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Capricorn Season runs between December 22nd and January 20th. Announced by Winter Solstice, this month begins with the shortest day (and longest night) of the year when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. In the Northern Hemisphere darkness reigns supreme, while light is at its bare minimum. For animals – and those of us sensitive to the cold – it’s a time for hibernation, to hunker down and brace freezing temperatures. A month of severity and at times utterly brutal conditions, we get realistic about what’s a necessity – and what’s a frivolous luxury. A tone of formality sees us lean into frugality, ‘making do’, sensitive to the harsh conditions we now face.

Similarly, those born under this sign are realists, with a hardcore work ethic, and less is more approach.

Capricorn Astrostyle: They exude coolness

Our admiration for Capricorn astrostyle is so, so real. Veering towards a classic, conservative style, Capricorn typically recoils from flashy, overt displays of success, and instead lets chic, subtle signatures speak on their behalf. Omitting a frequency of cool, you’ll notice they’re well put together, dapper, with a smartness to their dress that’s somehow casual, too. Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Suki Waterhouse, Sienna Miller and Florence Pugh are born under this sign, as well as Timothée Chalamet, and Jared Leto. Always occasion appropriate and seen in the right attire, they can throw on black and slate greys, with hints of forest green to suit their earthy nature.

They are responsible

Goverened by ‘serious Saturn’, the planet of limits, boundaries, hardship and time management, Capricorn’s can be counted on as the conscientous type, grown up, and always ready to strive for task completion. As children they can seem mature for their age. Often described as older than their years, they make respectable work mates and encouraging bosses. It may be the fact that two members of Blackpink (Jisoo and Jennie) are born under this sign that’s led to their status as a best-selling, record breaking act. Capricorn can really be relied upon to show up with right answers when you’re in a pinch.

They always reach the top

High achievers (though not necessarily in a studious or traditional business sense), there’s usually at least one area of life in which Capricorn will excel or show authority. They make their way to the finish line–or mountain’s summit–with incredible perseverence, determination and a long-term view, no matter how tough the terrain seems to others. They take feats of epic proportions in their stride. JRR Tolkein included an immense backstory for his fantasy series, constructing ‘Middle-earth’ for his fictional writing. Dolly Parton rose from humble beginnings to her impressive career in entertainment, while Muhammad Ali is regarded as the greatest fighter of all time. They make steadfast partners, seemingly able to push their mate to strive for excellence, just as they do. Former First Lady Michelle Obama is a prime example of this, while patient Kate Middleton now stands beside the Heir to the British throne.

Mystery surrounds them; half-goat, half-fish

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With all the right ingredients to be an accomplished leader, chairperson, CEO or matriarch, Capricorn’s creature is the unassuming yet hardy mountain goat. This is a beast that can scale the steepest peaks and protect itself with tough horns. But the lesser known side is its mythic fish tail, which alludes to Capricorn’s magical tendencies. They are, in fact, incredibly intuitive people, as well as boasting practical instincts. Master manifestors, remember Capricorn‘s month sees a major new beginning of our calendar. They preside over the transition between one year and the next, the firm hands of time… As we all make resolution, there’s a chance to take on some of Capricorn’s strong resolve. Literally the ‘greatest of all time’, the GOAT you know makes things happen – and makes it look easy, too. Yet it’s their unwavering perserverence and faith that life will line up that’s most remarkable. They understand the order of things, that solemly putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how long it takes, will yeild the desired results.

More Capricorn AstroStyle Secrets…

  • Ruled by Saturn, Lord of Limits, boundaries, karma and consequences, and also time. Clocks, watches and time pieces resonate with this sign.
  • Austerity, formality, depression, restriction and restructuring. There’s a sense of the avoidance of buying frivolities. Stay lean, focus on stripping back trimming the unnecessary fat.

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Celebrity Capricorn…

My celebrities who have a strong Capricorn signature include:

  • Greta Thunberg – Sun, Moon & Mercury in Capricorn. She appeared on the cover of TIME magazine during Capricorn Season . Her serious, formidable approach bring attention to earthly concerns and realities.
  • Time’s Up has been a movement of Saturn in Capricorn.
  • Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton – two women in power who embrace their respective roles. They show up as responsible, sensible, credible Capricorn (classic traits of this sign are wisdom and maturity). They might not be president or king, but these ladies have chosen a seat at the table. Both have stepped up into authority.
  • Capricorn Rising Kylie Jenner appeared on the cover of Forbes as one of the longest billionaires ever. The makeup mogul has Neptune Rising, and thus there was a fallout that followed, revealing stats and figured were skewed, false information, typical of blurry Neptune…
  • Capricorn Kate Moss popularised the lean heroin chic look of the 90s; Capricorn rules the skeletal structure, teeth, skin and bones, and we notice that this thin, angular aesthetic was in Vogue during the Neptune in Capricorn era.
  • We also have Aaliyah, Sun Mars, Mercury in Capricorn. She also has Moon, Saturn, North Node in earthy Virgo. She sang ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’ and [if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and] Try Again. Tragically Aaliyah grew up too soon, and died too soon.
  • I’ve also included Madonna because I love this pic of her with a monocle looking very Saturnian with her striking cheekbones and suit jacket; Moon-Mercury in earht sign Virgo she became a person of interest during Neptune in Capricorn.
  • Jon Snow actor Kit Harrington was born with a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. His words permeated our collective consciousness, with the foreboding “Winter is coming”. So we braced ourselves. The cold, harsh, hard icy ‘wall’ in GoT mirrored the imposing, powerful structures we witnessed in reality, which have continued to loom large.

The Collage!

I’ve included a nod to the industrial revolution. See the clock in the background representing hard work and industry, ‘clocking in and out’. Over the long term we can steadily chip away with a practical approach.

Wall Street, Suits & Yuppie style – very Capricorn. Business as usual. Great Britain and the city of Oxford are Capricorn places. They boast antiquity, tradition and a sense of heritage (good or bad, depending how you look at it). Here you see not only an earthy mountain but buildings erected – brick by brick…

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