Your New Moon In Capricorn Rituals…

Show You Mean Business: What to do on this lunation, as Sun meets Moon in Capricorn...

Write Down Or Clearly Affirm What You Hope To Bring About Or Manifest…

It’s Capricorn Season and so the New Moon naturally occurs and resets the dial in Capricorn, as the Moon aligns at the same degree as the Capricorn Sun!

Read your horoscope for this lunation here, and use the stars on this day of still, dark and quiet to really work the celestial weather…

As a rule of thumb, New Moon’s are times to:

  • Set intentions, plants seeds, plan and go within,
  • Be still, grateful for what already exists,
  • Silently use your intuition to glean what more might occur,
  • Let go of expectations, release, surrender and exhale…

Here are my top 5 tips for the Capricorn New Moon…

1. No More I Love You’s…

Annie Lennox, Born 25th December 1954, with Sun, Moon, Mercury & North Node In Capricorn (Virgo Rising)…

With both luminaries – Sun & Moon – in Capricorn we can experience a serious, considerable coldness.

Not only is this the time of Winter, so that temperatures have dropped, emotionally the Moon is weakened in Capricorn.

2. Acknowledge Ambitions & Show You Mean Business…

With emphasis on Capricorn, it’s a sensational time for ambition and taking a serious approach, honing in through the lens and essence of Capricorn.

Look to Tina Knowles Lawson, the matriarch Behind Beyoncé and Solange–the inspiration for the chart-topping daughters she raised while running a hair salon in Houston.

The New Moon offers a fresh start–a new beginning–stepping up to ones responsibilities is always wise, into a position of authority, taking ownership of what has come to pass.

A Zodiac sign that carries the best energy for reaching your goals, for ascending to the top of the mountain, and scaling greatness. Meditate on achievements you want to conquer, and write them down on black paper for extra potency.

  • Check-In With The Professionals

Capricorn rules the skeletal structure and teeth, so the new moon resets your intentions around dental or orthopedic work. Perhaps it’s time to take some element of your healthcare seriously with a fresh approach to wellness.

Update your working wardrobe with a boss-like aesthetic, as Capricorn energy appreciates sleek, respectable attire.

Brush up your look and detox any old makeup, purging what’s outdated and immature.

Cultivate class, consistency, and quality. Polish your shoes.

3. Be Hard, And Capable Of A Cold Shower…

This is a time to toughen up!

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Set aside notions of fun and frivolity with a serious approach.

4. Make Resolutions!

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and write down your resolutions!

5. Face Your Shadows, Purge, Knowing Change Is Possible…

The Tarot card for Capricorn is the Devil, which shows the Horned Goat of Mendes – half man, half goat – also known as Baphomet.

This card symbolises the balance between good and evil, male and female, human and animal.

We all have a side to us that’s dark, we all have negative traits, habits and tendencies, and the Devil touches on this notion but here there is choice.

With the wings of a vampire bat (an animal that sucks life and blood out of its prey), at the foot of the Devil stand a man and a woman but note they are not held against their will – the chains around their necks are loose and easily removed.

We might say they are choosing to stick around, being influenced by this creature, and its negative influences and instant gratification (short-term pleasure vs. long-term pain).

They have tails, a symbol of their animalistic tendencies and raw instincts, and the grapes and the fire on their respective tails signify pleasure, greed, lust and wild, sexual abandon.

At this New Moon see an opportunity to bring into conscious awareness your own negative patterns – face your shadow-self, so you can be empowered to take action, freeing yourself from the hold (and grip) of lower impulses: addictions and base behaviour. Ask “where do I sell my soul to the Devil?” [fast fashion, smoking, sugar, money and prestige…]

Where does the Devil have you?

Shine your light on that have been standing in your way, release, purge and loosen their grip.

It may take willpower and strength but it IS possible.

Meditate on the themes of this card, and even pull it from your deck, set aside on the New Moon.

Focus on:

  • Your own Devil – what or who has a hold over you and the impact they are having on your life
  • Your ‘lines’ and boundaries – lines you wouldn’t wish to cross
  • The shadow self and what happens when you give in to your desires
  • Negative habits, dependencies, behaviours, thought patterns and relationships
  • Releasing addictions or attachments through surrendering
  • Exploring dark thoughts with detachment, and where you’re controlling or obsessive
  • Healthy attachments that have the propensity to turn into a unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

Celebrities Born On The New Moon In Capricorn…

Donna Summer, Born With Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and the moon in Capricorn…

Donna Summer, Annie Lennox, Zooey Deschanel, Tina Knowles, Tyrese Gibson, Mackenzie Rosman, Tracey Ullman, and Stephenie Meyer.

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