Mercury in Sagittarius Celebrities And Style…

Mercury in astrology represents communication, thinking, and learning.

Sagittarius is a fire sign associated with adventure, exploration, and expansion.

When someone has Mercury in Sagittarius, it means at the time of birth, planet Mercury was located in the sign of Sagittarius.

Free To Broaden Their Horizons!

Mercury in Sagittarius can indicate a person has an adventurous and expansive approach to communication and learning.

Interested in exploring new ideas and perspectives, they have a natural talent for teaching, storytelling, and public speaking.

They may be drawn to topics that have a philosophical or spiritual component. Highly independent, they may value autonomy above all else.

Prone to exaggeration or embellishment, they may be less interested in the day-to-day details of life. Drawn to careers that involve travel, they can work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

However, they may have difficulty focusing on tasks that require sustained effort or attention.

Whatever their profession they might be a fan of ‘goofing off’ or have an extrovert exuberant way of expressing themselves.

Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora all go bold with the way they express themselves – you can listen to the music of these stars to ‘hear’ Mercury in Sagittarius at work!

Comedy & Laughs…

They can be quite the comedienne of the zodiac!

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Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Sarah Silverman, Katherine Heigl, Christina Applegate, Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Lui and Brittany Murphy are born with this placement.

Bold & Blunt!

Sagittarius Mercury speak freely.

They tend to communicate in a bold, enthusiastic, and sometimes blunt manner.

On the negative side, people with Mercury in Sagittarius may struggle with being overly optimistic.

Idealistic in their communication, they may overlook details or practical considerations.

Gregarious, fun and lively, as the progressive sign of the Archer allows room for optimism.

This way of thinking adds a lightness to the sign of Scorpio and Capricorn, and enhances the natural positive stance of Sagg.

Celebrities With Mercury In Sagittarius…

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Sagittarius, Scorpio through to Capricorn.

See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

christina-aguilera  britney   Scarlett-Johansson   sagittarius-Amanda-Seyfried   Nicki Minaj  rita-ora-sagittarius  sagittarius-sarah-silverman   alyssa-milano   sagittarius-christina-applegate   jamie-lee-cutis  katie-holmes   bjork   vivien-leigh   vanessa-paradis  jan  sagittarius-bette-midler  sagittarius-katherine-heigl

☆ Goldie Hawn ☆ Björk ☆ Thandie Newton ☆ Vivien Leigh ☆ Brittany Murphy ☆ Nicollette Sheridan ☆ Maggie Rizer ☆ Christina Aguilera ☆ Britney Spears ☆ Katherine Heigl ☆ Scarlett Johansson ☆ Alyssa Milano ☆ Carla Bruni Sarkozy ☆ Nelly Furtado ☆ Edith Piaf ☆ Maria Callas ☆ Katie Holmes ☆ Nicki Minaj ☆ Lucy Liu ☆ Christina Applegate ☆ Marianne Faithfull ☆ Bette Midler ☆ Sarah Silverman ☆ Tina Turner ☆ Amanda Seyfried ☆ Anna Faris ☆ Felicity Huffman ☆ Nicole Appleton ☆ Zoë Ball ☆ Vanessa Paradis ☆ January Jones ☆ Diane Keaton ☆ Mary J. Blige ☆ Joely Richardson ☆ Jane Birkin ☆ Calista Flockhart ☆ Amy Lee ☆ Dido ☆ Patti Smith ☆ Jamie Lee Curtis ☆ Bo Derek ☆ Toni Collette ☆ Petula Clark ☆ Judi Dench ☆ Carly Rae Jepsen ☆ Dionne Warwick ☆ Tracey Ullman ☆ Eve ☆ Amerie ☆ Patrizia Gucci ☆ Chanel Iman ☆ Shailene Woodley ☆ Carol Vorderman ☆ Peaches ☆ Summer Phoenix ☆ Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace ☆ Caroline Flack ☆

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