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New Moon In Capricorn December 25th / 26th, 2019…

Rituals and a horoscope for the new moon and eclipse in Capricorn!

Donna Summer, Born With Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and the moon in Capricorn…

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN, Total Solar Eclipse…

December 25th (or 26th, depending on time zone) sees huge emphasis around the zodiac sign Capricorn, as a stellium of five celestial bodies line up in the area of the skies governed by Saturn.

Pluto leads the precession, followed by Saturn, Ceres, the South Node, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon – the South Node and is what makes this New Moon particularly special (and an eclipse).

When the new or full moon are within orb of the nodal axis – the north and south node – it’s considered a more powerful lunation, and emphasises the potential for change…

Times For The New Moon In Capricorn 


What Does It All Mean?

With such emphasis on Capricorn, it’s a sensational time for ambition and taking a serious approach, honing in through the lens and essence of Capricorn.

The new moon offers a fresh start–a new beginning–but also indicates massive shifts, release, and closure, with Pluto tied to the south node – the back door (and exit point) in the nodal axis.

Stepping up to ones responsibilities is always wise, into a position of authority, taking ownership of what has come to pass.

But releasing outcomes and expectations is perhaps more empowering at this moment.

It’s a continual process of closure; the harmonious ties in water signs, Pisces and Scorpio offer a sense of finality (28º is nearing the threshold to a new sign).

Eclipses are powerful moments in the calendar, and this particular new moon has great potential – not necessarily for manifesting, but certainly for change.

Capricorn New Moon Horoscope By Sign…

Aries – Lay claim to your ambitions, visible in a position of notoriety, but honor the sanctity of your private life too, Aries. You might be starting to feel a little better, as Mars (your ruling planet) is now in Aries, fuelling you with enthusiasm and energy – spurring you on.

However, there’s still plenty of intuition and emotional sensitivity to be harnessed if you’re to get on in the world. Think about your plans from a human perspective, be gentle, and considerate as you strive towards your goals.

Don’t fly off the handle, or speak too directly or in haste…

Taurus – Set your sights on a special quest, and how you’re to navigate the terrain before you, Taurus. Special adventures for two are laid out ahead, but you’ll need a high level of emotional sensitivity to tread this rocky ground.

Think of those around you that will help you gain the knowledge and perspective you seek. You’ll want to develop new ways of thinking, relating and communicating, devising a master plan with care and consideration.

Gemini – You can begin to focus much more resolutely on the close personal relationships now in the frame, Gemini, as Mercury’s entry into Capricorn steers your attention towards your investment in others. From partners in love, business or friendship, it’s time to refresh how you commit and share the load. Your personal contribution is key to a thriving union, so come together but maintain your sense of practicality.

Cancer – One-to-one exchanges are greatly emphasized, as the stars steer you towards others, and bring a new beginning for your unions, Cancer. It’s possible to enjoy the journey you share with a special individual, yet owning your own place in partnership is vital to smooth sailing. Think of brilliant boundaries you now have a hold on, and kindly, graciously stand in your power. It’s okay to say no, and affirm what is a firm yes, too.

Leo – Your health and daily routines are in absolute focus now, so turn your attention to the jobs, rituals, and habits you have, Leo. Try to consider new ways to approach wellness, considering alternative routes to your overall sense of wellbeing – perhaps you’ll incorporate meditation, spirituality, or at least some gentle yoga, swimming or practice that helps you escape the hum-drum routine. Your new home or surroundings can enhance your experience of consistency, so take comfort in special bonds and your private life.

Virgo – It’s a grand time to take the things you love seriously, Virgo, as the new moon focuses your attention towards your passions, interests and greatest affections. Yet it takes the care and nurture of the larger community or tribe to help realize our dreams, and while your own, solo concerns are large in the picture, do also soak up the input of those around you. Your connection and outlook is an important ingredient, including how you relate to loved ones and show you’re engaged.

Libra – Home and domestic life are emphasized entering the new year, with five heavy-hitting planets in your zone of nesting, resting, and family. You might feel the need to lay down the law in your space, taking charge, developing ground rules! Spring clean home, yet bear in mind it’s not only your safe little nest that counts, Libra. There’s a world out there with a path for you to follow and reclaim. While your foundations are important it’s also a good idea to consider your ambitions and direction, including how you’re positioned among others.

Scorpio – Your connection to those around you, and how you learn and build up your repertoire of skills is the focus of this full moon, Scorpio. With so many planets gathered in the area of playmates and peers, it could be time to think about a fresh look at friendships, or developing new ties in the world, potentially at work or in your love life. Shedding outmoded ways of thinking could be a vital and necessary step, or investing more, working harder or developing boundaries around your communication with those closest. Note the conversations that come up over the weekend, and witness what comes to pass.

Sagittarius – It’s a good time to brainstorm, thinking about what you do, and your position, Sagittarius. What role do you play? What do you enjoy doing?

Ways you earn, spend and save are spotlighted, and you may need to shift a little around finances to feel good about moving forward this year. Yes, you can rely on others now, Sagittarius, invite trusted individuals to share the load. You’re no doubt taking on a lot of responsibility around your job and money circumstances but pulling back and sharing responsibilities will likely ease your troubles…

Capricorn – Close community and personal relationships can help put things into perspective now Capricorn, as you claim a fresh start for 2019 and beyond. You’re very much in the spotlight, with a focus on what it is you want to say and do, however, it’s your interactions with others that are the key to your experiences. Your physical constitution is a major theme, presently, or the personal endeavors you have ownership over. If you are feeling a bit creaky resolve to phone a practitioner or doctor on Monday, a health check-up is never a bad idea.

Aquarius – The stars are urging you to take some time out, to focus on transition and transformation. There’s plenty going on behind the scenes, encouraging you to stand back and seek gentle solitude. It’s likely that the changes in motion are connected to your role, your position and your sense of success in the world.

Pull back, and focus on how it is that you heal and surrender, and review your spiritual life, too, Aquarius.

Some regular daily practice (like running, eating healthily or another ritual) could help ground you in the year ahead. It’s a wishy-washy time yet hold onto the banister and practice major acceptance!

Pisces – Community and your position among friends or your broader network of peers is the focus of this new moon, Pisces, as you’re aligned with a greater cause or purpose.

Think of who in your clan is helpful, and resolve to claim a new beginning, taking a fresh look at how they influence you. Your own interests are important in the year ahead – from your passions and hobbies to your children or love-life.

While the group interests are significant you’ll need to balance your energy, so identify the boundaries required around your social set and steps needed to firmly develop them.

Rituals For The New Moon In Capricorn…

  • Acknowledge Your Ambitions – this is the zodiac sign that carries the best energy for reaching your goals, for ascending to the top of the mountain, and scaling greatness. Meditate on achievements you want to conquer, and write them down on black paper for extra potency.
  • Look Like You Mean Business – Update your working wardrobe with a boss-like aesthetic, as Capricorn energy appreciates sleek, respectable attire. Brush up your look and detox any old makeup, purging what’s outdated and immature. Cultivate class, consistency, and quality. Polish your shoes.
  • Check-In With The Professionals – Capricorn rules the skeletal structure and teeth, so the new moon resets your intentions around dental or orthopedic work. Perhaps it’s time to take some element of your healthcare seriously with a fresh approach to wellness.

Celebrities Born On A Capricorn New Moon…

Donna Summer, Annie Lennox, Zooey Deschanel, Tina Knowles, Tyrese Gibson, Mackenzie Rosman, Tracey Ullman, and Stephenie Meyer.

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