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Your 2018 Valentine’s Day Horoscope!


Is Love Written In The Stars This Valentines?

This Valentines, the sun in Aquarius aligns with the ruler of Aquarius – Uranus, which is presently at 25º of Aries.

It’s a day that’s throughly Uranian, with the moon, Mercury, the sun and the south node all in the Water Bearers Zodiac sign, which is the hallmark that makes the upcoming new moon an ‘eclipse’. Read self care tips for Eclipse Season here.

On February 15th at 9.05 pm (GMT/UT), we’ll experience the new moon in Aquarius, so that on Valentines Day itself we’ve a dark moon – when the moon is waning in its last phase of the lunar cycle. This is an incredible time to meditate and focus on what we’re happy to surrender, and what we’d like to manifest for the next six months. This could be a major turning point, and plenty of change is in the air NOW. Romantic for some, but it ain’t necessarily so.

What does this bring about for your star sign? Read on for both sun and rising sign…


Friendship rules this Valentine’s Day Aries, with planets sparkling in the friendly networking area of your horoscope. Focus on group activities and the projects you hope to pursue among wider circles. Dream and make manifest among the connections you’ve made (or hope to make) through your tribe – including online portals and communities. Draw them closer; you can impart a radical message to followers, as Uranus in your sign is aligned with chatty Mercury and the sun. Inspire members of your clan. Venus in your closure zone supports you on your worldly endeavours too…

Love? Not so much. Friendship? Five Stars!


The sun is striding through the most visible part of your horoscope, Taurus, brining your focus and attention towards career pursuits and the path that lies ahead – your path, your way in the world, your yellow brick road. This is an awesome time to set big goals around how you wish to come across in the world, how you’d like to present yourself professionally, to those above and around you – authority figures, peers and co-workers. Let unseen forces guide your dreams; you might soon be instigating changes in private, now is a good time to tune in to a new direction and sense of empowerment. Show your influence, Tauro!

Love? Not so much. Career? Booming!


Gemini can contemplate a new venture this Valentines Day, with the area of the horoscope governing education, entrepreneurship and travel LIT. You can totally rope in members of the community, or friends from your wider network into plans – get cracking! Your thirst for a different journey that inspires you might clash with the day job, however you can learn so much from this endeavour that’s just beginning. Career matters are really blossoming, with supportive partners and the resources to progress. Of all the zodiac signs you can have a fairly amorous Valentines, with Mars in your partnership zone keeping the action moving.

Love? Quite! Adventure? A must.


It could be hard keeping it lighthearted this Valentines, Crabcake, as your attention is fixated in the most private area of your horoscope – the area of close bonds and shared commitments. Perhaps you’re focussed on a special partnership (business or pleasure), or a financial or legal matter has come on your radar. Either way this is an ideal time to reaffirm your place in important relationships, and also to surrender expectations of what you’re due to receive. It’s a favourable time to engage with others; your interactions are generally intense and charged at the moment, yet luck is on your side.

Love? Surprisingly Sizzling!


The focus is on partnerships now, Leo and it’s a particularly good time to focus on exactly what you want from special unions – not only in love but in friendship or business too, even the closest bonds you share with siblings or a colleague or house mate. Draw you attention to others and how you balance, share and care. Self expression is high and it’s likely you can be understood by others now, with a pressing idea, message or wisdom to impart. You can also work well with special people now too, as there’s a neat alignment of planets between your everyday role and zone of strong bonds, which is promising. Teamwork and trust is everything now. Single? Meditate on what you want within a relationship, couple up, refresh your commitment.

Love? Sky high – passion and partnership are yours.


A new moon in your workaday zone means you can direct your focus towards your duties, and maintaining an efficient, productive schedule. This is an excellent time to bring about a fresh start in your day job (or schooling, fitness regime or any other day-to-day practices), so contemplate what you want the next six months and beyond to look like – as far as your usual activities go. Your sense of harmony in relationships is strong, and you’re generally well supported with the help at hand (and creative zeal) to see you go the distance.

Love? All around you. Work? Strong on the agenda.


Your ruling planet Venus has moved into the proficient, efficient, organised area of your horoscope putting the brakes on helter-skelter fun, somewhat. Planets are clustered in the most exuberant area of your horoscope putting emphasis on sporting activities, children and parenthood, hobbies and enjoyable activities – including pro-creation and love-making! On Thursday Venus reaches out to stabilising Saturn for a hand to hold, which brings extra security to your outlook and a sense of firm foundations. This could be a time of blissed out that’s truly to be enjoyed, focus on what you love and adore.

Love? Yes.


Spend your Valentines Day at home or in a special sanctuary, Scorpio. The emphasis next week is around new beginnings for your domestic setup, or your emotional standing, family foundations or place of abode. This means you could be turning a major corner or reinvigorating your sense of security. Venus is well placed to support your sense of self-expression and could you even be making a serious declaration or connection.

Love? Yes! Remember to bring it home baby!


Extra special connections are favoured at this time, Sagittarius, with close relations highly charged with fun sparks and an easy sense of rapport between you and others! The new moon occurs in the area of your horoscope that brings out your sense of curiosity, your ability to relate and get along with peers and playmates, siblings and best friends. Refresh your ties and think of the communication skills you’d like to build and add to your repertoire – you can build a strong connection now. Your foundations are supportive, with serious consideration around your role underway, and financial stability truly possible at this time.

Love? Friendly, romantic, spontaneous sweet love that build your self esteem! Yes!


It’s time for your to be confident in your role, and to focus on fresh starts for earnings, Capricorn, which could be connected to home. The new moon settles in your zone of values and self worth, which draws your attention to income and your awareness around finances. Practical matters can benefit from an invigorating push in the weeks ahead, but for now contemplate what is needed to help you feel good enough to push it to the next level. Close connections are presently favoured, as you’re setting boundaries with those nearest and successfully asserting yourself – especially on the 15th. You’ve a gracious touch in conversation, so use your charm to establish your limits.

Love? Not so much. Your Position? Yes! And money…


It’s YOUR day my weird and wonderful space cadet friend, so contemplate your special qualities and a fresh start for your fine-ass self. New moon’s are notoriously quiet and good times for self reflection, release and letting go. This is your personal new year and a wildly fortuitous time to connect to your nearest and dearest – not necessarily blood relations but your true friend-fam. You are uniquely connected now. Venus is in your money (and self-worth) zone connecting to a major process that’s going on behind the scenes – you might be feeling yo-self and experiencing a boost based on ‘inner work’, now. Refresh your look confidently, boldly and radically, Aqua.

Love? If you mean Self-Love, YES.


For Pisces this is a Valentines Day you might want to sit out – or at least take a major step back with your Boo. There’s no doubt you’re coming across picture perfect, Pisces, with Venus now swimming in your sign, however the new moon in Aquarius is all about closure, surrender and release, as you process some major shifts and new beginnings around your sense of faith and deeper connection to life and the everything. It’s well worth taking time out to meditate on bad habits you want to eradicate, plus ties that are past their best. It’s a powerful time for goodbyes and simultaneously a strong time for friends and community to support you. Reflect on transition and your inner world and thoughts, feel a shift as you move beyond the past and towards healing. Soothe your senses in private.

Love? Tentative. Closure? yes.




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