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For the best health advice turn to Virgo.

With natural affinity to the sixth house in astrology, governing the day-to-day regularities (including the rhythm and routine of our gut and inner workings), the Virgo constellation is the true zodiac sign of health and wellness.

Virgo “I Analyse”

As the analyst of the zodiac, Virgoan types are typically intellectual, critical and on the pursuit of perfection. Meticulous and efficient they complete their duties very well.

Their mission is to serve and be helpful, and in their mission to be of service can be quite the fusspot! This attitude can extend to their eating habits and many a Virgo will have strange preferences, or be a picky eater when it comes to diet – don’t forget moon in Virgo people too!

As a sign dedicated to being useful, Virgo loves to improve, help and heal. There is an interesting dynamic when considering the tendencies of the opposite sign to Virgo – Pisces, which also has saviour characteristics, although as a mutable water sign their sensitivities are quite different – opposite sides of the spectrum.

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As a mutable earth sign, Virgo energies are adaptable and can change easily and instinctively, through a cool, objective perspective.

Virgo Style – Precision & Perfection…

Normally health-conscious, Virgo is conscious of their health, meaning they’re in-tune with their bodies.

Ruler of the gut, abdominal region, large and small intestines they have superior instincts when it comes to tuning into their inner workings. Read more in: Astrology and the Body, here.

That’s not to say that they always take care of themselves!

In contrast, many a Virgo will see-saw between angelic standards and a truly slovenly approach.

When they do make an effort to stay physically fit, Virgo people take pleasure in repetitive exercise and routines. They are not overly competitive but rather they seek to perfect their skills, really for the sake of doing the thing well.

Because of their connectedness to the inner workings – the tummy and gut – Virgo feel through the physical, and worrying can lead to ill-health. If they’re feeling anxious or worried they can bring on a stomach-ache! 

Ruled by messenger planet Mercury their mental faculties are of great significance; they can be quite sensitive to artificial medicines and foods, and, if they’re in a bad mood, food can upset them.

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