Amazing Aries Lil Nas X Astrology And Birth Chart…

Born on a last quarter Moon in Capricorn, Aries Lil Nas X is an incredible rising star, with a place in my heart!

I imagine his Moon syncs with transits from Pluto, as he rose to superstardom at a really important time for Capricorn placements, so I’ll have to take a much closer look at the details.

If the Moon is more toward 20-21º it will still form a lovely aspect to Mercury in dreamy, poetic Pisces…

I love his Scorpio Mars – though this is in opposition to Saturn and makes up a T-Square with Neptune, it’s clearly working to his advantage!

The Aries Sun makes a harmonious trine to the regal North Node in Leo, amazing for stellar qualities: strong performance skills, theatrical clout, splendour and confidence that shines bright; also incredible for making GOLD pop (see the three Met Gala red carpet looks – a King…)

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“i’ve realized the only opinion of me that really matters is my own.”

Spoken like a true Aries…

Note Uranus is sextile – harmoniously aligned – with his Sun-Jupiter, on the South Node axis point, indicating a familiarity with being a change maker, disruptor, and someone who seamlessly shakes up the status quo! Love this.

Venus in Taurus is also gorgeous for this style icon, who makes flawless fashion choices!

Fabulous chart…

Lil Nas X Birth Chart

Born Friday April 9th, 1999 In Lithia Springs, Georgia, Via AstroTheme

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