Mercury in Aries Celebrities And Style…

Bold and confident communicators, Aries Mercury are not afraid to speak their minds!

Ewan McGregor, Sun and Mercury In Aries…

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication, thinking, and intelligence.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with assertiveness, courage, and initiative.

If someone has Mercury in Aries, it means that at the time of their birth, the planet Mercury was located in the sign of Aries.

Aries Mercury: To The Point.

This person can have a quick mind, able to think and communicate with speed and assertiveness.

They may be direct, confident and to the point in their communication style, and may have a strong sense of self-confidence in their ideas and beliefs.

Impulsive in their thinking and decision-making, sometimes they act before fully considering the consequences.

Mentally active, energetic, and bold in their communication and thinking style, there may be a love of debate and intellectual challenges.

These individuals may enjoy engaging in arguments or discussions that require a sharp wit.

You may find them skilled at presenting ideas in a forceful and persuasive way. Note they’re very convincing when they are passionate about something.

On the negative side, people with Mercury in Aries may sometimes come across as aggressive or overly argumentative.

They may be so focused on getting their point across that they fail to listen to others or consider alternative viewpoints.

Mercury Aries people may rush into decisions without fully thinking things through. This can lead to mistakes or regrets later on.

Mercury In Aries Speak Their Mind!

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Folk with this planetary placement enjoy engaging in intellectual challenges.

At work, if they disagree they may not stay quiet or be diplomatic.

Ready to speak up and challenge ideas, they may present with confidence and conviction. Not ones to shy away from confrontation or debate, they can be impatient.

On the other hand, they may struggle to be diplomatic or tactful.

Their natural tendency is to be assertive, so they may need to work harder to finesse their communication style in situations where a more subtle approach is required.

They Can Be Loud…

This individual will always have the propensity to come across as a little blunt

They’re honest and favour fresh, new, stimulating conversation.

Problem solvers, they’re creative, assertive and because they like things to move fast.

As a Fire sign they can slip into an argument at the drop of a hat but are quick to forgive and move on swiftly.

The Pisces-Sun-Aries-Mercury combination tends to have a slightly softer edge to their speech.

Celebrities with Mercury in Aries…

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Aries, Pisces through to Taurus.

See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Kourtney Kardashian astrology aries   sjp   kate-hudson   keira  elle   diana-ross   Michelle-Pfeiffer   carmen-electra  aries-ashley-judd  aries-jayne-mansfield  jessica-chastian  verushka  ann-margret

☆ Kourtney Kardashian ☆ Sarah Jessica Parker ☆ Kate Hudson ☆ Keira Knightly ☆ Elle MacPherson ☆ Leona Lewis ☆ Dusty Springfield ☆ Patricia Arquette ☆ Diana Ross  ☆ Alessandra Ambrosio ☆ Anna Dello Russo ☆ Ashley Judd ☆ Jayne Mansfield ☆ Victoria Beckham ☆ Maria Sharapova ☆ Eva Peron ☆ Emma Thompson ☆ Jennifer Garner ☆ Jessica Chastain  ☆ Michelle Pfeiffer ☆ Carmen Electra ☆ Queen Elizabeth II ☆ Lily Allen ☆ Dianna Agron ☆ Audrina Patridge ☆ Liza Minnelli ☆ Joanna Lumley ☆ Bianca Jagger ☆ Linda Evangelista ☆ Andie Macdowell ☆ Verushka ☆ Ann Margret ☆

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