.

Waxing Moon

DO REPLENISH – Following the new moon la lune is in a growing phase, making its way to becoming full. Skin and hair are most absorbent so moisturise, repair any skin issues and get lots of vitamins into your body.

DO CUT – Bear in mind that a hair cut in this phase won’t really hinder your locks from flowing, it’s likely to encourage healthy growth instead during this phase.

Full Moon

The Full Moon itself is prime for cutting your hair so it grows thicker, faster and longer, a manicure or file down will result in nails that are strong and grow quickly too.

DON’T WAX as it could be more painful now, and it grow back rapidly and possibly thicker.

Waning Moon

DO DETOX – After the Full Moon comes the phase where the Moon decreases. You might want to start a diet now, detox, exfoliate and get rid of any unwanted bits of body! Sweat it out in the sauna and steam, and why not consider a colonic? It’ll be more effective now…


Read more about activities for the lunar cycle in: What To Do At The Moon’s Phases, with meditations, manifestations and more…



There’s many ways to follow the phases of the Moon. In fact, you’ll notice lots of the diaries in shops have teeny tiny Moons on the pages to show what stage she’s at. You can buy an Ephemeris for all the planetary placements or I’ve also provided the Full Moon and New Moon dates 2015. Why not bookmark this page as a handy guide?

Lunar Hair Care – Use It Or Loose It!

It’s up to you if you embrace this ancient wisdom and take note of the Moon but really what have you got to loose? Reawaken this long forgotten tradition and see if you notice the magic of the Moon at work…