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Top 5 Tips To Work An Aquarius Makeup Style!

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Take it from the stars, those born under the Aquarius constellation can work a truly gorgeous makeup style!

What are the top beauty tips for Aquarius babes?

1. Dare To Go Bare…

Aquarius is the sign that suits a totally fresh faced approach to beauty.

A champion of ‘less is more’, Aqua babes bring this trend mainstream, with stars like Alicia Keys front and foremost of the #nomakeup movement.

While the style of Libra (the makeup qween) is to contour and add-on, this zodiac sign really needs very little to shine…

2. Line Up!

Aquarius Celebrities (as above): Jennifer Aniston, Mischa Barton, Lily Donaldson, Lauren Conrad, Isabel Lucas, Chloe Moretz, Doutzen Kroes, Heather Morris, Rosamund Pike, Tiffany Thiessen, Eliza Gonzalez, Elizabeth Olsen, Emma Roberts, Natalie Dormer, Christina Ricci, Isla Fisher and Rose Leslie..

As an Aquarius you can frame your eyes beautifully with a dark liner.

You might have captivating ‘wild’ eyes, that show you’re on the ball, thinking of much bigger ideals than some of your star sign sisters. Aquarius is usually consumed with a cause or interest, which means her time isn’t usually dedicated to superficial pursuits.

A dark liner is a simple statement that defines your outlook.

3. Light As Air…

The Aquarius woman suits a light touch of glossy lipstick in an understated color; her lipstick shade can be a taupe or apricot shade.

4. Striking Accents!

Known as the rebel heart, Aquarius only goes against the grain when forced. A fixed zodiac sign, she doesn’t push back or disrupt the status quo unless someone is trying to hem her in, yet if the people do need a champion she’s the ideal candidate.

Count on your Aquarius friend to do what’s right, to speak up against the things that are unjust in the world.

You’ll notice this sign has an affinity with the fight against the man, and so her ingrained spirit chimes well with hippy touches, like headbands and quirky accessories. Boho looks are her calling card.

5. Embrace Your Uniqueness…

The zany and unconventional sign, Aqua can sport looks that would just look plain weird on the rest of us.

Fluro colors and eccentric looks are just a couple of the possibilities for Aquarius beauty touches, but you can let your imagination run wild with some pretty out there looks! Check out Aquarius, Weird & Wonderful for more celebrity style.

Keywords: progressive, rebellious, cool, quirky, aloof and popular.

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