Space Babe Aquarius – See Chloe Moretz Birth Chart…

See Chloe Moretz birth chart below. It’s fascinating, as the actress was born with a strong stellium in Aquarius.

☆ Sun In Aquarius ☆ Moon In Aries ☆ Venus In Aquarius

Chloe has a LOT of yang energy in her chart.

With the exception of Neptune, her planets and the Moon appear in Air and Fire signs.

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus all appear in the constellation of the Water Bearer. This makes her a truly wonderful example of Aquarius energy and aesthetics. Only the Moon and Mars are left of her most personal planets. Chloe was born during the meet-up of Jupiter and Uranus in 1997. You can read more about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction here. Essentially this only happens every 13-14 years! Note the alignment of Pluto in Sagittarius, too.

An Aries Moon?

We’ll assume that this personal horoscope features the Moon in Aries.

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Because the Moon moves the fastest of all the celestial bodies there’s a chance that Chloe has a Pisces Moon. However, because of her film choices (Kick Ass, and Scary Girl…), I’d bet on it being Aries!

Mars in Libra is one that will fight for justice, fairness and diplomacy, which is in contrast and direct opposition to the Aries Moon that exerts itself independently and with itself in mind. Figuring out aggression and how to channel anger could be a life-long theme.

Chloe Moretz birth chart reveals the potential pairing of Moon and Saturn.

Saturn conjunct Moon indicates a disciplined, organised and responsible individual that might feel old before their time. The Moon governs feelings and emotion, and Saturn’s presence could prompt Moretz to have a mature outlook – good for a young actress to have her head so firmly on!

Chloë Moretz’s Birth Chart…

Chloe Moretz Birth Chart

Born 10th February, 1997 In Atlanta, Georgia (Time Unknown)

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