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The Libra Man’s Style…

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The diplomatic Libra man has a reputation as the charmer of the zodiac, and with his good looks, sweet smile and always a kind word to say he’ll have you melting.

Mr Libra takes careful consideration over the way he looks and the impression he gives off, which is usually clean, cool and collected. His outward appearance is important – Libra is the most vain sign of the zodiac!

The Libra Man Fashion Style

This Venusian ruled sign is naturally attuned to what looks good and your typical Librian man is incredibly interested in fashion, liking to be well dressed at all times. He’ll often have an enviable wardrobe and if the sign of the Scales is strong in his chart he could even work in fashion or beauty.

He’ll look after his threads (and yours), clothes will be pressed and ironed, and he’ll know what looks right with impeccable taste.

My Libra man is Will Smith, a good example of a Librian qualities his Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the constellation. Always pleasant we never see a bad side to Smith, he’s got a calm persona on and off screen and works the red-carpet cameras with his Hollywood smile!

Famous Libra Men

libra-michael-douglas  niall-horan-libra  libra-will-smith

☆ Will Smith ☆ Michael Douglas ☆ Niall Horan  ☆

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