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Astrology & Accessories – Aries Rules Hats!

Aries The Ram Governs The Head & Headgear...

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Did you know that as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries rules the head?

Jared Leto, Mars and Moon in Aries…

This is a zodiac sign known for diving in head first. Represented by the Ram, Aries takes the lead, head down, ready to charge.

Headaches can be an area of contention for the Aries person and they love a good head massage.

Different things fall under the rulership of the signs and this constellation presides over battles, sharp objects, ignition and firefighting.

And, hats are an Aries thing too…

Lil Nas X, Sun Jupiter In Aries…

It’s interesting that the opposite sign to Aries – Libra is the zodiac sign that rules weddings… And part of our individual expression of fashion at nuptials is a big-brimmed masterpiece.

Aries seems to suit helmets and dramatic headdresses, fedoras, hoods and military style helmets, and also feminine fascinators too.

Crowns are definitely ruled by Leo, and tiaras too, but turbans and hard hats are all owned by the Aries sign!

In my humble opinion I believe Aries looks fabulous in headgear… Remember, you’re not just your sun sign – you can consider your Venus, Moon and Rising sign too…

Here are my favourite Aries ladies (and lad) rocking headpieces with flair!

Queen Of Hats: Anna Dello Russo


Anna Dello Russo was born on the 16th April, 1962.

Editor at Large of Vogue Japan she’s one lady who leads in the outrageous style awards – this Aries is OTT and fabulous!

A signature staple in her wardrobe is an outstanding collection of headpieces.

Lady Gaga is Aries-born, with her birthday falling 28th March.

The star has a distinctive fashion sense and often tops her outfits with an equally show-stopping hat!

Happy In Hats! Pharrell Williams

Pharrell, Sun and Venus in Aries, image via Flickr

Aries guy Pharrell wears a helluva hat from the ARIES fashion designer extrodinnairre, Vivienne Westwood

His DOB? April 5, 1973.

When You’re Aries Rising…


When you’re born with Aries on the ascendant you too can totally wear hats! Check out the stars with Aries rising…

Moon In Aries – At Home With Hats…

Our moon sign allows us to be comfortable with the trends of a zodiac sign, so those people born when the Moon was passing through Aries will be comfortable with this trend too!

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